I have nothing against Christians in Kaduna state – El-Rufai

Kaduna state governor, Nasir El-Rufai, has said he doesn’t have anything against Christians in the state.

I have nothing against Christians in Kaduna state – El-Rufai lailasnews

Speaking during a Town Hall Meeting with a group of pastors under the auspices of ‘Pastors United For Change Association’ held in Kaduna yesterday, Governor El-Rufai reiterated that he has nothing against Christians in the state, adding that his choice of running mate, Dr.Hadiza Balarabe, who is a muslim and also from Sanga local government area of Southern Kaduna, was purely on her capacity to deliver and not based on religious sentiment. He said;

“In my life, I have never worked with people based on religious and ethnic consideration. Don’t look at what people said but what I have done in the past. Go through my records and see what I have done. On the issue of my running mate, we are encouraging women participation in politics. She is a competent woman.

“Late Prof. Andrew Nok, our late Commissioner for Education, brought Hadiza Balarabe when we were looking for someone that can revive our primary health in the state and she performed excellently well. I don’t know her before. Her choice as a running mate has nothing to do with religion‎. I am confident that my running mate will run the state effectively and will be fair to all in the state even if I am not around”.


  1. El- Rufai is a blood sucking animal, he’s so against Christians that he feels like to kill them all. Some months back he said even if the pope was his running mate he’ll not be voted for by Christians which means he knows he hate them and he knows what he’ll get in return.

  2. Sometimes, social media can make a man to look like a devil until you find the actual truth.. Though I don’t trust El-rufai that much.

  3. I hope you just told the truth, but many willnt believe you because you have made violent comment or statements towards the foreigners.

  4. Whether you preach it or not, many don’t believe you because your actions has said otherwise.

  5. I believe in everything governor El -Rufai said, because Kaduna state has been a please full and loving state since he became the governor, and we the christains should tell ourselves the truth about him.

  6. Pure lies. We all know your plans. You and Buhari and others are planning to islamatize Nigeria that’s why you are reducing the number of Christians. Hmm we know!!! God is not sleeping

  7. Well i have never been under the misconception that you have the capacity to tolerate Christians. You haven’t been able to kill Christianity in your state not because you haven’t tried but because God hasn’t allowed you.

  8. Its all in God’s hands. May God help us to overcome all d troubles and tribulations going on in this our blessed country Nigeria.

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