I didn’t enjoy fame because of controversies – Terry G

Terry G has said he didn’t enjoy fame due to controversies, while he also spoke about his name change to Terry Genius.

I didn’t enjoy fame because of controversies - Terry G lailasnews

Terry Genius, in a recent interview, claimed that the decision to have a change of name was due to his desire to rebrand and a need to have a better focus as an artiste.

He waved aside the rumour that threats from unknown ‘religious fanatics’ had compelled him to dump the idea of adopting ‘Gzuz’ as his pseudonym.

“I did not receive any death threat for initially changing my stage name to Terry Gzuz. Sometimes people call me Terry Gzuz when they chat with me online.

When they spell Gzuz as Jesus, I try to correct them immediately.

“Now that I have rebranded, when the same people call me Gzuz I tell them that I have changed it to Genius. Nobody has kicked against this yet. I think they like it. They even praise me for it. Like I said earlier, I have not been issued any death threat for changing my stage name. I just want to focus on being positive,”
the artiste said.

The singer, who for one reason or another always managed to be in the news, said it was natural for the new crop of artistes to grab all the attention. He said;

“The new kids on the block must always be more conspicuous than those of us who have been in this business for a long time.

It does not mean that we are no longer relevant. Nevertheless, I have faced a lot of controversy in the course of my career, especially in the beginning. I did not enjoy stardom or fame because of that. I spent most of the time wading through problems and controversies.

I had to withdraw into my shell at a point so as to get peace of mind. Right now, I have been able to stay away from a lot of the madness and misunderstanding in the industry, even though I was the one that started it,”


  1. Good to hear from terry g again. It has been long we heard from him in the music industry. The stage name he bears now is cool and descent

  2. Thank God you have rebranded and your name. Is much more beta now. Terry Genius welcome back.

  3. Terry is trying to bouce back with his music lately
    And he will surly stop the madness he said he started

  4. Thank God you have realized yourself…when next you want to release a new song brig out something reasonable

  5. Rebranding is a good idea but does it matter if he uses Gzuz or Jesus? Its a name that people bear! Why do people twist things? Anyway, whatever name he uses, it’s what he has to offer that matters most. Wishing you the best Terry Genius.

  6. Thank God for your life for been able to realise thus and change yiyr stage name, i believe your fans will love this and you w illl be free from controversies on social media

  7. if he uses Gzuz or Jesus? Its a name that people bear! Why do people twist things? Anyway, whatever name he uses, it’s what he has to offer that matters most. Wishing you the best Terry Genius.

  8. Bros, you need serious rebranding. Yes, you have admitted you started the madness and it’s a good thing you realised early as it never gave you any endorsement from any corporate organisation

  9. Life is full of controversy if people don’t talk about you that mean such person don’t exist anymore. It is good for to embrace non challant attitude. It keep one going in life.

  10. Congratulations on your new re-branded name. You will be away from controversy from now on

  11. I dont belief so though its your personal ideal why you didnt enjoy fame…but to my ideal the world has gone so far morethan your kinda type of music looking radical and penetrating some deviancy in youths character…no time is late i promise you to mingle and study the music streeet industry again touch stages with different artist change the tone of yours to fit the masses need sure you going to enjoy it again…thanks cheers

  12. That’s a good change.what I love about him is the tweet he wrote.about people calling him Jesus and he do is possible best to correct them because we human are sinners only Jesus is pure

  13. Well it’s a good thing if you want to re-brand, but I didn’t see anything wrong with Terry Gzuz, even if it sounds Jesus, there are many words in the dictionary same pronunciation but different meanings.. Our society should grow up a bit.. And controversies are inevitable in your kind of world, so get use to it.. Terry Genius is not bad though..

  14. Nice pls drop a track as soon as possible like akpako master you did some years basck

  15. I am happy to see that agreed you started the controversies upon yourself.. And that name you have used Terry Gzuz contributed to you been ignored in the industry.. Many people couldn’t fathom associating with somebody who is going too far without thinking properly. Thank God your are beginning to reason well again and it’s good you changed your stage name to terry genius from the national nonsense terry gzus.. Next time don’t allow fame becloud your humbleness

  16. You better also rebrand yourself from that stage madness so it won’t also affect you again this time around.

  17. He waved aside the rumour that threats from unknown ‘religious fanatics’ had compelled him to dump the idea of adopting ‘Gzuz’ as his pseudonym.

  18. GZUZ sounded so much like JESUS, it’s wise you changed the name to GENIUS, otherwise the controversies would have drove you mad

  19. Don’t mind this controversies,you’ll prevail over them, it’s been a while we’ve heard from you though

  20. Like lil Kesh song in na you wan Blow, and you must pay some price and face some challenges because stardom and Fame is another thing entirely

  21. You know what is good for you,as you have rebranded your name,let everything about you be rebranded.good luck

  22. welcome back Terry G the genius, is good you rebranded and I hope the style of music is rebranded too, wish you well in all of your endeavor.

