I may report Abuja photographer to police – Lilian Afegbai

Nollywood actress, Lilian Afegbai, who recently celebrated her birthday, revealed days after the birthday how an Abuja photographer disappointed her on her photoshoot, which she had to fly down to Abuja to shoot.

I may report Abuja photographer to police - Lilian Afegbai lailasnews 3
I may report Abuja photographer to police – Lilian Afegbai

Afegbai allegedly booked the Abuja photographer identified as Byjaru for a photo shoot.

However the photographer didn’t get herself together on time, and has still refused to send the pictures taken to Lilian days after her birthday.

Relating her experience to Sunday Scoop, she said:

“Let’s even assume the money I paid her wasn’t enough, she should have just said she couldn’t do the job. If she knew she couldn’t pull it off, she should have let me know beforehand. After making me go all the way from Lagos to Abuja for a shoot, she disappointed me.

Some of my loved ones even felt I was stupid for going all the way to Abuja to take pictures but there was a particular look I wanted to achieve and that was why I insisted. The most annoying thing is that she was just so rude and nonchalant about it.

It is not acceptable the way some people act these days. We need to understand that having a strong work ethic is very important and professionalism is key. If you know you can’t do something, be upfront about it.”

Reacting to some people who have labelled her a troublemaker for taking the matter to the Internet, Lilian said,

“Before I made the post online, I pleaded with her to do the right thing. But she sent me a voice note, sounding nonchalant about what she did. That was what got me upset. At the end of the day, people are entitled to their opinions and I am also entitled to my opinions; I am a human being too.”

On what is currently being done to remedy the situation, Afegbai said:

“She said she’s not going to refund my money. The last time I called her phone, she hung up. If she’s annoyed that I went on social media, then she must be very silly. I went on the Internet because I was upset and I wanted people to know what she did so she wouldn’t do it to another person tomorrow.

It was my birthday pictures and it was very important to me. I knew that it was going to make me happy and that’s why I decided to do it. I know at the end of the day, she’s going to pay my money. I’ll make sure she does that. I will still reach out to her but if she doesn’t budge, I will go to the police.”

Speaking on her current projects, Afegbai said,

“I have been busy on the set of TV series, Ajoche. We shoot a lot every week and it takes a lot of my time. I also just finished work on my movie three days before I travelled to Abuja for the photo session.”

Though many actresses have complained that the industry doesn’t pay well, Afegbai says she has been able to get by.

“I don’t limit myself. I’m also an entrepreneur. Acting for me is more about passion than money; I have always loved the profession. However, the industry does pay but as people, our needs are insatiable, so we always want more. I think people should have other streams of income though.”


  1. What kind of pics does she want that will make her travel from Lagos to Abuja, anyways, she got what she wanted.

  2. Truly what the photographer did was very bad, but I will also condemn Lilian for bringing the matter to social media because this will tarnish the image of the photographer, the best way was to find a way they could have work things out

  3. Some of these photographers, tailors etc are like that. They won’t do your work properly and they’ll be nonchalant about it. Sue her if you can… Let her take the shots again or refund your money.

  4. Lilian bringing this matter on social media is absolutely wrong. Though I am not in support of what the photographer did.

  5. Calm down and don’t report yet,she should be fair enough to send you back the money. shit happens you know.

  6. The photographer was unprofessional, since she couldn’t reach her on phone,she went online. She didn’t do the job she was payed for,let her refund the money.

  7. I wonder what else you want and why do you want to go and report at the police if is your money call me and collect your money and move on with your life

  8. What i don’t like is people asking her why she made it public . And question is is it because she a celebrity that she cannot say her, 80% of people who are not celebrities will do the same thing. And photographer herself does not have work ethics at all.

  9. While traveling from wherever to Abuja just to take a picture. Is it that there is no photographer in Lagos or is your phone that bad. Wow! Celebrity and their behavior

  10. Exactly. If u know u can’t do something say it out, no one will killed u. Instead if making one feel stupid.

  11. You can get your money by any means and even charge her for breach of contract or stealing by trick. Thank God both of you are ladies.

  12. I will also condemn Lilian for bringing the matter to social media because this will tarnish the image of the photographer, it’d bad

  13. What the photographer did was rude….but den again we v not heard her own side of the story….. there are two sides to the story

  14. Nawa oooo , was it that bad that you can now r2port to the police , i think it has not gotten to that extent nah , take things easy dear sister

  15. Is there a written agreement between you two… Before contacting the police….. You are more concerned about the Cash the most

  16. I would have like to hear from the photographer also but I think that she made another arrangement that worked for her

  17. Good interpersonal relationship is key for any business to thrive. That photographer should see this as a reason to improve herself, rather than getting angry.

  18. It’s still not enough to report to the police my sister,
    Or are you saying you have not made a mistake in your life. Please my people lets be rational.

  19. This is breach of contract, it’s very painful and frustrating when someone is disappointed. The photographer has to apologize for the dissapointmentally and I advise you forget about reporting her to the police because to err is human and to forgive is divine

  20. The truth is photographers hardly stick to their word but then they are not the only ones in our day to day activity we do fail let’s not capitalize omt hat failure to destroy someone, meanwhile you want you money I gues you know how best to get it back, who knows maybe what we are told isn’t completely the situation you both know best suit yourselves biko

  21. sounding non Challantly after disappointing a client is not acceptable ….we should at be remorseful when We disappoint People

  22. I join your friends to say that you are stupid going all the way to Abuja for a photoshoot, I believe you got what you wanted. There are so many photo studios in Lagos.

  23. Just tell US to beg her for you and besides, why bring the matter on social media. Not everyone wants their image or reputation on media. Next time, be discreet and handle your problem amicably.

  24. The professional photographer promised to offset the 100k bills you promised to send to her na. Even when she turned down your coming to Abuja that Sunday n successfully made the shoot on Monday, so she still had the mind to hold your pix back? Report her straight up

  25. If you call her again for a job then she will know she performed well. But you tried oh, you went all the way to Abuja for a photo shoot!

  26. Lilian I respect your maturity so far over the whole situation. Can’t say I can imagine how you feel but I bet it really hurts when your expectations are cut short. But you must understand that you have a reputation to maintain and would not be so appropriate to be caught in a bowl with an unknown photographer looking for cheap publicity. Calm down and look for a middle ground to handle this with her.

  27. A friend abroad told me it is one of the major problems Nigeria upcoming enterpreneurs have, lack of commitment and non challance to their contract. What f she has done her job well. Lillian would have recommended her to her friends.

  28. What the photographer did was wrong she shouldn’t have been rude to you since she is the one at fault she should av talk in calm way not non chanlant as you av said

  29. Nigerian business men/women sometimes are to rude they fill there is no one easl order then them that’s rubbish

  30. There are better ways to express displeasure. The photographer should hv shown professionalism no matter what.

  31. I don’t think there was a need to go go the media. It could have been sorted out amicable. Now the game is getting messy. I will say of the pictures are nice ,just collect them and forget it. Its one of those life experiences

  32. People are so mean you disappointed her and refuse to pay her back the money she paid. Please refund her money dear photographer

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