I only fingered one – Teacher arrested for defiling underage girls

A teacher with a private school in Ogun State has been arrested by the police for defiling underage girls that were kept under his care.

Akinsoku Love Olomi, 33, it was gathered, lured his six-year-old neighbor’s daughter and friend, seven-year-old, into a private school near their House No. 10, Baba Esther area in Iyesi-Otta, without each of the victims realizing his intention.

I only fingered one – Teacher arrested for defiling underage girls lailasnews 2
I only fingered one – Teacher arrested for defiling underage girls

Uncle Love is said to have first called one of the girls into the classroom, while sending the other to buy biscuit.

Before the one running the errand could come back, he was done with his first victim, who he also cajoled to buy biscuit and did the same thing to the other.

Just as he was in a state of intense happiness and joy of satisfying his sexual urge, bubble burst: one of the girls got home and looked very moody, a condition the mother felt was unusual of her and, out of curiosity and discomfort, Mrs. Jennifer Mustapha, with warm affection, demanded to know what was amiss.

To her chagrin, the hapless and innocent young girl disclosed how “Uncle Love” showed her love in the classroom.

The worried mother, Jennifer Mustapha, raced to Onipanu Police Division, Otta, where she lodged her complaint, following which the Divisional Police Officer (DPO), SP Sangobiyi Bolaji, led a team of detectives to the scene and the randy teacher was arrested on Friday, January 4, 2018.

On interrogation, randy “Uncle Love” owned up to have had carnal knowledge of one of the girls, saying he only “fingered” the other.


  1. This news are disturbing seriously, does the teacher not have a girlfriend or something or why defile a little girl

  2. Hmmm! Hunckle this is absolute wickedness now, why defying this innocent children at this again anyways continue fingering them in jail

  3. Having canal knowledge of a little girl of 6 years. She is underage so the 33 year old teacher “uncle love ” should be made to face the law.

  4. Comment*”Uncle love” indeed. that boy should not miss jail. what a wicked man. He should be tortured and as well be interrogated strictly because the act may have a spiritual backup.

  5. This madness what’s really going on with some of this teachers for Christ sake how can you fingered a little girl for that matter what if she get injured. That teacher should be punished severely.

  6. This is stupidity at the most , why not go over to a guest house with a whore who charge very cheap

  7. Let me remind you that what you did is child abuse whether it is one or hundred, so go and face the consequence

  8. What could attract a full grown man to a small girl? I still wonder how on earth is possible. He should be thrown into jail and the keys thrown inside the river. See his mouth like he only fingered one. Abomination. Thank God for the quick response of the mother

  9. We are in serious trouble in this world. Where are we headed that there is no longer any safe haven for our kids.

  10. These days ee nobody are trusted… And he was even saying I fingered one… You should be burnt alive

  11. Don’t you have a girlfriend or can’t you find a prostitute to satisfy your urge insteyof defiling young girls.

  12. The rate at which child defilement keeps skyrocketing is very troubling
    God save my unborn children from this evil
    Even though this matter should be critically looked at to ascertain the truth but men!!!
    God knows that I will cut off the manhood of whoever tries this on my child
    And God have mercy on you if am the judge, I won’t even waste time to sentence you to death

  13. Shameless man without brains. Even fingering the little girls was a big offence. He should be sentenced to at least 20years in prison.

  14. The bible says resist the devil and he will flee from you, but some people allow the devil to control them, that man needs to be thought a lesson for him not to try such next time.

  15. lol this man why you no just go piss inside asewo house nau . nah wa for men this spoiling our image .

  16. This man is wicked so this is what he has been doing to his student. He should face serious purnished.

  17. Oh my God 33 years old what is keeping him not to go and marry or better still have a girl friend.he should be charged to court.

  18. What is this world turning into, a teacher that is supposed to teach children morals, this is so cruel, he should be punished severely, so that others will learn and beware carlous acts.. May GOD almighty protect our children.

  19. Shameless behavior he even has mouth to talk his fingers should have been cut off before further action

  20. Wow. This is really appalling. Pedophiles should not be allowed to roam free. The painful part of this whole thing is that we can’t tell who is who anymore. Who knows the kind of trauma the young girl is going through now.

  21. Uncle Love indeed!
    Thank God for the girl’s mother who take it up to the police. Let him suffer the consequences by the law.
    Stupid teacher.

  22. what is all this, parents should be careful o, these people are just everywhere, infact everybody have to be careful, the society is scarier than we all think.

  23. So bad at 33 years fingering a small child dose he not have girlfriend to satisfy him when he feel honey.He should be sentence to jail straight with hard labour.