  23. Nice one from Terry Genius, it’s been long we heard from. It’s always good to rebrand because it’s one of the ways of improvement. I knew that it was a lie when I heard that religious fanatics were threatening him, thank God he has come out to say that the rumour is not true. Wish him well in his music career, we are expecting a good music this year.

  24. I like the stage name Terry Genius. But why Terry Genius? I think it is controversy like these is what is making you famous

  25. Controversy is common for all artist, you should be familiar with it..
    Welcome back Terry G…..

  26. Am happy he said he’s the one that started the madness that didn’t allow him to have peace of mind.It’s not how long you have been in the music industry, it’s how well you do your thing.

  27. Terry G himself is a controversial artiste because of the kind of music he sings . Fame is like a enjoyable cage . You have whatever you want but no freedom

  28. That good to know, our artist should be like this….taking corrections from fans is good and terry genius has done well

  29. Good to hearf this from,and I also hope that God has rebranded you too,as you change your name to terry genius.

  30. That’s nice to hear,it depends on you maybe you’re gonna stick to your statement or not.

  31. I hope your to change that name is good right now because you can not be bearing good son name

  32. It’s never too late fixed the issues and have a plans you shall enjoyed what you think you had missed.

  33. Well I still prefer Terry Gzuz to the new name, and yes you enjoyed fame because of controversies. Matter of fact you became popular via controversy.

  34. Why will they call you Gzuz which is pronounced as Jesus just to hype you. Thank God you have changed it.

  35. God gat your back because I am still one of your fans ,plus you never give on yourself. Big up Terry

  36. Great! I wish you all the best in this new year and I’m glad you said even though you started it first. Nice one bro

  37. That’s true even I wanted to become an actress but when I remember how the society castigate and criticise female actresses ,pouring false accusation them … It Discouraged me.

  38. Tery G you have been out of site since if change of name will help you back to stardom go ahead with it

  39. Terry g is one of the best artist back in those days, and I pray for your lost glory to be revived

  40. That’s one thing that comes with fame. Some people like you some don’t you just need to live your life and ignore some of them. Your re-branding should also be marketable

  41. I love the fact that he agreed that he started the controversies that caused his issues. And its good that he went low for some time to get himself back. But he should just retain his terry g no need to change it

  42. It’s good to start on a positive note and then move on with God at the centre, positive vibes is the way

  43. Controversies are part of any celebrity, congrats on rebranding and wish to hear your voice on stage again. Akpako Master

  44. Its been long i heard about this guy Apako master. I wish him luck. Every crown comes with its cross, so controversy is the price you have to pay for your fame

  45. Does this mean Terry G is coming back to the studio. Good change of name to avoid misinterpretation.

  46. If u want to go far in life pls don’t listen to side talk they are always there to bring you down that is human for u so be focused and purse ur career.

  47. You didn’t enjoy fame because you stopped singing.. Your song cannot blow forever.. People will get fed up

  48. As an artist is good sometimes to hide in your shell and after awhile come out big and better,as for the change of name is okey.

  49. You should have get used to the controversies in the industry. Anyway do the right and the needful the fame will follow

  50. Well if he is truly changing for good, its a welcomed development at least he is now a father and I think he should start a good foundation for his kid.

  51. Admitting that one is at fault is the first step in solving a problem. I’ve known Terry G as a controversial being. Good you withdrew to reminisce

  52. It’s good to rebrand. It will be nice to hear some good songs from you Terry Genius. All the best!

  53. Talking about fame, a lot of people are dying to have fame and you don’t want that, good for you oh.

  54. Welcome back I can’t wait to listen to your new song its been long though wishing you all the best terry genius

  55. Changing the Name is a welcome development, I form one wasn’t ok with the Gzuz name before.kudos Terry Genius

  56. Thank God you have realized yourself, when next you want to release a new song you will bring out something reasonable.And its good that you went low for some time to get yourself back. But you should just retain your name terry g no need to change it

  57. its not about the name if he has a good sound and vocal he will surely make it controversies or not

  58. You should have gotten use to the controversy as it is quite common among celebrity, i wish you well as you rebrand your name and decide to have a better focus as an artiste

  59. Hmm Terry G.. it’s really been long oo
    Where have you been since Na
    It’s nice hearing from you again
    Hoping to hear ur new songs.. It seems you are back

  60. Good for him. he should realize that the industry he is in is characterized by different individuals full of different characters.This is a new year and hoping he gets a good year and stay of controversies

  61. Retreat is a cool thing, especially if its for a good course and there’s gonna be a bouncing back.
    Welcome back.
    Moreover, I’m happy at the change of name.

  62. Don’t force yourself were you know that your star can’t shine. My dear, you can’t make it in the music industry.

  63. Well I didn’t even know about the Gzuz thing. But tell genuis is kinda better. As for the fame, I can’t say cos am not a fan .

  64. I hope you ve changed for good..i mean all ur jangbajantist song that does not make sense..pls we don’t want in 2019

  65. I guess that’s what happens when one is famous. Being popular or famous cones with a lot of things and that includes controversies. Nevertheless it’s good to know that you want to be on the positive side. His new stage name isn’t bad at all.

