I haven’t had decent sleep in a week – Simi

Simi who took to her Insta-story to narrate how her week went, disclosed that she haven’t had a decent sleep this week.

I haven't had decent sleep in a week - Simi  lailasnews

While this may be linked to her traditional wedding which held this week, Simi was quick to add that she is happy in spite of everything. Here is Simi’s on not having a decent sleep below;

I haven't had decent sleep in a week - Simi  lailasnews  1

Simi and Adekunle Gold held their traditional wedding few days ago, after they got engaged and held a wedding introduction December last year.

According to the report, 300 guests attended Simi and Adekunle Gold’s wedding, 3 weeks after they did their secret wedding introduction in Magodo, Lagos. The secrecy of the event shouldn’t come as a surprise to many, as the couple have always kept their relationship private.

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  1. It is all for good my dear, enough sleep is coming, but with 9 months imprisonment. Happy married life

  2. We all understand the preparation for her traditional marriage caused it. She will still have time to rest very well

  3. Its wedding preparations stuff, at the end of the tunnel there is a light. So your light is here, sleep as you like.

  4. Am happy with you Simi and congratulations to you once again, just find time to relax, may God bless your marriage

  5. Its just for d Main time babe,d Lord is ur strength, enjoy ur home,God bless it wit everything ur heart desire for,secrecy is d key love ur style

  6. It has always been like this especially when preparing for a big event like your traditional wedding.

  7. Don’t worry after everything you will sleep wella. U can’t eat your cake and hv it…. Congratulations once again

  8. Congrat. Don’t worry you will see sleep sleep very well . Na you go de beg sleep now say you no want again.

  9. I still can’t believe this has really happened. I’m so so so happy for them and I wish them a happy married life . All the best Simi and adekunle.

  10. Happy married life to u guys congratulations, don’t worry u will soon be satisfy with the decent sleep

  11. Lord is ur strength, enjoy ur home,God bless it wit everything ur heart desire for,secrecy is d key love ur style

  12. That’s how marriage life is not able to sleep and happy this is just the beginning of your happiness dear

  13. Its normal, just for the moment, by the time you eventually settle down, you will sleep well.congrats one again

  14. Of course simi u should be very happy. For the sleep is normal. That is why the is honey moon. Happy married life

  15. I understand the stress of getting ready for marriage and all dat.but not to worry u will be fine after a while

  16. How can you have good sleep when the atmosphere of the love is still glowing and well wishers coming in and out to rejoice with you my dear. That’s how it is and soonest when you will be fine. Just you guys need to go for your honeymoon and rest after all this restlessness OK. That’s the joy of a woman when she marries the love of her life. You guys story is so inspiring after 10 years of friendship woww… Wish you happy all the time with so much love and blessings of God amen.

  17. She’s still enjoying her married life and all the attention she’ll get as she’s a celebrity

  18. Good things comes with a price my dear, now that everything is over I hope you can get a decent sleep.. Happy married life to you.

  19. Heeya.Sorry baby girl.Just try and have some sleep before you break down.Remember you deserve all the rest you can get now.planning a wedding isn’t easy at all.Wishing you all the best

  20. Celebrity and their stories..well wish a happy married life to the new couple…don’t worry by next week sleep will be coming

  21. It’s good to have happines, sometimes you can be happy and not feel sleepy at all. But soon you will have a decent sleep

  22. Although I’m happy for her and Adekunle, but she’s not supposed to use the f-word to describe how happy she is

  23. This is normal. Why u want? U have to endure for a while. Enjoy ur weding whike it lasted. Congratulations

  24. Its normal to be like that, its the stress of planning a wedding, but at the end you will get better and look back happily

  25. I’m so happy for you, don’t worry just take pap and milk you’ll sleep like a baby. Congrats on your introduction

  26. Don’t worry is just for a while so enjoy your marriage life wishing you more success in your music career

  27. Comment*
    Congratulations Similar,I believe now you can have a decent sleep,with your perfect Man by your side…

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