I don’t care what my customers do with the guns I sell – Gunrunning Suspect

A 45-year-old gunrunning suspect who was arrested by the Niger State Police Command for unlawful possession of firearms, has disclosed that he doesn’t care about what his customers do with the guns he sell.

I don’t care what my customers do with the guns I sell - Gunrunning Suspect lailasnews

The suspect identified as Musa Mora from Babana in Borgu Local Government Area of the state, who was arrested with six locally-made single barrel guns and three live cartridges disclosed that he bought the guns from Benin Republic and sold them to those who needed them for self-protection.

The gunrunning suspect who alongside his accomplice, Babangida Rabiu, an indigene of Dangulu area of Zamfara State, who is still at large, had on two occasions travelled to Benin Republic to illegally purchase firearms.

“I buy and sell locally-made guns and I sell them to people who are in need of guns to protect themselves, but if they do any other thing with it, that is none of my business,” Mora said.

The suspect who has been involved in the business for six years before his accomplice joined him, added that they were making money from gunrunning. When asked if he regretted his action, the suspect said;

“I do not regret anything; it is my source of livelihood; I used the money to take care of myself. I don’t kill people with the guns.”

The State command’s Public Relations Officer, Muhammad Abubakar, told Punch that the suspect had confessed to the crime.

“The police will no longer tolerate unlawful possession of firearms in the state and we have warned people to desist from it or face the consequences of the law,” Abubakar stated.


  1. He’s right after all Nigerian breweries say Drink responsibly and cigarette packs say smokers are liable to die young so who cares how anything is used. Does Nigerian breweries regret the level of alcoholism in Nigeria?

    • He’s right that’s his business… Just that the business he does is a tool to kill… He should be jailed so people will learn from it.

    • Don’t mind him, he don’t want to say the real true and am sure if the do the proper investigation he will confess

  2. He was just doing that as a business,and since he never kill anyone with it, I don’t think anything is wrong in that

  3. Who gave him the license to purchase and sell fire arms, no matter his intention, people can easily go and buy the guns from him and use it to commit crime, you must have the license before engaging in such business and he should stop saying he don’t care what the buyers do with the gun afterwards

  4. He was just doing that as a business,and since he never kill anyone with it, I don’t think anything is wrong in that

  5. I think Dat is his own source of income if day wnt him to stop d business day should luk 4 Sumtin for him 2 use as his livelihood

  6. Of course its not his business to know what the guns are used for by customers. When God created man, He gave man set rules and guidance on how to live. Are there not rebellious people today? Who created them all?

  7. smiels, knowing the fact that possessing unregistered firearms in the country is illegal, i believe the law should take its course at least to some level it will limit it.

  8. Everyone wants to ventured into a business that will bring income but they don’t consider other people or the environment whether it affect their environment positively or not

  9. No one should be allowed to possess firearms we are humans and anything can happen when we are angry

  10. The government should provide work so that people would stop selling firearms as a means of lively hood

  11. Actually, he is right, selling gun is a very bad business anyway just that is not legal in Nigeria. But come to think of it again what should concern you with the customer’s buying gun for, maybe he can go to hunt in the Bush or something else.

  12. Their are other numerous business out there to do. Doing the gun business for the past 6 years… What a wicked world will live in. How/where he get those guns from?

  13. He is right an wrong too, some people buy gun to protect themselves… But him saying that it nt his business with wat thier do with it is bad

  14. This is another anti-christ in human nature, our government should as a matter of urgency search and evercuate people like this from the society

  15. when he knows that selling unregistered gun z an offence. Is true that everyone ventures on a business that will give them money but sometimes what one need to do is to think if de goods favour’s de community and the environment

  16. let the law speaks on this.
    i don’t consider it normal for any body to deal with Guns or carry out such transaction.

  17. You are just a business man that sells firearms and people will come and buy from you, you don’t care what they use it for and you sell to them. Just listen to yourself, anyway is because non of your family members have been killed that’s why you saying that nonsense and you don’t even have any licence for it since there is no other business out there for you to do

  18. Why does he want to care?because he knew that there are a lot of prohibited act happened in our societies,and the government won’t take any solid action on it.

  19. Who offer him the license to purchase and sell fire arms,
    people can easily go and buy the guns from him and use it to commit crime, you attached to criminal, you suppose to charge to court to face the law

  20. The truth is that he’s doesn’t have proper sense of reasoning bcus these weapons might be used against him

  21. You don’t know you contribute badly to this country no wonder the country is not being well at all because people like you are everywhere contributing corruption to this country God will punish you.

  22. If selling of guns is legalized, would have supported him but it’s not.
    He will not always checkmate people that patronize him to see what they do with his products.

  23. That’s against the law you don’t have to posses firearm illegaly
    It is probihited for a any individual to possess it illegaly

  24. It’s obvious you don’t care at all . It’s written all over you . people like you don’t value human life

  25. I don’t blame him, I blame the bad leaders of the country, “it said locally made firearms!!! Who’s now responsible for selling Ak 47 and other powerful weapons to the armed robbers, kidnappers etc?

