I don’t deserve this – Lady says as she loses 6 siblings, both parents in 2 years

A Nigerian lady identified as @dazzlingvi on Twitter has taken to the platform to express her pain after losing 6 siblings and both parents within the space of 2 years.

I don’t deserve this – Lady says she loses 6 siblings, both parents in 2 years

Speaking out her mind on the sad ordeal, the lady said she doesn’t know what could have done to deserve such punishment from God.

She recounted the lessons her father taught her while he was still alive, and how he taught her to use sanitary pad. He was also the one who gave her the ‘sex talk’ and how to move around with guys.

“Even if I’m the worst sinner in the world, I don’t think I deserve this sort of punishment from God”, she wrote.

She said her dad’s death is the most painful of all, because they were really close. She also spoke about the death of her 6 siblings, and ended it up with an emotional question – “How does one recover from this sort of pain?”

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