I met Davido in school through a friend – Chioma

Chioma who has been spotted in several PDA sessions with her boyfriend, Davido has revealed that she met the singer while still in school.

I met Davido in school through a friend - Chioma lailasnews

Chioma who reacted to a question by a fan on how she met Davido, said;

I met him in school through a friend. My friend was dating his friend.

Here is the video below;

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This is coming after Punch reported that all efforts to obtain the admission status of Davido’s girlfriend, Chioma Rowland, from Babcock University proved abortive. This came after reports emerged recently that Chioma’s parents were unhappy that their daughter had decided to jeopardise her education, for a romance with Davido. It was alleged that she had dropped out of school following her struggle with her studies.

When the school’s Director of Communications and Marketing, Joshua Suleiman was contacted, he said it was not possible for him to know every student in the school.

He stated, “I don’t know the person; you know I cannot know every student. But I can give you the number of the students’ development staff; I am not sure they will also know her unless they find out. I manage the school’s information, but we have about 10,000 students. Even lecturers don’t know all the students in their class.”

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  1. Education is very important in our today world so chioma should not jeopardize her education for the sake of romance. Remember some persons want to be educated but no one to sponsor their education.

  2. At least she has made a whole lot of money by being with davido. Even if she is a drop out. Many graduates are still out their looking for one Maura to feed on

  3. I don’t think jeopardizing your education for davido’s romance is quite the best for chioma. I hope she goes back to school soon

  4. Congratulations to you both Davido Adeleke and Chioma Rowland on your sweet romantic relationship but if truly you Chioma dropped out of school and your parents are not happy about it I advise you try as much as you can to go back to school because is important in one’s life.

  5. Why won’t chioma parents be unhappy is it how other girls b ehave coming out publicly telling the whole world that davido is her boyfriend not even the husband.

  6. Why are we studying in school? Is it not to get a job and make money? She has the money now, so such things are the list on her mind now

  7. She have plans…that I am sure…lets seat back and take a chill pill..love in the air…school will come later..

  8. Her headache, if she like she not go to school again. What has her meeting Davido has to offer Nigerians?

  9. It is good as you met him but you should not jeopardize your education by following him around everywhere he goes, concentrate on your education first because that is the most Paramount thing, because your parents are not happy with the way you abandoned all in the name of following davido

  10. One Time meeting, Education is very important in our today world so chioma should not jeopardize her education for the sake of romance.

  11. How can it be possible, she actually drop out of school. This is not a good talk at all education is the key to success in this world.

  12. Jeopardize her education for romance is not a good thing at all no matter the fame of whom you are in romance with

  13. What if they eventually didn’t marry, She shouldn’t have jeopardize his education, after all the guy is serving now

  14. Congrats…who school epp, bill gates dropped out, Zuckerberg dropped out and dey are all success stories today….follow ur heart chioma

  15. Why will a person drop out of school because of a man who could leave you at any time, don’t know why some ladies don’t think, is Davido your legacy or your education, is better you go back to school and have your romance love along side

  16. Well I actually think she might have dropped out because maybe she never wanted the school in the first place a man like Davido can dump her at any given time so that was a wrong move of hers, meanwhile how can they say a lecturer might still not know her!? I disagree every lecturer should know his class well

  17. Its good we come across people through friends or family,lucky you there girl hold firmly to what you’ve got

  18. Please, she shouldn’t jeopardize her educational career because of a love affair with a rich singer. I’m sure, Davido completed his education. You can be dating and still continue your school.

  19. That’s good to hear but you should be focused because this celebrities are womanizers don’t put all your trust in him.

  20. We seek wealth, fortune and most importantly all round success from education, if jeopardizing her education for all these to come into play is the way her out, I see no reason why are parents are against their romance, my thoughts.

  21. That’s good for them, but she has to prioritize her activities. She should focus on the reason why she is in school. Nobody knows tomorrow

  22. If they are happy with their relationship, then I am happy for them. But I hope she finishes school anyway. Because if things don’t go well later, she will have a lot to regret

  23. I like what her parents told her about her education not all parents can advise there child in that way.

  24. That’s not what she was sent to school to do, face your studies and if you are of age then you get married but a responsible guy will not allow her to drop because of romance

  25. I’m happy for you both Davido and Chioma but i will tell you that Education is very vital in one’s life. It will be nice if you can continue with your Education because you won’t regret it at all

  26. That is why I really tell p people that this world is small indeed. See how this famous lovers met through their friends and are still leaving on peace

  27. She should face her studies and get that out of the way. If davido truly loves her he will encourage her to do so. Let’s not hear stories that touch the heart when someone will be looked at as being below standard

  28. Why won’t they leave Chioma alone. She is living her life . She has her business and she is making millions. She signed a deal of 100million which no graduate even from Cambridge has done. She knows what she wants even American don’t always go through college. Bloggers is high time you all free her and concentrate on your well educated life n the wealth you’ve got from it. Believe me I believe in education. But is her decision to make to your’s

  29. Dear Chioma, education is the key to success. You should be serious with her studies despite your financial stand. Pls make OBO proud by obtaining a degree.

  30. Loving one is a good thing but I advice one not to jeopardize his/her education in the name of love. Be wise.

  31. You can have a relationship with a celebrity and still finish school. But then it’s Chioma’s business. Whatever works for her.

  32. No matter how sweet the promises are from a man just know that they can change within 1sec if I were you I’ll make Davido get me through school to any level I want to go now that the love is hot . While doing that get myself established as well and still watch if the love gets hotter day by day after all these and he looks serious then I can think of marrying him if not that he will leave You with nothing just like commercial bank jobs. Use your head

  33. Dating a rich guy doesn’t matter now she should concentrate on the study first.
    Because guys can be funny at times

  34. Education is the key money may finish love may die relationship might break but education will make you stand tall

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