I make N500,000 monthly doing skits – Instagram comedian Cute Abiola

Instagram comedian Cute Abiola has revealed that he makes about N500,000 doing skits on the popular photo sharing App.

I make N500,000 monthly doing skits - Instagram comedian Cute Abiola lailasnews 3
I make N500,000 monthly doing skits – Instagram comedian Cute Abiola

The 23-year-old comic actor who is also a Naval officer noted that most of his skits were inspired by his mother’s character.

“I imitate my parents a lot in my skits, the way I dress in my skits is the exact way my mum looks in the house. I got the accent I use in my skits from them; I stayed in Ilorin for 18 years. My parents talk like real Ilorin people, my father is an extremely funny man.

I usually pick some punch lines from them to shoot my skits. “My mum taught me how to tie head gear. I love my parents so much, if I was not into comedy, I would be selling fabrics like my parents; it’s a profitable business for them. I pray I get married to a wife like my mum.

“I spend up to N15,000 monthly on data and I make close to N500,000 in a month. However, I spend some of it on charity, and as a celebrity, I spend money on clothes. My parents were very hard on me when I was growing up as the first child of the family,” he told The Punch.

The Ilorin-born comedian also revealed how he used to be frustrated at the initial stage when he started making skits.

He said,

“I used to cry when I started doing video skits because I felt I was not getting enough fame when I was doing it continuously. But I was not discouraged, even when some of my extended family members said I was wasting my time by doing skits instead of reading my books.

“I was not looking at comedy as a business venture; I was passionate about it. I get money from doing musical promotions for people; I started making money from my page towards the end of 2017.

“I started comedy during my secondary school days, with stage drama. My first stage performance was in 2009/10. When I started comedy, I couldn’t get help, but social media helped me showcase my talent with my skits.

I opened my Instagram page in 2015; I started by recording 15 seconds videos. I opened my Instagram page to have fun, but I was motivated when I saw other people doing skits. It took me two years before I gained fame. I did a video to support Bisola while she was in the Big Brother House and that was how it got reposted by her handlers; I got a lot of followers through that video.”


  1. May God grant you more success. May all the young ones get to learn from this, that sometimes our talents and passion for it can give us our needed break through.

  2. God will continue to bless you more than ever,you are more better than other yahoo guys and cultism.

  3. I doubt it. #500k ? Anyway keep it up and share o the needy as said. Teach others too tp reduxe poverty

  4. It is good to follow one’s passion and never be discouraged by anybody or barrier. Keep it up cute abiola

  5. Congratulations! For earning. I wish iwould also get to do skits so I could earn more than you are earning now

  6. Wao,this sounds so interesting,at 23 years old you are already on the track.please don’t allow fame enter your head,always do good.God bless you

  7. Keep it up bro, since your means of survival is genuine God will definitely bless the works of your hand.

  8. Ifnyou make as much as that then it’s good for you and your family, your parent should be pround of you.

  9. Good for you, at least that’s a means of livelihood. You can now support yourself and loved ones from your skits and business. Nice one.

  10. May God continue to bless you in your chosen career, hard work actually pays off all it takes is patient and time, I wish you more grace as you continue to inspire others

  11. Him who God has blessed. It’s not all about making money, it’s about discovering your passion and talent and harnessing it for better purposes. Ride on

  12. Una too dey lie, 500k for comedy skit even the ones wey funny or not funny. I think everyone should start doing comedy skit if it gives such amount of money.

  13. That’s the story of his success. Being successful don’t just happen overnight. One would be discouraged and many setbacks and hindrances on the path.

  14. You see hard work really pays..please whatever business we are doing let’s do it with determination and let’s be focus and don’t ever give up.

  15. You should be thankful to thosr people that reposted your skit way back.Coz they helped you gain fame. And now you’re earning much from it. Consistency is key in everything we are doing

  16. This guys testimony should motivate other youths to keep working hard and persevere, cause it pays in the long run.

  17. This is the more reason why parents should set a good example because children learn from what they see.

  18. Congratulations for this, gift differs, you are blessed in your gift, please make sure you make good use of the money you gets monthly.

  19. That’s a reasonable sum of money. Determination is the key to success.
    God bless your hustle dear.

  20. That’s a very huge amount of money monthly, I hope you are not lying and wishing you more success ahead bro

  21. God that make it to happen for u will make it happen to all of us amen keep it up work more hard

  22. I’m proud of you, and I implore our youth to tow this line rather than do fraud and rituals.

  23. this sounds so interesting,at 23 years old you are already on the track.please don’t allow fame enter your head,always do good.God bless you

  24. Very good coming from a young boy. You can make money decently and be happy. May God bless your efforts and openness.

  25. This I interesting. At least you make your money justly. Use this medium to teach others that there are right ways to make money

  26. God Don already butter your bread in this Nigeria you can do anything to make money just believe in the hustle and work hard very soon#Aza

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