I have power to restore virginity – African native doctor

An African native doctor has claimed that he possesses spiritual powers to restore virginity of any woman who has the desire to regain one of the most prized items in an African marriage.

I have power to restore virginity - African native doctor lailasnews 2
I have power to restore virginity – African native doctor

The native doctor identified as Erdington Virimayi from Kwekwe, Zimbabwe, also claims to be half a prophet and half a traditional doctor, mixing two belief systems which some people regard as incompatible.

The man also claims to have the ability to enlarge men’s manhood to any desired size.

He was quoted as saying:

“I restore virginity to girls as long as they follow what I tell them to do. It’s just most men know me for enlarging manhood to the sizes of their choices but I also have a service for women”.

“He (a soldier who had his manhood enlarged) came back to me and thanked me for the service saying girls were falling over him after the service. That is how we do it”.

Virimayi also said that there is nothing wrong with him being both a traditional healer and a “prophet” saying the two belief systems are compatible.


  1. Power to restore virginity? I fear oo. Enlarging manhood? Agreed. It can be done though I’ve not seen one.

  2. Any woman that goes for his advert will blame herself thoroughly because, he might deceive you by charming you to sleep with you. There is nothing we can not be hearing in this world

  3. Wonders shall never end…noting you will not hear or see in this country…. Power to restore virginity… Is he God.

  4. Nonsense, we need power to live a righteous life and make heaven at last not manhood and virginity it is rubbish, go and repent, you can’t serve two masters at the same time,

  5. There might be some iota of truth in what the native doctor is saying… Ladies will definitely patronize him

  6. this is falsehood that has no foundation. increasing manhood can be achieved but not the restoration of virginity

  7. Who that one help sef.What are we supposed to be doing with the virginity sef.Some people no get sense shaa

  8. Nonsense talk…
    419 in high order.. The thing that pains me most is that he restores virginity…I dont blame u..this is the sign of end time

  9. This is a beta chance for our sisters dat has lost their virginity, i just wonder wat they will feel lyk after they regained it

  10. That is not possible at all and why people trying to dare and compete with God. Fake prophet every where.

  11. how did we get here Africans? This word has really gone so bad I wonder what the next generation will turn into?

  12. I don’t believe anyone has the power to restore virginity, but I know it is possible to increase the size of manhood of a man.

  13. The world is changing rapidly imagine what this man is saying how can he restore virginity hia na wa

  14. Lie from the pit of hell.. How would you say such, there’s nothing we won’t hear in this country self.

  15. There is no way one can be serving God and at the same time serving the Devil. It’s not possible for the native doctor to be a prophet and still be a traditional healer. And as for him having the powers to restore a woman’s virginity it’s his own ooooo. I don’t know how he thinks he can do it but it’s his own

  16. May God forgive you. Are you God? Who told you that you have power to restore virginity. You better give your Life to Christ now before it will be too late.

  17. For me I will say its illegal for all those native things,because God said we shall stay away from it and another thing if girl don’t want to dis virgin her self she should stay away from boys until shes willing to.

  18. Some people are funny how can someone restore virginity my dear viginity is gone is gone because he is not God

  19. So God will now leave you to restore viginity…. Hehehehehehe… There are some things that are just irreplaceable, so leave it for God and stop giving people false hope

  20. If it was other things he was talking about, I’ll gladly believe it, but restoring back virginity is out of it

  21. saying you have power to restore virginity is like saying you can restore a bust ballon, smile restore kor factory reset ni

  22. I know a lot of ladies will go give it a try in the name of pleasing their spouse. But the truth is if it’s lost it’s lost.

  23. Some people are naturally insane and funny thing is, they don’t even know they are. Restore Virginity kwa? Na wa o

  24. Does he know what virginity means, brother when its lost it can not be regained, not even margin can do that.

  25. Congratulations for ur power of restoring virginity for people that wishes to come to you they re free its there choice all the best in ur profession.

  26. People have to be careful with the way they patronise doctors whether native or physician to enlarge any part of their body or become virgins again because such act have after effect.

  27. Guy go pack well, what kind of power do u think u have that u can restore virginity you’re only advertising your business.

  28. This is serious oo but I don’t believe in that once one is dis virgin I don’t think it can be restored

  29. All lies shall find themselves in the lake of fire. please native doctor repent and give your life to Chris

  30. Nothing does the devil gives freely. If he gives with his left hand he takes something from you with his right hand.

  31. You can’t serve two Masters and once you’re disvirgin you are disvirgin no matter how tight you become you can never be a virgin again

  32. OK, I just hope this is not another way to kill our girls, please if you lost your own don’t go to him to get it back

  33. All powers belong to God almighty he has no ability to do such unless he uses definition which inflict the personality involved with familiar spirit which is very terrible

  34. wonders of wonders, may destroy all his evil powers,because he will be initiating them into different powers unknown to those girls and men, we should be careful.

  35. Seriously the love for money is causing a really high increase in human stupidity lol can u just imagine giving back a girl virginity lol and am sure some girls will fall for it

  36. Worst lie of the year. Once the hymen is broken,there’s no going back ,except he actually wanted to say vaginal tightening.

  37. He is only trying to make more money by confusing people. Hunger is too much and everyone wants to make ends meet. Lol Mr virgin restorer

  38. End time native doctor! How can virginity be regained? I am just wondering. I pity those that will go for his service

  39. You people should be careful on. Native doctors now promotes themselves on social media. Wonders shall never end

  40. Whatever you resore is no mor the original, it is artificial veginity. Once you loose the first one, you have lost it for life

  41. When it is gone, it is gone already, nobody has the power to bring it back again. Stop all these lies and focus on something better

  42. Oga, you just want to deceive people. God made it perfect when He protected the place from being broken and when it is, …..no going back

  43. Nothing we will not hear in this world o, this is another way to dupe desperate ladies who have useless themselves and want to pretend as virgin.

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