I Go Dye and I are still friends – Bovi

Nigerian comedian, Bovi, who threatened to beat up his colleague I Go Dye for messing with memories of his late mother and dragging his kids into a call out post, has stated that it was natural for friends to fight.

I Go Dye and I are still friends – Bovi lailasnews

Bovi who maintained that he still has a cordial relationship with I Go Dye in the interview with Saturday Beats, said;

“We are very cool; what are friends for if they don’t disagree and quarrel once in a while.”

Bovi had written few weeks ago;

You just messed with the memory of my late mother.That was in March 2016. RMD brought him to my house to commiserate with me because he wasn’t going to make it to the funeral.

This was days to her funeral. If only you could comprehend averagely, you would have known that my initial question to you had nothing to do with governance! Unlike you, I do not dabble in politics. It’s not my turf. My take on politics comes up mostly on stage.
I’m friends with many governors and politicians simply because they love my work. The present Governor of Delta state was at my mothers funeral as our family’s guest. Unlike you, I have not gone to burden him with self-serving proposals. Please note that I didn’t bother his predecessor too.

That’s always been your game. I was simply calling you out the way you called the governor out. Now look how you’re rattled and running all over the place! Francis, your legacy in the comedy industry cannot be questioned but your shallow intellect has never been up for debate.

If you thought your actions through, you will know that after your multiple visits to the ex-governor, cap in hand, including the one you showcased only a portion of the video on the 30th of April this year, you have no moral standing to speak scathingly and publicly.

When your enlightened writer put up the post on the former vice-president, you called and asked my opinion and I gave you thumbs up. You know why? Because I know you had never taken one of your self-serving proposals to the former VP.
I have nothing against your hustle. If you want to segue into a social critic, it’s fine. But If any of our friends called you out after dining with you for years, I’d do exactly the same thing to that friend as I have done to you. For you to scroll down my IG page to two years ago shows your desperation to drag me in your mud. Don’t do that again.
Go and sin no more.You will be okay.
PS- if you ever mention my children again, I will physically beat you up

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