I didn’t evade arrest because of Seyi Edun – Nkechi Blessing

Nollywood actress, Nkechi Blessing Sunday has said that she didn’t evade arrest because of Seyi Edun her colleague, over a recent altercation they had on social media.

Some days ago, the actress took to her Instagram page to state that actress, Seyi Edun, had attempted to get her arrested.

I didn’t evade arrest because of Seyi Edun - Nkechi Blessing lailasnews
I didn’t evade arrest because of Seyi Edun – Nkechi Blessing

She stated that when the policemen got to her house, she was already on her way to the airport. However, many people on social media insinuated that Nkechi actually ran away from her house to avoid getting arrested.

In a chat with Sunday Scoop, Blessing refuted those claims.

She said,

“Why would I run away because of Seyi Edun? (That means) she must be the president of Nigeria. I was actually supposed to travel on the 17th but I had to change my flight ticket to December 21 because of a movie I finished shooting on December 20. Should I have changed my ticket because of Seyi?

I had left my house for the airport about 15 minutes earlier when I got a call from my mum that some police officers were in my house. As unprofessional as they were, they did not even state the main reason they came and who sent them.

First, they said I did business with someone and cheated the person. Later, they said I threatened someone. My mum didn’t buy their story because they looked like kidnappers; so, she asked them to leave her house that I was already on my way to the airport.”

The actress also claimed that she reported Edun to the commissioner of police.

“Of course, I had to start calling those I know too because it felt like a life threatening situation when I heard that policemen came to my house. What if they were kidnappers? However, all that is in the past now because I don’t think I have time for drama. I want to be drama-free (from now).”

On what caused the rift between both of them, Nkechi stated:

“Sincerely, I don’t know who advised her to send police officers to my house without evidence. She claimed I threatened to release her sex tape but she is not even my friend; we are just colleagues. Where on earth could I have got her sex tape from; that is even if she has one in the first place.”

Reacting to speculations that they were fighting over a man, Nkechi said,

“Who gave her a man? She is actually with someone’s husband.”

Responding to the actor, Mr Macaroni, who alleged that the actress had become a nuisance on social media, Nkechi said,

“That one is just a cheap attention seeker and people like that don’t deserve my reply. I don’t know him; so, that settles it. I don’t care about such comments because they fail to realise that if you don’t make noise about yourself, no one will do it for you.”

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  1. You have end the speech with good quote, “if you don’t make noise about yourself, no one will do it for you.” that most life of celebrity now

  2. I think things should be taken easily. Its normal for offences to arise but we should not turn it into a fight. Just settle it amicably

  3. I hope she is trying to dragging some one into some small trouble by making name for herself and I want to appreciate God that she is sound the save and please next time try and manage yourself

  4. Celebrity and their wahala….at the first place why would she keep a sex tape….and know threatened her with police….some people will just think other people do not have job.

  5. She doesn’t sound like who was on a run to avoid been arrested, it might just be a coincidence that her travel time and the arrest issue were about the same time, anyway, good luck to her

  6. Celebs and their petty fights. Just anything to stay relevant. And it’s quite laughable to see our police get involved in this show of ridicule.

  7. When things like this happens, the best line of action is for blessing to remain calm and not seek revenge.

  8. Its is well even in the wall
    D most important thing is they police or d kidnaper’s didn’t get u

  9. I cant believe that those police are kidnappers of they are they could have kidnapp her mother since they find her mother in the house

  10. Celebrity wahala, I don’t often believe what you tell the media. It’s only the two of you that really know what the problem is

  11. Celebrity with their petty fight and moreover you are the one that expose yourself so she wants to get attention through you.

  12. Is good you didn’t come back when you heard of policemen in your house, who knows what would have happened, just stay trouble free

  13. You don’t need to worry about anything like you said, since you don’t have any skeleton in your cupboard.

  14. Some celebrities are just too much. Women and their jealousy. Well, all d same, she should just try to avoid trouble as much as possible.

  15. Life of a celebrity, it meant be coincidence that she was meant to travel the day of the arrest, but want so ever that is between you two, please settle it.

  16. Since they didn’t state their most reason of been there to arrest her, they are not professional as she said , but if they are kidnappers they would have taken her mum instead of her, but thank God she wasn’t around

  17. We are yet to find out what truly the issue between the two of you is, only time will let the rat out of the bag. Until then, let’s just pretend nothing happened.

  18. I just love this nkechi blessing she sure knows how to give reply hot,you both should settle your feud and don’t let social media escalate it to something else

  19. I don’t think nkechi blessing plan to run was a co incident she planned travelling that day but this sudden incident came out,but its best you make out time come back nd settle wit ur frnd( sheyi edun) for peace to reign.

  20. Nkechi Blessing should just stay drama free and allow sleeping dogs lie. Since she never left because of Seyi, and the policemen did not state reasons why they came, she should forget about the case.

