I dropped out of OAU, Dapo Abiodun Ogun APC governorship candidate admits

Dapo Abiodun, Ogun APC governorship candidate has finally admitted that he dropped out of OAU, as he further maintained that contention over his academic credentials is an attempt at mudslinging.

I dropped out of OAU, Dapo Abiodun Ogun APC governorship candidate admits lailasnews

Dapo Abiodun who appeared on Sunday Politics, a live programme on Channels Television, said he had never misrepresented his educational credentials to anyone.

“I never claimed to have finished from the University of Ife (now OAU). I did go to school in Ife. I went to school in the University of Ife but I didn’t graduate from the University of Ife. I never claimed to have obtained a degree from the University of Ife.”

When asked about the Bachelor of Arts in Accounting degree he claimed to have, Abiodun said he would not comment further. He further stated that he won’t disclose the school he earned his degree from, since the matter is already in court.

“But that (degree) is not from Ife. This has all been an attempt to mudsling and confuse the electorate, and it’s bundled with a lot of half-truths.

“I never claimed to have studied Accounting at the University of Ife. I never claimed to have graduated from the University of Ife. So, this issue has been presented as the presenter wanted it presented. I do have a Bachelor of Business Administration degree in Accounting and I would like to stop at that.

“The electorate know that I went to school and I have not misrepresented to anyone about my degrees. But it would be convenient for those who are intimidated and afraid of my electoral success to continue to attempt to disparage me and to present the matter as falsely as it suits them. The facts are being distorted but we will leave the matter since it is in court.”

The Ogun APC governorship candidate who denied claims of winning the primaries in the state due to his alleged closeness to Tinubu and a former Ogun State governor, Chief Olusegun Osoba, added;

“These are accusations that have been thrown all over the place and it is not unusual in politics for people to mudsling and say things to try and bring the other person down. It’s convenient for people to say one is favoured.

“I don’t see how Asiwaju, who is our leader, favouring me, had influenced the elections. I never saw any endorsement before my election.

“Chief Osoba is the leader of the party in the state. He took me by the hand because I am now the candidate of the party, so everybody in the party must now support me. That is the way it works. The governor (Ibikunle Amosun) has chosen not to support me. Ideally, my governor and I should be on the same page.

“So, if you have emerged through a process and you have now become the candidate of the party, everybody who is your leader in that party in that state (and) outside that state, in that geopolitical zone, should be supporting you. Anyone not supporting you amounts to something else.”

This is coming after a suit was filed at a High Court in Abuja, seeking Abiodun’s disqualification from the governorship race for allegedly giving “false information” in the academic qualification he submitted to the Independent National Electoral Commission.


  1. The matter is in court now. The court will do the proper investigation and will give its verdict on the case

  2. Since he doesn’t want to disclose the institution where he got his degree to us maybe the court will be the best place for it to be disclosed

  3. This issue is becoming too much which it shows he did not attend compulsory one by year of serving nation.

  4. Too bad that those who are our leaders will not come out clean about their academic qualification. They are laying down bad examples for the followers.

  5. It is the right of the electorates to know the truth. You have been presented with an opportunity to tell the Truth but you have misused it. I would have advised that you say the school where you obtained you degree from instead of waiting for the court.

  6. from his response he seems to be a real gentleman. i can see the cofidence he has,wanting the rule of law to come into play.

  7. During election there are different types of propaganda….. The plans is from the opposition I guess…. But if you are on the truth you’ll prevail

  8. Man that is a good response to those who always seak to mudslide peoples integrity, since the case is in the court they should do there diligent work.

  9. In Nigeria any governor can be saying anything to get vote.even dropping out school is not the ultimate.

  10. Well, in no distant time, we’ll know where he graduated with a degree from after the final court session.

  11. They are laying down bad examples for the followers. All those our leaders ain’t having better qualifications

  12. This issue of verifying credentials during election time is becoming something else.God help Nigeria.

  13. You are actually making problems for your self forget what people are saying and try to make your ways straight

  14. After all the court will decide whether he went to school or not but based on his comments it’s shows that he did not go to school neither he is graduate

  15. How many of those that has good qualifications has ever done it better, we only like to embrace lies in Nigeria by believing in what is not really necessary to make nigeria great.

