I feel betrayed by Tekno and Danfo Drivers on ‘Jogodo’ – Prof Linkin

Prof Linkin who spoke on the controversy surrounding Tekno’s hit song, ‘Jogodo,’ and how some critics are of the opinion that the song is not his original intellectual property, has stated that he feels betrayed.

I feel betrayed by Tekno, Danfo Drivers on 'Jogodo' – Prof Linkin lailasnews

The veteran act who expressed his disappointment on how Danfo Drivers formed an alliance with Tekno, said that he feels the duo are being moved by the money the artiste gave them.

Prof Linkin told Saturday Beats;

“I cannot believe that Danfo Drivers are now fighting for Tekno and raining insults on me, calling me a hungry man. But they forget that I am only fighting for my intellectual property.

“There is a lot of betrayal in the music industry. I was the one that gave them the platform to release their first album. It is so painful. Tekno is not an Ajegunle person, but they are supporting him and neglecting me who grew up in Ajegunle with them.

“Some people would have used diabolical means to fight them but I can’t do that because I am a devout Christian.”

Prof Linkin, however revealed that Tekno’s management team had reached out to him and promised that they would look into his grievance.

Recall that one of the members of the Danfo Drivers group, Mountain Black admitted that indeed Tekno has been forgiven after he visited them in Abuja. But, he cleared the wrong notion that they were paid.

“We didn’t collect any money from Tekno; you can ask him. The deed has been done; we cannot reverse it any longer. He planned to release the video of the song last week. He asked if he could go ahead and we gave him our permission. But I told him we could do a remix later”, he said.

According to the report, Mountain Black said that they reacted angrily because Tekno did not treat them well. He revealed that they had earlier agreed that they would see at the Eko Hotel in Lagos after the Headies Award but Tekno refused to pick their calls.

“Why would you release a job without telling the owner of the song? When he called that he wanted to see us, I told him we were busy but we should meet at the Headies and he said it was okay. We were invited for the Headies at the Eko Hotel and he lives very close. On that day, we called him and he was not picking up. That was why I granted an interview where I said we were looking for Tekno.

“Last week Wednesday, he called that he was coming to see us in Abuja. So, he came down to Abuja and apologised for what he did. I told him we were not interested in his money but we wanted him to work together with us as a team”, he said.


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