  24. So till you do that to 30 girls before you deserve any form of punishment abi.. Dey there

  25. The truth is many children have gone through this mess one way or the other. I thank God for that parent that showed affection to the child to bring out the truth. The teacher should be dealt with according to the law so that others will learn

  26. teachers of this days are impacting wrongly into the young ones . God deliver our young ones.

  27. If they torture him very well, he will mention more children he had carnal knowledge of. Instead of him to go out and get those who are his age that will give it to him willingly. Shameless man

  28. Bring this man hear let me slap sense to him,you only fingered one and you are proud to say it,fake teacher.God will judge you.Can we even trust teachers again

  29. Wow. This is really appalling. Pedophiles should not be allowed to roam free. The painful part of this whole thing is that we can’t tell who is who anymore. Who knows the kind of trauma the young girl is going through now.

  30. Shame on you
    You are a disgrace to all teachers
    You better repent before it will be too late

  31. I don’t know the spirit that is entering the teachers nowadays
    Every some will be hearing teacher raped,did sexual assault why

  32. He must be mad for saying he only fingered one, he should be taken to a psychiatrist hospital

  33. What an evil man you are, you even have the mouth to say it’s fingering that you did. You are a paedophile and will face the consequences of your actions.

  34. Evil and wicked people just full everywhere, the teacher should be severely punished

  35. even young girls are not safe what would you gain for defiling underage girl you must face the punishment

  36. Child abuse.He doesn’t worth sparing,treat him on such a way that others will learn from it.

  37. What kind of wickedness is this, may God save us from hell, fingered pupil is wickedness of the highest order

  38. That’s too bad to mi his healthy nothing is wrong with him. I think he should be buried alive

  39. Even if its just to touch her breast ,its still abuse which is really bad how can a teacher be molesting his underaged students God help us all.He should face the law and be jailed.

  40. Chai! This man is seriously insane, he don get brain injury, he should be jailed for such evil act on a little girls of that age.

  41. That’s very wrong of him while will he do that to the both of them. Thank god for a good mother

  42. Evil doing is never a minute thought, he has been thinking about it for a very long time and was just waiting for the opportunity to strike. He should rot in jail.

  43. See his face with his dirty talk coming out of his mouth. You must face the judgement

  44. I think they are doing him from his village because how can a person do so when he have children at home at least he should compare the child with his or her children

  45. He is a useless fool he won’t go unpunished, so he didn’t see young grown up out there to have his way with

  46. Thank God he admitted he fingered only one, how dear him do such a thing to those little girls, these men should learn to be responsible, he will pay for his consequences

  47. What a shame, uncle this is wickedness o.
    You’ll face the consequences trust me.
    What a wicked person.

  48. He defiled the young girls and even have gut to say that I figure just one ,since he only finger one of them they should cut that hand to serve has a lesson to other

  49. These underage sexual abuse is now very rampant nowadays parents should be watchful on the type of school they send their kids to and the school owners should know the of teachers they employ

  50. Useless man with all the ladies in the town is only small girl old to be his daughter that he saw

  51. He is not a teacher but a rapist. A teacher suppose to be character molder and not to destroy the little ones. He has to face the music because we don’t know how many children he has defiled.

  52. Pedophile everywhere… He must not go unpunished and more awareness should be created so mother will be very careful with whom they will leave their children with

  53. Pervert, to think that these little girls were entrusted to him. I pray the law deals with you appropriately.

  54. I wonder what he gained in abusing those children. He needs to be punished for his bad behavior. .he don’t deserve mercy

  55. may God almighty punish you how can you do such a despeakable thing to a seven years old girl and a sis yrs old girl you must never go Scot free. Useless man

  56. Let him face the trials,what a world. Why on Earth would yo think of doing that to someone you could call your own child.evil man

  57. That guy need serious deliverance, if you are so horny instead of you to defile little kids, go to prostitutes house..

  58. He should be locked up for the rest of his life, his just there destroying young children with bright Future

  59. What is this, so ur justified for fingering. God will punish you, foolish and shameless man. I wish your sentence is to be hanged. Foolish man

  60. What kind of men do we have in this world now? What happened to all the adults in the world.You guyz have chosen to defile all the little innocent children. God’s judgement awaits you all.I hope you rot in jail.Parents should learn to be best friends with their children and treat the children with love and compassion

  61. I wish the authority can jail this guy for life. ‘He only finger one’. What a mess. God will punish teachers like you.

  62. SEe his head, may that your finger wither. You are taking canal knowledge of a 6year old girl and have the mouth to say you fingered on, Infact i just feel like i can see you and strangle you.