  16. That’s politics in Nigeria when your opponent wants to get you out of the way this is how far they can go

  17. Thank God he has a degree from another university, if not they would started the Nigerian political cheap blackmails. Dont worry even if the governor is not supporting you. He is not God

  18. God help our leaders. I don’t think he even graduated from any school because if he did he will be bold enough to say the school he graduated from. Am sure he submitted a false information in the academic qualification he submitted to the Independent National Electoral Commission.
    Proper investigation should be taken…

  19. He said the matter is in court and he won’t comment
    When the court ruling come, everyone will know what happened.
    Hopefully he did graduates

  20. I don’t see any big deal here since he went to school and have his certificate no problem,all these politicians always in logger heads na wao

  21. Why are they questioning him again, it’s a way of putting things in his court so thy could have something against him. Better solved in court

  22. All this our politicians can lie for Africa
    How are we sure you are saying the truth
    Only God knows the truth

  23. He didn’t graduate, wat was he doing all dis wyl dat he didn’t go bck to schl, nd now he is contesting 4 a political sit in ogun state. All d best

  24. Politicians and their wahala, always digging n looking for issues. He didn’t graduate from life but had a degree, we will found later, since its in court.

  25. If he has a degree in any university, I don’t see the reason why he can’t disclose it even though the matter is in court.

  26. If he has a degree from somewhere else he might as well just tell us where if he is being truthful, what concerns court case in this now.

  27. Hahaha….. this is Nigeria… a country where if you want to know more about you, join politics ,

  28. No one is after your degree,has long as you have what it takes to govern the state,you will be voted in

  29. Thats a great one though its hard to admit we have lots of senators and governors of such but nobody know surely we will get them one after the other if they dont admit

  30. Even though you did not have OAU certificate at hand, let us the know the school you obtain your degree certificate

  31. Political and academic saga
    Propaganda everywhere
    Well clarify yourself over that degree saga

  32. Coming on air to say this, shows he really mean well for his electorate so that they won’t be confused about his educational qualification

  33. what’s the need of hiding where u got your certificate from Mr Dapo, if you are really sure you went to school for that degree you claim you have.

  34. Why hiding where you got your certificate from? If you’re truthful, you don’t need to hide.

  35. who verified his credentials during electoral campaign, why was this issue not found then. political strategies. God help us

  36. Well since the matter is in court and we expert the court to tell us the truth I will not make further comment

  37. Hmmm!!! It is better good scrutiny be made on any person coming from apc because you all can lie for africa, even spiritual scrutiny.

  38. If really his a graduate, then I see no reason of him refusing to mention the school, except his not proud of it. Since the case is in the court, let justice take its place

  39. The hard truth in this country is that we don’t really survive by what we wave we survive by what we can do what new we can offer because what you’re ready study in millions of people have already studied it

  40. We don’t have any issues
    With the place u finish your school from…
    Our politician are corrupt

  41. There is no need to hide the school you got the certificate from. Inform them so that it will not be taken as. Fake.

  42. APC is filled with too many liars…God please help Nigeria out of the grip of these people in APC.

  43. These politicians and their mischievous ways.Who are they deceiving sef.Well the truth will still come out

  44. well since you have admitted lets watch and see what they are going to do about it i pray you will be considered

  45. May God help him, so is he trying to say he is not a drop out, or what he should come out plain and stop pretext.

  46. Wonder shall never end…….. You drop out of university and still have confidence to say it out

  47. It does not matter whether you have a degree or not if you are guilt the law will find you out if you are not guilt the law will also find you out

  48. That’s politics in play it such a dirty game but we will await the court verdict since the case is still in court but if otherwise you have truncate your integrity Mr Man

  49. Politics and the dramas that it writes and acts
    Asiwaju has done enough harm to the party and this is really tearing up things apart

  50. Here are our so called leaders, School drop outs, so many of them like are up there, just swallowing money & giving empty promises.

  51. If he claimed of not graduating from OAU, then where did he graduated from. Its seems there is an hidden agenda in regards to his credentials.

  52. He didn’t graduate from OAU but has his degree certificate. He needs to be sincere and show his ability to be truthful as that is one of the attributes of a good leader.