  26. Having firearms in our possession is in two fold, either legally or illegally. If illegally he Shud b prosecuted. If legally, wch means he has license. Definitely he will surely b discharged and acquitted.

  27. Gunrunner, should have government licence if otherwise the business operator should be seen as terrorist…. This is our country we need to be law about abiding citizen

  28. Its still not right to sell guns as it is dangerous. he should also be charged for causing nuisance to the community

  29. This man is very wicked. He need a to be punished. If he wants to sell guns he should have joined military.

  30. He is actually doing his business but in the wrong way, I think he should legalize his business by registering his business with the government

  31. Is ignorance that is worrying him …am sure he is not educated if not he should know that what he is doing is bad

  32. This isn’t an illegal act for him so why the arrest… He is trying to make earns meet than going to steal….. He has done it legally and not to be blame……

  33. What is bad,is bad,he should not justify himself, gun running is bad,all this guns at the end of the day will ends up in the hands of arm robbers who will use them to harasses and kill’s innocent citizens, let the law prevail

  34. As long as u are in possession of firearms, we don’t care what u use them for, when seen must be arrestd and face the consequences, period

  35. He is right…is his business and source of living…he does not know what the people who buy use it for…Although is unlawful to sell gun without permission..but i dont think he is guilty.

  36. So he sells firearm and he’s arrested because of his source of income? So those that sell books or other items have to be aware of if the books are been read or used as toilet paper too….
    #Shaking my head

  37. Well what they do with the guns really isn’t his business, after all, he’s in it for the money.. But the question to the police is, how did he get them in the first place

  38. The man likes the business he do, not minding what is customer is using the gun to do, I think he should face the law

  39. this is so stupid why wount he cares of what they do with what e sells he should be arrested infact he should be jailed

  40. He is into gun business and therefore what ever the customer do with it is non of his business because people know what they want and the right time they want it. Caring for your customer may bring failure to the business.

  41. These gun runners make deal with police who sell their guns to them. Musa said he don’t kill with gun so he don’t care, that same gun he sells and don’t know what his customers use it for will kill him. He should face the law. #Nansense

  42. He is selling the guns as a means of livelihood so he can be able to feed his family, I don’t see anything wrong in what he is doing, so they should release him

  43. Gunrunner should possess license to run their business. there should be control and regulation to how firearms are being used. The culprits are to face the wrath of law.

  44. Is he selling the guns out of the law. If not, he cannot monitor his customers what they do with the gun

  45. Well, I don’t think the man should be punished cos he never use it to kill and dat is only the source of income………..

  46. Is the man given license to sell guns , if no then he should be arrested for illegal sales of guns

  47. Haba did you have license to what you are selling out even if its the means of your livelihood preventive measures should be taking,because most of your customers might use it for evil agenda

  48. don’t you think you are stupid by saying that. since you know is agents the law you are supposed to ask before selling it out and also confirm for their license

  49. What do u expect in a country where businesses are not regulated? Anyone can jump into any kind of business whether lawful or not.

  50. It was a bad act . The act of him seeking such a weapon was a criminal act . Anybody can just patronize him and use the gun for something else . And at the same time he is not stealing . I think the police will be fair enough with him

  51. he says he doesn’t care what they used the gun for, but it was not allowed to be selling guns, as a livelihood, he must face the law.

  52. People like this are the one propagating and indulging citizens of this country to practice unlawful act. He should not say it is non of his business what they do with the guns he sell to them all in the name of survival

  53. That’s doesn’t give him the right of selling firearms,even if he doesn’t kill anyone what he is doing isn’t right

  54. If he doesn’t have the licence to be an arms dealer he should be punished. It is his business to know what his customers are using are using the guns for.

  55. I don’t think he is wrong ,if he sells gun to the people he is not in the right position to know what they are using it for .people that sell poison don’t knw what people that buys it for.

  56. At least you should care. What if the same gun you make is used to kill any of you family members. Maybe you will care

  57. Don’t think he knows he business is illegal. The police should let him so that he knows that he will be held responsible for what the guns he sells are use for.

  58. What his customers do with the guns is really not his business, but does he have license to do that kind of business

  59. He is a lie, he is lieing, you weapon you sell to kidnap , to kill and to steall , the person that you selling the gun is not in force. Nor any mulitry , what more can they do with gun accept evil and irrigal actd

  60. you must have the license before engaging in such business and he should stop saying he don’t care what the buyers do with the gun afterwards

  61. You don’t just wake up early in the morning and start selling guns. I think he should be investigated thoroughly

  62. When you are been punish you will know. Your business is. Illegal take it or leave and you will be published for that.

  63. Yes I think he’s right, he can do as the way he like we’re as he is the one that he is using to take care of his family.