  63. So does the law allows you to finger only one girl… face the law and bear the consequences of fingering one girl.

  64. What kind of spirit led him on towards those innocent kids for such act without even considering the kind of trauma it will cause them.. They should go finger his brain out in jail too maybe he will find that pleasurable. Foolish being and a pedophile

  65. What kind of pleasure do men derive from having sex with little girls. He should be jailed severely

  66. This man needs special deliverance and counseling. To him fingering one of them is not enough offense. May God deliver you.

  67. what kind of heartless act is that small children and u have the mouth to say u only finger . God will punish u

  68. This news is disturbing seriously. People like this are just supposed to be jailed for life.

  69. So women are finished in town now that all these useless old men are defiling little children these days… All these pedophile don’t deserve to be among the society at all.. You only fingered her.. Idiot

  70. I don’t know why some men sold out their hearts to the devil that they will not again have something better to think of rather, their minds are full of evil. This man is really wicked. Let the court do their job.

  71. You are disgusting sir,how could you even finger underage at all,you are really shameless oo,you you should be punished

  72. Lord have mercy…wat is this society turning into,is it dat our girls child is no longer safe?

  73. Sometimes Imdont understand What some people think, how on earth would you defile a 6 or 7nyear old. Whennyou have so many women in the world unmarried. Why not go for them and marry themb

  74. you even have mouth to talk that you only fingered one…. Evil man
    If she was your daughter and somebody did that to her how would you feel

  75. he should face the judgement this kind of person is not even surpose to ba a teacher from his lool

  76. This is one of the bad eggs among the teachers. He should be made to pay for the heinous sin. That’s too baby of him.

  77. This is child abuse,immoral act, he should have call on his girlfriend for that, he must face the law,

  78. I just hope he will not be let out without been prosecuted and punished. I believe this was not his first attempt at such illicit and wicked act. I pray the children are not thrown into depression.

  79. I just hope he will not be let out without been prosecuted and punished. I believe this was not his first attempt at such illicit and wicked act. I pray the children are not thrown into depression.

  80. He should be tortured and as well be interrogated strictly because the act may have a spiritual backup.

  81. Really senseless. As old as he is. Was there no other way to staisfy his sex urge that defiling those young girl. God have mercy.

  82. The story is contradictory. Mr Akinsoku Love is a teacher with a private in ogun state of which some children were kept under his watch.
    Another line says Mr Akinsoku lured a neighborhood’s child along with her friend which is seven years old into the private school. I’m a bit confused though. Anyhow it’s child molestation is a societal crime. I believe he will face the law and will also avoid future occurrence.

  83. He must not go Scott free, don’t you have girlfriend? Let him face the law in time idiot being

  84. The trauma these face are going to carry for the rest of their life is what I am concerned about..

  85. No doubt maturity does not come with age it comes with exposure and the amount of information positive one you’re willing to imply

  86. That fool should be cut bit by bit and then burnt
    This is unbelievable
    That mother fucker’s soul should rest in pieces

  87. God will punish this idiot! He’s not even ashamed of his action having the guts to say he fingered only one. Thunder fire u

  88. Wicked man..u must rot in jail. Why not go out and look for matured ladies or betterstill prostitutes

  89. Horrifying. Two innocent children. What these people don’t know is that the effect does not leave these children fast. He should be severely dealt with

  90. This kind of people really deserve no place in our society… He deserves a capital punishment.

  91. It was reported he sexually assaulted some young girls and he said he fingered just one , isn’t that sexual assault to . He will definitely be persecuted

  92. The teacher is very wicked. Thank God that he has been arrested. Schools should be careful on the kind of people they employ as teachers. The teacher needs to be jailed for life so that he can serve as a lesson to others.

  93. I wonder the joy he gets from my doing this, thank God the girl was scared of telling what happened to her, only God knows how many victims he has

  94. Foolish idot! He should rot in jail. Can u imagine? Wicked soul. Mother please always know where ur children are per time.

  95. This is a very bad act, God pls protect my gurk fum thus kind of people. He should be seriously treated according to the law. He even gat some boldness to say he only finger one? Haaaaaaaa. God bless Nigeria

  96. Teachers that are suppose to take care of their student are the ones corrupting them,this children are not safe,jst imagine him saying he just fingered them,what right do you have to harrass them,pls go face the law

  97. Oh my goodness! Can someone just tell me what attracts them in young kid. As old as he his he can’t ask a girl out or what?

  98. Wow,you still have mouth to say you fingered ones,how can you finger your student,shame on you,you need to face your judgement

  99. Peadopile are everywhere now, imagine a six year old kid being defiled at that tender age, uncle Love should be castrated and sentenced to lengthy years of imprisonment with hard labor.