  53. Nigerian with this I dropped out story. Vision and how well they can achieve them for the better mind of Nigeria is want is needed in this country. Education is good but have we really be sincere with laws, rules and regulations that guide this country. I think we have long way going in this country.

  54. This verification is something else, many politicians are not graduates. I wonder why he doesn’t want to disclose the school he got his degree from. He should better say the truth.

  55. That is good, let leave everything for the court of law to give the final verdict on the issue

  56. God knows the truth..politics has started with fake news..i believe the opposition party r doing this…

  57. He made the confession for the sake of pity, and there’s nothing like finding another alternative in politics,ones your flaw is leaked out then you are done

  58. Even if the matter is in court you can still tell the name of the university you graduated from since you said you a graduate. Anyway let the court decide.

  59. I think reasons for him not to disclosed the school he went to is best known to him,the choice is urs..

  60. Another Buhari, why are you shy of mentioning name of the institution you acquired your degree from.. If he wins the election he will turn supernatural… Thieves

  61. This is focking serious, this Nigerian politician sef, with there problem. Once they know you are not on there side they will find all means to do you evil

  62. Once you’re in politics be ready to hear your biography from the day you were conceived.

  63. That you can not say it publicly now means, you’re relying on your charge an bail lawyers will use judicial technicalities to help you out.

  64. I think since the matter is already in the court, he should just wait and let’s know the decision of the court . It will enable him fight his case well

  65. Nigerian politics and their drama. Since the case is already in court let the court decide

  66. The issue is not about court,, if you refuse to tell about your school then i will tell you that you faked it,you better stop deceiving your self

  67. Hmm i think this issue is getting interesting now
    This matter is in court already.. So is now you want to say the truth…
    You where just busying lieing before

  68. The case is in court, but why is this thing common with our so called leaders?pls make we shine our eyes oh!

  69. It’s true anything can happen in politics since the case is in court let’s see how it goes

  70. Most politicians do not like to admit that they have godfathers, so let us leave that matter. As for his qualification, the court will decide it.

  71. In all what I understand this man ain’t saying the real truth.if not is English is confusing about how he go to school

  72. That’s a nice one of letting the public know how far he have gone through his school activities

  73. He wright since the matter is in court he dont need to say any thing in this country when you joint poilitics thats when ur negative sude will begin to come uo

  74. What will Court do?Or is there any credentials for becoming a Governor of state? You will surely emerge as the winner.

  75. Nigerian politics with certificate serga all the time, the court will unveil the Institute he acquires the certificate

  76. I don’t just understand why they mudsling this man even PMB that did not go to school has not received this kind of harassment. They should free that man joor.

  77. Good for the aspirant, as he clear the air on the matter, opposition will find every means to tarnish the image of the contestant.

  78. Truly you had Degree certificate with u then be bold and blunt to give a reference about your achievement now if truly Notting is fishy somewhere else

  79. Nigeria has turn to a country where people lead without certificate but with reputation and connections

  80. I don’t understand whyvall his claim and disclaim about certificate who cares all we know you have nothing to deliver period. Stop coming here to solicit for our vote

  81. They shouldn’t ask the man any question again since he said the matter is at court because he won’t try to disclose any secret he’s gonna use in court to prove himself right.

  82. People will just be spoiling another man identity with false story… fine you claimed you never finish from OAU but here we have people already bringing out their own false news.

  83. I wonder what is so difficult to just say, “I graduated from so so so university,” since it is not OAU. Sometimes our leaders or wannabe leaders amuse me. Well, this is the long awaited 2019, the year of the election. Let’s see what February brings.

  84. What has he gotten himself into… Thats why I hate politics you’ll have to lie one way or the other

  85. Business Administration and accounting are two different courses, BA stands for bachelor of arts it’s not related to accounting except outside Nigeria. How did he pass the screening in apc. Ibikunle Amosun performed well replacing him with this man is an insult.

  86. Oh yes better you’ve utter it so that we won’t have illiterate leader in our state may god continue to make them say all the hidden things about our politician

  87. Since he didn’t comment more on the matter, let the court now decide whether he’s faking his certificate or not

  88. This is too bad, this country is just riddled with all kind of bad political leaders and their propaganda and mud slinging.

