I have forgiven you Nina, but be careful – Bobrisky accepts ex BBNaija housemate Nina apology letter

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Bobrisky has accepted ex BBNaija, Nina’s apology. According to Bobrisky, he has forgiven her perhaps his not ready for any unnecessary drama.

He wrote;

Nina, I wish u success in life trust me. I’m not fighting u or angry with u. I just wanna excuse myself from unwanted drama. I can still remember the very day I saw u on my screen. I was like omg I lNina of Big Brother Naija has apologized to Bobrisky after they fell out because she began working with his arch-enemy,ike dis girl she is free and nice with everybody in the house.

I decided within myself to love u and campaign for u throughout your stay in the house. I fought a lot of people who cal u names such as whore, dumb etc. No one is perfect. We all learn everyday so let nobody judge anyone. Because of u I dm @realmercyaigbe to pls put u on her page.

I can remember when I dm her she was in USA immediately she posted ur picture, I was so surprise she posted so fast because I and mercy have never talk or seen before. It was because of u mercy and I talk today.     Even @toyin_abraham also posted u after I went to her house to cry to her that I don’t want u home home now.

Toyin is tobi fan but she posted it for me because she love me. The way I disturb @tontolet has no part 2 lol. I cal her every minutes to make sure she love u too. All dis is pure love I have for everyone who need help. At some point my dad called me and ask me y do i love Nina dis much ? Because he saw how i came out to make tshirt for u to campaign.

It all good nina I have nothing against u my dear enjoy ur new fame . Lastly Nina not everybody who smile at u love u pls be careful.

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  1. If people would be forced to refrain from working with enemies of their acquaintances, I can tell you pointedly that the wheel of human progress will be stunted and in fact, stopped.

    Within the meaning of apology which is, “a regretful acknowledgement of an offense done to another”, Nina should not have apologized to BobRisky or Bobdangerous (whateva his or her name is), she owed him absolutely no apology for the “mere” fact of being styled by who she-he categorizes as his enemy.

    Wait! So if any enemy of Bobhazardous offers Nina a multi-million Naira endorsement tomorrow, she should decline it because the person or company is characterized as a, “Bobinsecure’s enemy? Mtchew!

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