I don’t wear pants anymore – Lizzy Gold

Nollywood Actress, Lizzy Gold has revealed that she doesn’t wear pants anymore due to a recent trend of ritualist picking up underwear’s for rituals.

I don’t wear pants anymore – Lizzy Gold lailasnews

The former beauty queen turned movie maker made it known that for the fear of her underwear being used for ritual purpose, she would no longer wear pants.

“I’m saying goodbye to wearing pants. No more wearing of underwear”, she cried out.

According to her: “So recently I heard some group of ladies were returning from church and they were stopped by Gun men and asked to take off their pants. I heard this from a reliable source, so please let’s be on guard,” she said.

Sounding a warning note to ladies out there, especially her colleagues, the mother of one continued:

“To my colleagues, you know we spend most of our times in hotels during filming, we can’t trust these hotel workers. They might come in when you not around and steal your pants.

I beg you, if you can’t avoid wearing pants, then travel with just two pants so you can be able to monitor them. I repeat, you can’t trust anyone, even ladies now steal pants. Protect your sanity, always be on guard and also protect your peace.

All ladies should stay woke and be more prayerful, “ she advised.


  1. The best thing to do is to surrender your life to God and pray always nothing will happen to you instead of being naked.

  2. The new trend is that they give you pant to wear at gunpoint,wait a few minutes before they ask for it to be removed.Panted or pantless!God’s protection is utmost

  3. Hahahhahah, so funny and hilarious.. How can you say that?? All you need to do is let it be in doors and burn when ever you want to discard. Liz please o. Don’t tempt guys o

  4. This is funny, you are not pregnant and you said you don’t wear pants any longer. Good for you if that is how you want to leave your life

  5. So because the ritualist use pant to perform their task,
    You won’t wear pant anymore
    This world is coming to an end

  6. Bad advice to me oh. How can you advise ladies not to Put on underwear when the so called ritualist move about with their own underwear, and once they noticed you are not putting on underwear. They will give you one to wear for some minutes and then collect it. Be prayerful and watch your movement. Ladies that like partying, going out at night. Be careful

  7. Thank you very much ,I love your speech I dnt Really no what is wrong with diz people’s taking ladies pant for what I dnt no

  8. The rate of pant stealing and snatching is so alarming these days….may God save us from these terrible and wicked world…..Good one and I wish they can learn from these….

  9. Nothing we no go see and hear……so we no go fit move freely again for this country.people wicked sha…..babes if u av decided to go pantless i hail u o kip it up!

  10. Seriously it’s becoming scaring. I had also heard from a reliable source dat it’s common in d university of nsukka. Student re robbed of their panties at gun point

  11. May God keep us safe from ritualists. But can ladies really go about comfortable without their panties? It will rather expose their privacy which is not good

  12. laughing those yahoo guys are very wicked and desperate I even assure u not to wear any pant again until everything z settled

  13. This is becoming too much. Where should we go and hide for them not to see and steal these pants? If u don’t wear, they will force u to wear it for them to collect. The thing tire me ooo

  14. How is that our business?? Things people take to the social media is very alarming
    God will save us sha

  15. Are you serious? So She doesn’t wear pant while going out? This Is A Pure lie, please don’t decieve people, pray you don’t fall A victim of rape! As you want to be naked always..even when mensurating No pant? Story for the gods!

  16. End time indeed, it has now gotten to the point where one feel insured because of ones panties. God save us o

  17. You’re right ooo, But make God take perfect control about the pant of a thing in Nigeria now

  18. This issue is becoming alarming
    Ritualist everywhere…. Lord please have mercy
    May we never fall victim in Jesus name

  19. People are heartless. Can’t these ritualists be arrested and punished??? Things are really getting out of hand. Meanwhile is used pants they’re not yet washed or pants that are washed and I’m really confused. That’s how hoodlums robbed my room in school and the first thing I checked was my pants. Lol

  20. Whether you wear Pants or not my own candid advice is to put our trust in God for protection the Bible said that if Jehovah did not watch the city it is in vain that the watchmen are keeping awake. Only God can guide and protect us from the ritualist.

  21. It’s well dear
    Even before the era of yahoo boys and pant rituals, many classic ladies don’t wear pants.
    So if you stop it’s still under individual difference

  22. This sound funny, how can you be walking on the street without wearing pants, not even when u wear short top. How can do that?

  23. It’s well dear
    Even before the era of yahoo boys and pant rituals, many classic ladies don’t wear pants.
    So if you stop it’s still under individual difference.

  24. God will deliver us from people that will steal our panties but that does not mean she should stop wearing pant.

  25. Sounds funny but there is sense in what Lizzy Gold said. Ladies need to be very careful and on their guard. Nobody can be trusted this days.

  26. girl that is not a good reasons because birds of the same feather flock together. if you don’t move with them, they won’t use your own. beside from origin female pant is not meant to be expose outside but inside only

  27. Yes ooo my sister we all have to stop wearing panties, and we cover ourselves with the blood of Jesus Christ

  28. This situation is really terrifying.may God have mercy,we ladies need to be very careful with our underwears

  29. May God help us all. I heard if you ain’t even putting on pant they would force you to wear the one they brought.

  30. Everything must be on the Internet and everybody want to be noticed and who business is it if you don’t wear pants anymore. Is your choice dear not mine

  31. This is not funny at all, security agencies should do something about this issue, they are even moving with new undies armed, if they meet you without one they will force you to wear the new one and they will collect it from you

  32. That is true but for how long will u go out without pant even if u are in a hotel room lock ur door while going out

  33. I think that’s the solution now.. No more panties till further notice, Since our panties are no longer the same.

  34. I don’t buy the idea of publicizing the fact that you no longer wear panties. Anyway that’s good for you

  35. May God help ladies because this issue is getting out of hand and ladies cannot do without panties. Especially those still in their child bearing age

  36. So now that you’re no more wearing pants, what happens when your menses starts? Besides have you not also heard that those guys will offer you pants to wear for 5mins then collect it back? Hanty, your your decision has no weight Pls and it doesn’t solve any problem of the country

  37. Lol. #No to wearing panties will start trending now. Funny as it is, it’s a serious issue. Psalm 91 is upon me and my family.