  100. Look at his ugly face with evil heart. Cursed are you and cursed you shall always be. How can you do that to kids who are under your care. Schools be careful who you employ and put CCTV all around.

  101. They should jail him for years. He’s a pedophile and he can hardly change unless he is locked up.

  102. The way the man looks in the picture is like he is not mentally stable but that’s by the way, let him go and face the consequences.

  103. He should face the law what’s all this under age defiling about.. It is becoming alarming

  104. This is so sad. They need to firsyy examine his sanity please,cos am not sure is alright. Heartless man let him face the law ASAP..

  105. The Teacher should paid for the evil act ,He should face the music to show others the outcome of immoral attitude. The law should take it’s course. There is God.

  106. What type of world are we all living now? The man should face the panel, this man may be suffering from mental problem they should try and check his medulla oblongata.

  107. Thank God one of the girls were able to speak up to get parents. The wicked teacher should be severly punished.

  108. This kind of person should not be allowed t move freely, what satisfaction will he get in these children.

  109. Freaking crazy pedophile…I also support the cutting off of their manhood as penalty for this sacrilegious offence because i believe others will learn and desist from such acts.

  110. Uncle love didn’t show any love at all o… This man deserves thorough beating from the police before being locked up.. That’s why its good for parent to know how their children behaves.. This woman must have being close to her daughter for her to know when something is terribly wrong with her… The man should not be allowed to go on bail at all. Let justice prevail.. Can you imagine? He had the audacity to say he only fingered the other girl.. Is that a teacher or fingerer?

  111. He’s a useless man not fit to be a teacher does he not have a girlfriend instead of messing around with underage children let him serve his punishment

  112. This case of molesting innocent small girls is getting of hand, may we all pray against it because some of this in not ordinary

  113. What could attract a full grown man to a small girl? I still wonder how on earth is possible. He should be thrown into jail and the keys thrown inside the river. See his mouth like he only fingered one. Abomination. Thank God for the quick response of the mother

  114. God forbid bad tin..six year old girl
    And the man even get mouth to say that he only fingered her…court please give him 30yrs in prisonment

  115. No need extending the argument as he has already confessed to his crime…he should be castrated straight off

  116. I will continue to say this why must you defile someone’s daughter, why not get a #1k hooker or better still get married

  117. This man is unnecesarily wicked, sexual harrasement, he must face more than judgement for this shameful act

  118. Finger or stick u must rot in jail,,,what is this world turning into for God sake.and he might have a wife at home

  119. That is unfair you suppose to face Pernell for what you have done. You want ruin those girls life God will not allow you. You deserves to sentence to death.

  120. Stupid teacher government should handle persecute him for that he don’t deserve to be a teacher

  121. look at is ugly face there, “i only fingered one” why not go hire a prostitute. NONSENSE

  122. What could possibly attract a man to a six and seven years old?
    I don’t even know what to classify this evil as
    Worse is that it’s just happening every where and everyday
    Taking away this kids innocence and destroying their future

    Kids are no longer safe from these abusers
    This evil should start attracting a death penalty

  123. To hell with this teacher betrayer, even in the school children are not safe.
    You most face the law idiot.

  124. It’s only a he goat that doesn’t know his mother under heat and that man should be treated as such, no such child or children should be kept under him.

  125. His name even sounds funny ‘uncle Love’i pray he is dealt with severely. He must face the full consequences of his actions.

  126. So many bad apples in every disciplines these days. What kind of example his he laying for the wards under him. Some people deserve to be thrown inside fire.

  127. You are not ashamed of yourself
    You fingered just one person so we should start clapping for you
    People you are been paid to implant good morals in them
    God will judge you oooooo

  128. This man must be mad, little girls old enough to be his daughter is who he’s defiling, may God have mercy and him!
    May he be punished severely pls

  129. The man deserves to be caged for sexual assault and Child Abuse….. This shows that if that man had been let loose into the real world there’s a possibility he could commit rape

  130. Well he should be dealt with now before he does something bad to others because this could be just a start for him.rape could be next.

  131. This man is a bastard,he still has the mouth to say he only fingered one.He should rot in jail.

  132. Man I don’t think you are alright at all… I guess that police are not aware of this and if aware should arrest him.

  133. This issue of rape, assaulting children is becoming more alarming. What is the cause? There are plenty ladies who wants to have sex now why can’t you just pick and toast for sex, not children na..he must be punished severely

  134. Guy you’re a teacher na are they not paying you haba you should have gone for people of your age and pay them to satisfy you sex urge na than this children.

