I have been dating 3 guys for 2 years now, but sleep with 1 – Lady says

A Nigerian relationship expert has taken to Facebook to make a shocking post she received from one of her readers who needed counseling.

The relationship expert identified as Oby Omalicha Chuka posted the mail she received from a certain lady who claimed that she has been dating three guys for over 2 years now but sleeps with only one of them.

According to her, the two other guys who she does not have sex with, are now separately asking her questions about marriage which is making her confused over whom to choose.

Oby Omalicha Chuka shared the post to get the reactions and advises of her other readers on her Facebook counseling page.

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I have been dating 3 guys for 2 years now, but sleeps with 1 - Lady says lailasnews 2

Below is what she wrote;

I have never been this confused in my entire life, kindly read to the end and advice me sincerely. Please don’t tell me to pray or go for deliverance, I know that already, I just need practical advice. I am 28 years old, I have been dating these 3 guys for 2 years plus, I am not an ashawo cos I don’t even sleep with 2, I only sleep with one. I just don’t want to put all my eggs in one basket cos you never know who would turn out to be an asshole.

So everything has been OK until recently, as if they planned it, the 2 guys that I do not sleep with started asking questions about my people, how they do marriage rites, if I would like to marry them and so many questions suggesting that a proposal is probably on their minds.

And the way this is going, if I don’t make up my mind soon, I will not be able to say yes or no if any of them proposes, I like them differently for different reasons. Please help me to decide, what really matters most in marriage, should I test them with one of my girlfriends to see who really loves me? What do I do please? No insults please I will be reading comments.


  1. The best person to give you advise is am experience married man or woman, and sleeping with somebody that you have not marry is not good because he will still show up when you marry unless you marry him, good luck

  2. Lol, she’s cheating her way into wedlock. Hope she doesn’t lose them all, ass punk!

  3. don’t wori marry both of them n continue sleeping wit de one u hav bin sleeping wit dat way ur eggs wil be in three different baskets

  4. Don’t test them with your girl friend,re evaluate your relationship with them,they won’t be on the same scale,the one that respects and don’t use harsh on you,the one you’re most compartible with and the one you’re at peace with consider that one.

  5. You are a good manager as you really managed three of them very well without any noticing,so go ahead and marry two of them and wait to marry the third one that have tasted you.You are really a sharp lady. Pls just give your whole life to Jesus and start all over again or else you will regret at last.

  6. What a Triangle. Funny enough but u put urself in this dilemma to start with. Most lady will rather do two max just for the same reason of not putting their eggs in one basket and before it get to that point they already figure out who to drop sharp and move on. Time to reassess ur relationship and start from why do they want you just like you have your reasons for wanting them three parties around? Brain party, Money party, Security party, Clubbing party etc. Then u figure out why they come for you too before it is way to late to the point of losing out on everything then start all over again meanwhile ur time too is ticking away ! Well if the dude that only want you for sex has only gotten u for sex then goodluck because u are already gamed. If the dude that wanted you for marriage think you are still a virgin and that’s why u have been turning him down, then u already play urself, then you have to now find out the one that still want you irrespective of ur current status and most of the time you will always have to compromise for that One ☝️! I hope these guys already don’t know themselves because this is social media and words spread like wildfire ! Aight good luck

  7. So I woke up to this today! A story from a member of this group I posted yesterday went viral today and bloggers without proper investigation are alleging that I am the lady the story is talking about, they attached my picture to it and I could not help but laugh at their recklessness. I am a Relationship Counselor, I created a platform “The Counsel” Facebook group and with the Instagram handle @thecounsel_ to give a voice to people who need anonymity to share their personal experiences and get counselled by me and my audience, and in doing that I decided I would also share these stories so that anybody that is following me here and on Instagram can learn as well from what happens to others. I might have great advice to offer you privately but nobody knows it all and I believe there are lots of knowledgeable people here whose wisdom would also benefit this generation immensely and this is 100% free of charge. That is my little way of making a small impact in the society. So please help me visit these pages and tell them that I am a happily married lady with 3 adorable kids, so that is not my story, they should investigate properly before publishing nonsense. Thank you.

  8. Admin or whatever you call your self, please kindly take down this post, the lady you are using her pics is happily married with 3 kids, she is a relationship expert, and the story you posted was of her follower seeking advice…..

    Take it down to avoid litigation!!!!

  9. Lesson to be learnt…the 2 she ain’t sleeping with has marriage interest..any man interested in marrying u won’t ask to behold your nakedness before marriage

  10. you are really confuse, you sleep with one and friend-zone two who does not know that they both side-cock. who does you love and which of them love you the most? you can start from there.

  11. you are really confuse, you sleep with one and friend-zone two who does not know that they both side-cock. who do you love and which of them love you the most? you can start from there.

  12. No one is perfect in life, and there is no one who can say he or she haven’t sin. with what guys are doing to women these days, not being committed, and faithful in a relationship as the do promised. So I didn’t see anything wrong in dating 3 different guys. men are now unpredictable. A lot of Women have learnt their lessons. I will advice you to pray seriously about it, God will direct you, and as well speak to you. Good luck.

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