  38. That is the best advice from her.But this has advanced to the extent that they will asked a lady being kidnapped to wear the pants from these kidnappers for 5mins.

  39. Then truth is not in now wearingnpant but in prayer, the truth is what is your relationship with God, is it about walking naked on the street and promoting fornication

  40. Hhhh so you quite wearing underwear, this matter of stealing pants is getting serious
    Woman’s should take action.

  41. And this cases of ritualists using people’s pant is not rampant in the north. Anyway, I agreed with her

  42. What a world! It is a serious issue oo. A lady walking up and down without pant. God deliver us from evil ones.

  43. So true my dear. The fear of the ritualist is the beginning of wisdom. The rate at which pants are being stolen now is alarming and I hope her advise is taking seriously too. I think we should all keep vigilant around our environment and watch each others back against all this ritualist. These are all the signs of end time and I hope government should be at alert and find a way to stop this evil eating into our society in the name of money rituals. God have mercy on us all.

  44. God have mercy on my country Nigeria and let the case of this stealing lady pant be exposed let their group and root be destroy in Jesus name amen

  45. Then u prefer keeping you hole open , all day, all time what about exposing your sensitive part to the public and infection, I Dont think I can do that

  46. Bad girl if you don’t wear pant other wear and If everyone don’t wear again another thing will come out maybe your tight wear


  48. Hmm is better not to abandon it rather take the two that you can monitor them I think that will be OK if not what are you going to start wearing

  49. Bible said that if Jehovah did not watch the city it is in vain that the watchmen are keeping awake. Only God can guide and protect us from the ritualist.

  50. If she has decided not to put on pants, she should be left alone because this ritual thing is becoming something else.

  51. why will they come to you madam you are a fine lady they wont come to you at all.they alone go 5o the poor girl that are asscesible

  52. Yahoo boys won kill us all not only girls even boys all ur under Wear must be kept in a secret place normally but girls done day put am anywhere they like

  53. What’s the issue with pants. Women…if you wear pant and travels with 5 of 10 wont you know your pants are missing if stolen…ahoyld that result to not wearing at all.as long as your hands are clean nothing would happen to you even if they try to use your pant

  54. You can imagine what this country has suddenly become why won’t it be so, when y
    Youths , adults and mothers go about celebrating evil. it must be like this na, girls should not put on pants again smiles they just have to stay safe.


  56. It’s a nice advice. All these ritualists are really disturbing the peace of young men and women in this country. May God help us

  57. Things are so evil these days. Its not her fault but that doesn’t mean she still wouldn’t wear pants..what if at gun point, she’s told to wear one that’s bought? What would she do?

  58. Is that supposed to be a news to us? Why can’t you keep that private to yourself? We all know what is going on in town now and some people don’t usually wear pant before the issue of pants rituals

  59. I think the best thing to do is to burn after use. If you don’t wear panties then what do you want to wear

  60. That’s funny, how could you possibly stop wearing your underwears because of ritualist, what you don’t fear can’t hold you down

  61. My dear if that will protect your womanhood,am with you on this. Say no to pant for now. Funny indeed but serious issue

  62. It’s a good advice though ,, but that’s not a good reason enough to stop wearing pants,,, there are other better ways to go about it,,, not wearing pants is not the solution

  63. Those guys will buy you panties and you will wear them so just pray you dont fall into their trap.

  64. This is funny but true ,this pant snatching thing has gone totally out of control, we just have to remain careful and prayerful

  65. So true babe.Every lady is now scared for their lives. It could be any body’s turn as you don’t even need to sleep with them to fall a victim.The best is to stop wearing pants

  66. This one they are giving someone pant to wear for five minutes, may God continue to safeguard all of us

  67. Sounds funny but she is making sense,no one should be trusted cus this issue of stealing pants is over alarming

  68. What she said is true and right, and it for protection for ladys, and i hope if dey follow it, it we really help them allot

  69. Even if you are not wearing pant anymore, that doesn’t stop these wicked people from using your pant, didn’t you hear the one that happen at a popular restaurant in Ijebu Ode where they entered with pants and asked those ladies without pants to wear the pants they brought for five minutes and remove thereafter, then they went away with these pants, How do you escape that? Lets just be prayerful not to fall into their hands

  70. Its better to pray for God’s protection than not to wear pants because when those ritualists come, they’ll tell her to wear a new pant which they’ll give her for 5 minutes and the evil would be done. But God forbid

  71. This is what ritualists are turning our women into. It’s now the order of the day. Girls should just be careful with their undies this days

  72. This has become something else
    These ritualists has grown so relentless in their evil to the point if holding people at gun point
    The x beauty queen had some wisdom in her words

  73. So funny,is like I will join her too,Girls no more wearing of pants,let’s see how this Yahoo boys will survive

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