  66. Wow! Terry Genius, nice rebranding.
    Now there is a focus let’s see your new album. Love you bro

  67. This is good news,I love it,Terry G correct them that is Gzuz not Jesus,that’s nice,I hope very people appreciate his name Terry Genius, This is good news

  68. It’s always good to rebrand because it’s one of the ways of improvement. He has his own reasons for what he is saying. If it is good for him then keep it up.

  69. Rebranding is good but he will need to really up his game this time around if he wants to remain relevant

  70. That’s nice, I think he is a brand new terry genius we have now, can’t wait for you to release an album

  71. Glad he admitted he started all the madness himself. I believe his re-branded name is going to give him a different and better story and career this time around.

  72. That’s cool Terry G as we have not been hearing anything from you so far, the new re brand is a very good idea, wishing you all the best.

  73. He is already famous. The only thing that makes him to take that decision Is because he lost his lyrics.

  74. In life there’s ups and downs in every man’s life, Terry indeed is a good act and I still feel his music, the change of name doesn’t matter bcus artists do change names

  75. I love his new name Terry Genius, and I don’t think anybody can ever kicked against it.
    I pray God help him to overcome problems and controversies.

  76. Where Terry G even go sef? Frankly, I don’t care if he comes back to the music industry or not since I’ve never really liked his songs.

  77. Terry G shout always get my attention i so much love him, congratulations to him for his genius decisions.

  78. Rebranding is cool but not all rebranding comes out to be better as it was before it was rebranded, in other words he till remained the same despite the rebranding.

  79. Controversies are what keeps a man on focus, life is never a bed of roses. So whatever it is, you don’t give up, you keep fighting.

  80. Changing or rebranding name won’t bring fame, he should do the right thing and fame will follow.

  81. Terry needs to just rebrand his somg also to avoid future clash.. Good to hear from him againg.

  82. There are artists who never had to battle with controversies. You must have done some things to spark them off. Anyways I wish you the best this New Year.

  83. It’s been a while I heard this name,weldone guy and your rebranded name sounds so cool and nice.God bless you

  84. Terrycraze! Thank God you know how controversial you are. Change of name doesn’t change the personality you know, wish all the best though.

  85. When ever the fame of any personality is t as talked about there is always controversies and that’s life for you. Congratulations on the change of name.

  86. That is good to hear from the Akpako master, I hope the new stage name get on well with his fans

  87. You know what is good for you,as you have rebranded your name,let everything about you be rebranded.good luck

  88. I love your concept hen Terry G to Terry Genius. That is good rebranding. Keep up the good job hmmm.

  89. I use to love his kind of music and the swagger with which he move with…is good he have chosen to take some steps in doing things right, keep it up

  90. That is cool. Oya come let’s knack you apako. Rise to stardom, maybe you will enjoy it this time. Waiting for your songs

  91. I’m glad to hear from you Terry genius after a long time. I hope you begin afresh and be successful. Happy New year to you.

  92. News about celebrities can be very confusing and misleading sometimes, it is good that you have cleared the air and if you the new name is better for you, then it is

  93. Terry Genius, i hope this your rebranding also includes your character. Don’t go slapping Djs again o, cause you are the one creating controversies for yourself.

  94. That Good you just have to prove to the world how genius you are since you have change your name to Terry Genius

  95. Lol are you afraid of been famous you are famous already nothing can change it I really wat to listen to your new track

  96. Goodhe realise that he’s the one that created the controversy that surrounded his career. Hoping for the best from him.

  97. That’s good of you. I appreciate the courage you took to change it without thinking about what your fans will be thinking. Terry Genius, continue rocking it

  98. Thank God you knew you were the one that started it. I read in one of the national dailies few years ago where Terry Genius revealed in an interview that hen relishes controversies. So why the contradiction?

  99. I love the last line that he admitted he started the madness. I like his person actually, and I know people will accept him if he eventually come back.

  100. Terry g the free madness has change his name too Terry genius, that is cool I love it not that Gzuz.

  101. Comment*controversy should not be a surprising thing to u as a musician but sha am happy for you terry genius u re welcome

  102. Well I love that he admitted that he was the one that started it all. Good for u to be bouncing back

  103. What has a change of name got to do with being focused? Well it’s ur name, change as many times as u want

  104. This guy is old enough to do whatever he feels is right because whether he did the right thing or not he will still be criticised.

  105. I even prefer this rebranding than others, nice one Terry, I dey gbadu you plenty. Now let’s focus on the focus

  106. It’s a good thing to remain silent all along. Sometimes the best fights are done in “shells”
    But am glad you finally got your groove back

  107. He is a good artiste and the name sounds good so he should try a different method of singing and I think he will pick up again

  108. Just hope this is a new terry g,well you re welcome keep rocking keep shining more grace more more life.

  109. Terry G is matured enough to change his name his stage name and I feel this one he changed it to is very okay and better than Gzuz. He has already stated that is for rebranding and a bettrr focus.

  110. TerryGzuz, welcome back after a very long absent on music scene, looking forward to your music once again.

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