  64. Mr man it should be ur business if the guns u sell are used to the wrong purpose eg armed robbery. U are equipping criminals and u are here claiming right

  65. I don’t blame the man buh the blame goes to the federal government, since we lack of employment in our nation and insecurity so everyone is trying all their possible best for living. Although the must b punish for his actions

  66. Hmmmmm…gun where’s this man getting is from and you know the funniest…they are always northerners….hmmmm he should be punished…him and his suppliers….God help us

  67. It is wrong for saying it is not your business for selling this weapon to people not knowing what they use them for, Some maybe used to cause blood shear….

  68. Business is business if it meets CAC standard and as for arms dealing I believe is a bad business nd need not to patronize

  69. I just hope this man is freed for his honesty, this is his source of livelihood according to him. The situation of the country is so bad that people can do anything just to survive.

  70. With the happenings in this country now, no common man is suppose to sell any thing weapon Let alone firarms,,noway,, this shouldn’t be tolerated the country have gone really bad and we don’t even know where our problems are coming from,,, such man is a big suspect and should be jailed and he should also be interviewed

  71. Then you shouldn’t care when you spend the rest of your life in prison. Self centrism will always affect you at the long run.

  72. Is he a licensed gun seller? If he doesn’t care what they do with the gun, then he should be able to face the music…..

  73. Simply that is a Man who doesn’t play with his business he only sell to them I concur with him

  74. Honestly the guy is right. No employment in Nigeria now, no hope for graduate and people are graduating every year. I don’t blame him too. Man has to survive

  75. Who licensed him to be selling firearms, and he doesn’t want to know what his customers use it and how they use it.

  76. It’s his means of livelihood
    He is no killer
    And I don’t think it’s a big crime especially
    As he sells to people who need it to protect themselves especially with security threats everywhere

  77. U don’t kill people with guns but the people that buy from you what do they do with. Remember what goes around comes around

  78. The man is right but who gave him the license to sell guns he should be punished so that others that are into the business will also learn

  79. That’s is source of his income oo
    But that’s not a good business to do. Because it endangers the life’s of people.
    Cus a thief can come to buy to go and rob people

  80. This man is really insane. He needs a special check up in a psychological way. Yaba Left will be the best hospital to visit for rehabilitation.

  81. I don’t see what’s bad there…he was just doing it as a business…his own is to sell guns… anything for the money ni o..
    He’s not telling them to use it to kill is just thesame as the person that’s selling rice..
    It’s just we Nigerians that are thinking otherwise… gun’s also for protection
    .I know of somebody that wants to buy gun in his house to secure himself and his family.. I don’t see anything wrong with that

  82. Musa and Babangida are criminals all they care is money,excuse me what now happen to the live of innocent Nigerians

  83. both are criminals toiling with firearms which can kill numerous people,and all the care about is money,God help us

  84. What a wicked world will live in. He is Doing the gun business for the past 6 years… and no one find out.

  85. “I buy and sell locally-made guns and I sell them to people who are in need of guns to protect themselves, but if they do any other thing with it, that is none of my business,” Mora said. This statements were made by him ,why do u now want to prosecute him.

  86. Things should be done in order. He should tell the court his story many lives have been wasted as a result of His illegal business. Let the law take its course.

  87. His business is illegal. If such business is tolerated in the country, Nigeria will in chaos. He has to be trialed the to dissuade others.

  88. Yes, he was unlawfully handling firearms which is also wrong, but he should also be punished wisely for this and be granted a better job.

  89. illegal possession of fire arms and you claim its none of your business what your customers do with it… It is not fair

  90. He is doing his own business so nothing should happen to him for any stupid reason bacause Nigerian army can be so stupid

  91. He should be concerned but actually I don’t really blame him. If there were jobs in this country this won’t be the story nw.

  92. Company producing cigarettes have not been banned despite the fact that it damages the organ in the body so i don’t blame the man

  93. Well, the NPF knows better on this and I believe they’ll do what’s necessary. I just hope the said gunrunner stops the business.

  94. I think this man is a psychic. You’re dealing with guns and you’re telling us that you don’t care what the use it to. He should be jail so that others will learn from it……

  95. Since you don’t have license for gun running is illegal yo sell without proper license. Is an offense and against Nigeria law. You have to bear the consequences of your actions because some this people that bought this guns from you could be using it to commit criminal act. You made a wrong statement for saying you don’t care what they use it for but that should be the first question to ask any person buying gun. Let the law take its course on you.

  96. I’m not surprised. What of those selling casket
    They will want to sell right. Business and money matter . God help us

  97. The man is being proud of his source of income but I don’t think he That one must be licensed to possess a gun

  98. U are right. It is not ur duty to question ur customers what d want to use d gun and do. If u have license to sell gun, u didn’t commit any offense

  99. Well since he’s guilty of unlawfully possessing fire arm, then he should be persecuted, why should he sell guns when he’s not licensed to do so.

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