”I have been used and played” -Heartbroken Nigerian man says after his girlfriend of two years, Chioma, broke up with him via Whatsapp

A Nigerian man has been left heartbroken after his girlfriend of two years, Chioma, broke up with him via Whatsapp.

According to the screenshots from their Whatapp conversation which has gone viral, the man met and started a relationship with Chioma who comes from a poor background.

In the chat, Ben said that he went all out for her and showed her and her family members so much kindness. While they were dating, he paid for Chioma’s mother’s hospital bills and also helped her brother to get a job.

Apparently, Chioma was never in love with him even tho he kind to her and her family and had summoned the courage to tell him which later led to their break up.

However, Chioma was remorseful and apologized for using him for her and her family’s gains. She also said she doesn’t want to continue living a lie, hence her decision to call off their relationship

Ben while reacting, said he felt used and played, as he prayed for Chioma that no one will do to her what she’s done to him.

Read their chat below

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