I only robbed Yahoo boys, not innocent people – Robbery suspect

A robbery suspect who was arrested alongside his colleague by operatives of the Federal Special Anti-Robbery Squad, Adeniji-Adele Annex, has disclosed that they only robbed yahoo boys.

I only robbed Yahoo boys, not innocent people – Robbery suspect lailasnews

The suspects – Sunkanmi Emmanuel, aka Federal, 30 and 28-year-old Ahmed Agunbiade, aka Omojoyibo who reportedly specialized in robbing club goers of their belongings, including motorcycles in the communities, were arrested last week in the Igando area while they were reportedly going for a robbery operation.

The police officers also arrested one Dotun Ogunsanya, aka Dotman,  for buying stolen phones and motorcycles from the syndicate while a commercial motorcycle rider, Nurudeen Agbeyewo, was nabbed for allegedly taking Federal and Omojoyinbo for operations.

Punch reported that 15 motorcycles, three cut-to-size guns, cartridges and a plasma television, were recovered from the robbery suspects who were arrested following complaints to the officer-in-charge of FSARS, Adeniji, DCP Ibrahim Kaoje.

“Emmanuel, aka Federal lives at Totowu, Ogun State while Omojoyibo resides in Igando, Lagos State. A river separates the two communities. “They specialised in robbing people at night at gunpoint. Three guns were recovered from them. They have a standby motorcyclist who takes them to locations where they carry out their operations. The two prime suspects (Federal and Omojoyibo) were traced to a hotel at Totowu. A motorcycle was recovered from them.

“Ogunsanya, aka Dotman is the major receiver. There are other suspects at large who sold stolen items to him. Federal is a member of Eye Cult. They would go to clubs and hotels and rob visitors there while they were leaving. They terrorise Idimu, Igando and Ikotun areas of the state,” a police source said.

However one the arrested robbery suspects, a 30-year-old father of five disclosed that they only robbed yahoo boys and not innocent people.

He said, “I came to Lagos in 1998. I was an apprentice mechanic. In 2003, the government demolished my boss’ shop and he went back to his village. I became a commercial motorcyclist. After some time, it was seized by the police. I joined Eye confraternity in 2015. Our leader bought a gun for me. He is dead now.

“I started using the gun to rob. I would go to clubs on Fridays and mingle with Yahoo boys who spent lavishly there. As they were leaving, I would follow them. On getting to a deserted place, I would point the gun at them and collect their money and phones.

“I usually freed Eye cult members among them once they told me they did not have money. I have collected about six phones and sold them to Dotman. I got to him at Totowu area, where I live. I don’t rob innocent people. It is Yahoo boys who have money that I rob. I use the money I get to take care of my family. I have five children from two wives.”


  1. You are still a criminal since you are taken what’s not yours by force, Lol see trouble you have two wives and five children, when you know that you can’t take care of them why did you

  2. Idiot you Rob the innocent people and call them yahoo boys does the criminal act gives you access to rob the Yahoo boys stupid your cup don full o wah the water

  3. Whether yahoo boys or not, stealing is stealing. At your age you already have two wives and 5 children and now you are arrested. What will happen to your wives and children now?

  4. It beats my imagination that people will still get involved in crime yet they have families of a very good size like this one who have five children

  5. Sometimes we try to justify the evil we commit, but the truth is there is no any form of justification for evil. Robbery is a criminal offence and is punishable no matter who is involved

  6. Stupid fool.no excuse to steal being it yahoo or innocent people according to you.face the music now.only you with 5kids n 2wives….welldone sir

  7. Robbing Yahoo boys or innocent people , you stil a criminal , robbing only Yahoo boys does not justify your act

  8. All wat that man is saying is rubbish as far as you know that stelling is not good why are you doing it, so he must be jail

  9. There’s nothing like Robbing only Yahoo boys, what are the guns doing with you if that’s the case mtcheew, my dear go and face the dance cos crime is crime.

  10. Good for the Yahoo boys. As for the police, kudos to them. They should put in more effort this December

  11. its a lie ooooo stop telling us stories of the god’s. all of you are one there is no way you will rob your fellows

  12. Stealing from Yahoo boys because they are also stealing buh robbery is robbery and it is not good…. A crime will always be a crime

  13. You are mad,why are you justifying yourself, an arm robber,is an arm robber,what is the difference of you only rob yahoo boys,you are going to prison,the police are doing good job

  14. the advice I am giving you as a nigerian politician is for you to continue rubbing yahoo boys but as a christian I am telling you that it is not good you better stop it and change your way because any out of sterling rubbing or whatsoever is forbidden thing

  15. F-SARS are really doing great job. Those club robbers should face the law so they can have learnt lesson experience.

  16. Whether they are Yahoo boy or not , stealing is stealing, allow peace in the country, stop robbery
    Robbery is a criminal offence and is punishable no matter who is involved

  17. No matter how life has frustrate u, it shouldn’t be a ladder for u steal, stealing peoples motorcycle who use them as the aim of their living is very bad, thank God for the police for a job well-done

  18. Do you don’t have any reasonable excuse for committing theft. Theft is theft no matter how and who is involved

  19. Stealing is a crime. It doesn’t matter how You do it all it matters is You steal. So you will receive your punishment.