  21. Celebrity drama, chasing each other with police. That’s funny though and yet still go on acting movie together. Well I hope it has ended there sha

  22. I love the way you end your speech if you don’t make noise about yourself, no one will do it for you, just keep your head straight and focus on your work, don’t give anyone your attention in something not reasonable, let them keep talking whatever they like. It just a coincidence that you travel the same day they come for you arrest. I believe that God’s way of saving you.

  23. You guys should settle whatever rifts you might have and move on with your lifes, threatening each other with police will not help the situation

  24. God was rightfully standing up for you. Thank God they didn’t meet you at home who knows if they were real police or something else

  25. Celebrities and their drama. I wonder when all these drama will end. I like the way Nkechi handled the matter. Thank God that they didn’t arrest her mum in her place.

  26. “If you don’t make noise people will not notice you” that’s good but watch your back really well.

  27. All these fights and subs among the celebs should end this year ooo.. Nkechi you and Seyi should go and settle your misunderstanding amicably and stop all these sex tape and arresting wahala.. You ladies are grown ups

  28. From her on side of the story I will categorically say she is right. It is good to clear your innocence in such matters.

  29. That’s one thing I dislike most about nollywood, actresses and actors will be acting movies together while in reality, they are not on talking terms and are even beefing each other.

  30. Thank God for your life..most people in our lives are always there to watch our downfall… But they will wait forever.

  31. Yes the lady is very intelligent,what if they are not a real police,accusing her of running away is not a statment,

  32. Celebrities with their wahala,is just petty jealousy, she didn’t even say why they are beefing each other or why the police came to arrest her,they are all noise makers and they wants to gain cheap popularity

  33. Abeg make 2 of they go. Unto the next one please. Them know where to meet and settle so they should not get us involved simple.

  34. everything about these celebrities are interesting. they sometimes frame one another whenever they want to be heard and become more popular.

  35. Its only God that knows what really happened between those guys, they should just settle it amicably and move on .

  36. Do you really cheat on anyone?According what you said now you just finished shooting a movie?And this came up,maybe we should wait for a while we might know the truth.

  37. The lady is very right for not following the people, if truely they are police they should have shown there identity and warrant of arrest.

  38. If they are kidnappers they should have kidnapped ur mother. All this story I dont believe any one of you. You guys are full of fake and full of lies. If u did not do anything in the first place she won’t send police to u

  39. Thank God she wasn’t around, those police officers might be kidnappers and finally I like the way she humble herself.

  40. Hey! You would have told us the name of the woman husband, seyi is having an affair with now, the gist for juicy pass…. Pls buy moi some gift while coming back home.

  41. She stated that when the policemen got to her house, she was already on her way to the airport. However, many people on social media insinuated that Nkechi actually ran away from her house to avoid getting arrested.

  42. What eve is the problems between Seyi and nkechi they should settle it instead of calling police

  43. Why would police be even entering such a matter in the first place, this are women issues and its a waste of time that could be used for better police jobs

  44. They might actually be impostors like she claimed, and thank God they didn’t meet her, only God knows what would have happened. I feel this feud between them is really getting out of hand.

  45. We need to hear the side of Seyi too, we cannot just hear Blessing’s story and jump to conclusion. Seyi should say her side of the story before people can conclude

  46. police men this day are been use like tools to oppress innocent people without a good envidence. Which is unprofessional. They can not even state a good reason for their arrest. Started telling lies.

  47. Those police might actually be kidnappers. Thank God you were not around. Go to any nearby station and confirm if actually they where true police

  48. I don’t know why these actresses won’t mind their business and focus on their job.Stay out of people’s way

  49. I don’t know what they enjoy or derive in making a small issue between them a public issue. Good friends don’t handle issues like that, learn to settle matters amicably.

  50. This shouldn’t be happening between us guys, you’re colleagues for crying out loud.
    All u need is to sort it out between yourselves not chasing each other with Police

  51. From the last speech it seems she accepted the fact that she is a noise maker. Almost all Nigeria actresses are turning out to be drama queens. If one is not shading another they are fighting over man or feeling inferior to another.

  52. But how can the police be this unprofessional,to come into some one house and just want to arrest the person.well let them settle.

  53. I think they took it too far they would have been able to settle their differences without involving the police.

  54. Some of the negatives about social media is that it is used to spread controversy and to fight people. Freedom taken to fsr

  55. What I could deduce from the story is that they don’t like each other
    But the reason has not been stated yet
    But whatever be the reason u guys are colleagues

  56. I don’t believe these girl,she’s not trustworthy she first of all said she is not afraid of her and now she is like i don’t want trouble.

  57. Celebrity are becoming something else this days why on earth will they be treating themselves with police on issue that is nothing to right home about.

  58. It is bad of her to call the police on you.. Some people will want to drag someone else name to the mud just to shine. Na wa

  59. Most of this Nollywood actresses make their daily needs from dating married men. See how they are fighting themselves.

  60. You guys should at list take thing one step at a time, fighting each other or sending policemen to arrest one another won’t solve the problem on ground

  61. It’s obvious that there’s no real reason for the arrest, they should peacefully settle their dispute, Atleast they have a chairman in the movie industry who can settle all of this

  62. Anyways, I can’t just judge, I don’t know when u guys started, but its better you guys stop that because it will cause you more harm than good, reconcile

  63. Things are happening in the nation. There are so many evil going on. We should be at alert all the time. Thanks be to God for them not meeting her at home.