  89. This is good news,he is a drop out politician,nice one,funny Nigerian politics, our president didn’t go to the university, so I don’t see why they are bringing him out as a drop out,this is good news

  90. When the court has adjourned with the case and after the proper investigation we will know the facts about this at the ends.

  91. But you see those youths who are schooled and helping them live their dreams is a taboo for you. Why are you leaders full of lies?

  92. Please where is the court in charge of this case? Let me go for hearing so that at least I’ll get to know the university he got his degree from since he doesn’t want to tell us

  93. Abeg waiting consign certificate,abeg make una leave that innocent man,neither he’s a drop out or not…let him face the election if he win…that’s his luck.

  94. This is shame on Nigeria’s politics, all this scandal of fake result or credentials by politician. Even Buhari is one of them and his case just forgotten.

  95. Politicians with their cooked up lies. If you are really a man of truth and tegrity you will backup your statements with proof and stop trying to bring what presenters and public are accusing you of. If you gat no degree.. Plz rest we tired of gullible people with no results misleading us then after quitting after their exposure.

  96. The matter is in the court now so very soon we will know which school he obtained his BSC in accounting from

  97. Yes the matter is still in court however I see no reason why you can’t confidently state the university you attended.

  98. That’s how they will be lying about their results and certificate all the time… The court should investigate more on this matter.

  99. Since the case is the court, the people should exercise patience for the out come of the court decision

  100. Every government with its own familiar problem. Certificate forgery seems to rock this administration. Let’s see the outcome of the Court procedings

  101. It is good as you have said it out to the hearing of everybody so let the court decide what will happen.

  102. What is there to hide where you went to school but since is in court, the truth will soon come out.

  103. Apc and their defensive techniques.. You didn’t say, you didn’t say.. So which one did you actually submit to the electorate board..?? When the head is bad, it gets to the whole body.. Fake certificate wahala everywhere.. Let the court decide anyways

  104. Since the matter is already in court let leave it at that till the court resolve the matter, I hope you truly have the bsc certificate. Success in your coming election.

  105. Our politicians are full of fake and that’s why they don’t lead well because entered cunningly.

  106. School is not really a guarantee for anything in life. Though it is good to be honest.

  107. That’s politics. one could hardly say which person is saying the truth. Anyways let’s see how it turns out as they go further

  108. Concering his qualifications, the court will decide, so it shouldn’t be a matter of debate. Politicians has a wsy of running down each other.

  109. all this interview from one place to another can never solve this issue, because case was in court, let court decide.

  110. Politics and his games, proper investigations should still be carried out to tell what the truth about the matter is, hope he isn’t found guilty at the end of it all, good luck

  111. Political propaganda everywhere, especially the time of election is near, whether he go school or not , he has been emerge as a governorship candidate.

  112. You could save us all the stress by presenting your credentials once and for all. Anyways, the court report wik soon be out. Maybe you as well be kicked out of the election

  113. He should tell us where he obtain the degree from na, abi he is not proud of his school ni

  114. I am also interested in knowing the school he obtained his degree from, thank the case is in court now and we will know the true

  115. He just kept saying he didn’t graduated from oau and saying he has degree but fail to mention where he graduated from am interested to know that where he graduated from.

  116. That’s not a big deal..after all most of these governors,president,politicians are not properly educated…

  117. I don’t see any big deal in disclosing the school he got his Bsc.from. Does he have anything to hide?

  118. If you didn’t finished from ife because you dropped out, so why is it difficult for you mention where you got your degree

  119. Why is Mr Abiodun behaving like this?Just tell them the name of the institution where you acquired you certificate from

  120. What the qualified can’t get in this country the unqualified gets them with ease… He has been a politician for years without a degree, this is so deverstating

  121. The court will be the best place for him to disclose the institution he attended. Being a politician without a degree is a waste of time.

  122. OAU is not a rice and stew school
    You have to struggle hard to make it
    Best of luck in your court case

  123. Different accusations come up when elections is coming closer and it is in the nature of politicians not to admit that they have backings from the big wigs in the party. The issue of his academic qualifications will be decided by the court.

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