  20. Foolish man, at 30, he already has two wives, why won’t he go into robbery?. They must be severely punished for this.

  21. Are yahoo boys not people too. Wether yahoo or no yahoo. A thief is a thief . There is no justification on him only robbing yahoo boys and not innocent people

  22. Their is no justification for robbing others, you all including the yahoo boys you claim you rob will all face severe punishment and go to jail, this nonsense is stopping now

  23. What a sad story. He’s been struggling to survive despite the government doing their thing; destroyed his boss’ shop, seized his bike and now he’s been arrested.

  24. Stealing is a crime, it doesn’t matter who u steal it from. Wether u steal it from Yahoo boys or innocent people the act is very bad.

  25. Go and tell the Law that you only rob yahoo boys. So it’s every young guy that has money that is into yahoo business ni?

  26. That’s no excuse
    Some people could be extravagant at spending buy still not Yahoo boys
    If you think that’s an excuse
    Its not

  27. And you think you are not attracting yourself? Yahoo boys and you robbing them are all in one shoe. Repent for robbery act.

  28. Whether you only rob yahoo boys or not, you are still a thief, and will be treated the same way a thief is treated

  29. Robbing both yahoo boys and innocent people is the same thing but which yahoo boy now drives motorcycle sef.

  30. This one weak me a thief robbering another thief this is serious but since you are dealing with yahoo boys am speechless,but that’s kinda bad the law will have its cause

  31. Crime is crime, and robbery is robbery irrespective of who is robbed, they rob others and you rob them, how does that make you any different from them.

  32. Since you has been in engaged yourself on that robbery and gone free, why you did use what you made out of it and establish yourself

  33. You rob to take care of your family, those you are robbing don’t they have their own families to take care of. Criminals, when you caught them they would behave as if they don’t know what they were doing. Let them face the law.

  34. You think by saying you only stole from yahoo boy you will be freed, stealing is stealing and u have to pay for ur crime

  35. Do Yahoo boys ride okada…..This is an excuse so that he will be pitied and may be his sentenced reduce.

  36. In responsibility… What a useless life
    They are better things you can do with ur life
    Not joining cult..
    Now see your life

  37. Meaning what then ? Thief stole am and thief collect am abi… That is not an excuse. You have to face the music of your act.

  38. The police are doing a great job. All this criminal activities going on in the country will so be eliminated

  39. Idiot you still dey get two wives for this our nation now, nawaooo you funny Sey Yahoo Boys no be innocent too

  40. Does it matter who you Rob? A thief is a thief no matter what he steals or who he stole it from. Prosecution and consequent is what we await

  41. Now criminals set target of stealing from people that steal from others. Wonders shall never end.

  42. Imagine you only rob Yahoo boys not innocent people what is the difference you are a thief and that is it.

  43. See dis guyx oo crime is crime which 1 is yahoo boys is even double purnishment for you sef.. Stole frm a thief ya dead..

  44. Explanation indeed, is their any place the wrote yahoo boys on their four-head, he must face the wrath of law,

  45. Weather they are robbing yahoo boys or not ,you guys are destroying our country, teach them a lesson that they will not forget in their lives.

  46. Idiot you Rob the innocent people and call them yahoo boys does the criminal act gives you access to rob the Yahoo boys stupid your cup don full o wah the water
    The police are really doing a good work. I loike the way the are finding this criminals

  47. Stealing is still a criminal offence…. So no excuse for such thing…. They should be punished to teach others a very good lesson

  48. How are sure all of them are yahoo boys what they came just to relax. My brother what you did is very wrong and just face the judgement.

  49. This is funny o, you seem to be the Robin Hood of our time only that you don’t distribute it to the poor . Nevertheless , robbery is robbery , so you have to face the consequences

  50. You are still a criminal since you are taken what’s not yours by force,
    l see trouble you have two wives and five children,hmmm dats not good enough

  51. Robbing those who go to clubs are not only yahoo boys. So other innocent people are his victims as well.

  52. A thief is a thief it’s doesn’t matter who you choose to attack you have gone against the law and must be punished

  53. How does he know that all d people he robbed were yahoo guys. That means he is part of them. He is a criminal and must be punished accordingly

  54. It beats my imagination that people will still get involved in crime yet they have families of a very good size like this one who have five children

  55. You should be ashamed of yourself! You are an armed robbery whether you are robbing yahoo boys or innocent people…..thief na thief, repent.

  56. They said they only rob Yahoo boys, how do u know them, this is an offensive criminal case
    They re all liers, looking for a way to be recorded

  57. I would have called you robin hood its just that when u Rob the yahoo guys u don give to the poor. Go and rot in jail. Thief na thief

  58. Whether you robb yahoo boys or innocent people they are all criminal offense and you are to face the consiquences.

  59. Thank God they were caught. Their cup is full now and this is the end of the road for them. They should be made to rot in jail.

  60. No matter how large your family is crime na crime. There were and you still had better options to choose to take care of them you decider to rob enjoy the reward

  61. Robbery no matter how you see it is a crime
    There are other decent jobs you can do to take care of ur family don’t use them as excuse for your crime

  62. Thief is thief, it doesn’t matter on what you steal and the person you still it from. Because, you don’t work for it.

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