  64. Shit happens everyday with different stories…anyway most glad that you where not around and was able to avoid the first nasty scene and it went cool maturely…God will continue to guild you we all need to be more careful inlife most people raise up issues just to have our name stained….

  65. All these write ups and stories from celebrities are tiring. It can never stop because I assume this will always make them relevant in the social world and also attract cheap attention.

  66. Nigeria Police is a piece of sh*t institution managered by idiots who parade themselves in masquerade like manner.

  67. It is better for someone to avoid problem than causing more problem, nice that you showed some level of maturity, kudos for that.

  68. So as beautiful as Edun, you mean she depends on porn for cash, and not the deception of Nollywood movies giving them money… Ehhh it’s well

  69. It’s a good thing you’re not around when they came. The story would have been different. Am just glad you we’re able to realise who this men were

  70. That is too bad for seyi edun for doing such kind of things to you, and maybe she had bribe the police, so that is the reason why dey come to your house for arresting you

  71. Even if she evaded arrest nko? If police are coming to arrest you, even if you are innocent, won’t you run away?

  72. What do they want us to believe now, from police coming to your house thinking is kidnappers. You went to airport.. This is just confusing

  73. I think the fight between Seyi Edun and Toyin Abraham doesn’t have to involve Nkechi blessing . They deserves whatever treatment she deserved

  74. Lol all these Nigerian police have started again.
    I guess they might have given them some money to arrest her..
    So they started fooling themselves around… Saying different stories .
    It is well

  75. I love ur response, rubbish, u snatch ur colleagues husband, yet u still dey show case am ,I love ur reply to her babe

  76. Both of you are colleagues in the same profession so I expect you guys to be more matured than this and settle your differences.

  77. I don’t even know what to say again. What do think that will be the outcome of the sex tape? People just do some wired things that can only be imagined

  78. Celebrity crisis is always about one scandal or the other ,if u are innocent why called commissioner of police

  79. Dont knoe what happen between them but they should settle things for them self without involving the police

  80. This is one is complicated. I believe they should be sat down to narrate the entire story, the truth and get to settle them cause I believe there are some personal beef between them. She negated all questions. . Something has to be wrong somewhere..

  81. When you have issues with your follow celebraties you don’t have to take it too far cause you guys are family

  82. What’s is more important is that you should thank God you were not at home when they came for you, we never knew if those people were the real police men

  83. They should at least settle their differences amicably and let the social media rest from all these dramas here and there

  84. I never knew that the beef between Nkechi and Seyi would get so deep that the police would be involved. These two are behaving quite immaturedly. Not every problem needs to be aired out on the open or on social media

  85. Hmmmm, Thespians and scandals. They should just sort themselves out jare. Who cares if police is arresting anyone of them.

  86. Funny and dramatic.
    She played a mature game.
    Except for some exclusions, we have free and equal right to freedom. The issue is with some of our policemen being used as some errand boys.
    Don’t mind her jare.

  87. Insinuations and mind ides here and there well she said her reasons for not being held by the police we don know if it’s true yet

  88. Hmmm I really like the last part of the statement of people just wanting to make noise and most celebrities just want to make noise to get attention pls just be very careful

  89. You guys should try and resolve this mess amicably. There is no award for doing such things like this.

  90. How on earth will Nkechi Blessing travel because of Seyi Edun. Seyi Edun did not even act mature for wanting to arrest Nkechi Blessing.
    Nkechi Blessing should just be drama free from now as you said.

  91. Thnx God she was already on her way to the airport. But why keep a sex tape! All these celebrities with their drama. Also thnx God that your mum was arrested.

  92. It is possible those so called police officers were not actually real police, they were maybe kidnappers in disguise. Who knows what they may up to.

  93. That’s settled it, she’s acting like a mature lady that she is. She don’t have time for something that won’t add anything to her life.

  94. All these celebrities self, why are they like this?? Why would seyi edun have to make attempt to arrest her??? At least she should play some level of maturity

  95. Wow, this interesting. Indeed there is a sex tape, it will come out in time. When women fight, expect some messy revelations

  96. Those are stupid and totally unprofessional officers
    I doubt if they even had warrants.
    They keep themselves to be used as thugs for 10k or less

  97. Edun and blessing’s issue will not kill is Nigerians. You guys should just imitate waje and omawumi if guys want to be friends

  98. All this are cheap accusations meant to ruin her because the police are not supposed to be involved in such a case but money will always cover their eye

  99. Enough of the drama.you people should live a drama free life this coming year…if she is with amother person husband ..is her choice..let her be..safe trip all the way.

  100. Am surprised that Seyi and Nkechi are fighting and exposing things they ought not to expose on social media. The are both celebrities, even though they may not be friends I expect them to be civilised enough to settle their scores amicably instead of washing their dirty garments outside!

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