  135. Look at his evil face… God will surely punish you
    And you will surely pay for ur sins
    Wicked soul..
    He must be arrested and persecuted o

  136. This is a condemnable act. Accept the love of Christ today and seek his help. May his love find you for deliverance.

  137. Mr love that is very good of you, you have done your best but go and serve 21years imprisonment idiot

  138. This man is funny he even have the mouth to say he figured her, he must face the wrath of law for defiling her

  139. Very useless teacher…. May his daughters be treated as he treats those children.

  140. You even have the gut to say you only fingered her SMH, shame on your whole generation, please sexually child abuse abeg make them charge am up for 150 years in prison

  141. See how the teacher look like a gangster
    I blame the school management for employing him
    He should be punished

  142. Can you imagine you fingering her is as good as having sex with her what an imbecile in human nature and you call your self a teacher,let him face his punishment

  143. This man is a stupid man…look at his face. Jonah swallowed fish or fish swallowed Jonah are we not saying the same thing.

  144. Shameless and wicked man you are still saying it fingered and defiling 6 years old girl too bad to hear from teacher

  145. No mercy he must face the wrath of the law people are cousing bad thing to there life by them self

  146. Must your finger go to their private part? shameless fool…no excuse to sexually assault under age girls..he should be persecuted.

  147. Uncle love you are indeed a pedophile since you claime to have fingered the little girl you will be punished

  148. But why?… This is pure evil, this kind of person should be jailed for life, what’s the need bringing him back to the society

  149. What kinda teacher are we having in this world teachers are now assaulting their own pupil may you rot in jail

  150. U knw see ashawo go fuck na small girl u go fingered, no worry when u rot in jail ur sense will come back

  151. Very bad. Even teachers that we leave our children for them to look after are now d ones doing rubbish. God save us

  152. This teacher must be very sick upstairs and he must be punished, paid for damages, dismissed from being a teacher and spend some years in prison to correct his brain.

  153. Morality is really at its lowest level in the society nowadays. May God help us and save us from fangs of the devil and his agents, it is well

  154. Fingered what…
    There is nothing we can’t hear in this country
    He must face charges…
    Teacher indeed

  155. Incredulous, you worth not to be a teacher.teachers are disciplinarians and role models to pupils but you are a disgrace to your generation bro

  156. What nonsense is this…… Is it that the young man doesn’t grown up girls on the street or what??
    This is becoming alarming, he should be severely purnished for that evil act…… He might even be a ritualist.

  157. I still wonder how on earth is possible. He should be thrown into jail and the keys thrown inside the river.


  159. I still wonder how on earth is possible. He should be thrown into jail, the teacher must be dismissed from being a teacher and spend some years in prison.

  160. He should keep his quite…. He’s saying it as if fingering one is justified… He should be severely punished by the law… No mercy.

  161. I think the police should give Uncle Love one room in their cell to continue his mischievious behaviour there. Stupid man.

  162. What a wicked act he has just given room to the devil to use and cajoling them is also a deceit of the devil,too bad

  163. since its only one you finger . That your finger should be cut off
    Even the finger in between ur legs

  164. What the hell? He even has mouth to it, what a shameless man. He should finger himself in prison.

  165. After what you did to those two girls, you still have the nerves to say you only fingered one. He should be made to face the law and be punished appropriately

  166. He should have controlled his pedophilic urges or better still enlisted the services of a sex worker rather than defiling the little girls. He should be punished.

  167. Are u saying u had carnal knowledge of someone who u know under the law cannot give consent? U deserve to be hanged

  168. This is so bad and wicked of him, instead of building the children he was happy destroying their lives…. He must pay for his crimes

  169. Advice to the mother’s be watchful of your teens at home, and to d randy uncle he must face the law

  170. This kind man grow to become a pedophile, he must be punish for that stupid act and thanks to the mother who is very observant to her daughter to have notice something wrong, all mother should wake up to this and be very close to their children

  171. Whether he only fingered or otherwise, what he did was absolutely bad and outrageous… He must face the wrath of the Law… Idiot man

  172. This teacher isn’t fit to be a teacher because there is nothing he will impact to the students. He must be made to go through torture for his mischievous life.

  173. Uncle love my foot, he should be purnish for this useless act.. Wicked he goat, look at his useless face

  174. What will someone who calls himself a teacher be doing sexually with children he can father? He said he did one, of he agreed doing one that means he committed the crime. Parents should warn their children against being close to opposite sex.

  175. This is an abomination. He even has the gut to say he only fingered one. That means he is guilty of the crime. Parents should warn their children against being close to opposite sex.

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