I can never be depressed – Charles Okocha

Actor and singer, Charles Okocha, known for his hyperactive comic skits and crazy videos has said he can never be depressed as he has never in his entire life experienced such.

Though many entertainers have come out in recent times to admit that they have battled depression, Okocha boasts there is nothing of such in his dictionary.

I can never be depressed - Charles Okocha lailasnews 3
I can never be depressed – Charles Okocha

In a chat with Sunday Scoop, he said,

“One thing I have learnt in life is that you should never let what you’re going through pull you down. Personally, I don’t let anything get to me because we all have issues. It’s not that rosy anywhere. I may be down today and up tomorrow; that’s the way of life a lot of people don’t understand it that way.

You may have marital crisis but you shouldn’t let that weigh you down. If you have a relationship that is not going well or any other thing that is affecting you negatively, try to distance yourself from it. You should put God first so that you can overcome these issues. I don’t see anything that can ever get me depressed.

I am always a happy fellow and you would never find me around negative people. The moment you are negative, I cut you off because that’s where depression comes from. Not everybody wants to see you happy and doing well; they just want to see you down and frustrated so they have something to gossip about.

That’s why when someone dies in this part of the world, people start writing flowery condolences, but they didn’t care for the person while alive.”

On the issue of fans often begging celebrities for money on the Internet, Charles said, “I have never really had that experience because I have loyal fans.

However, it is not right for followers to hold artistes to ransom that if they (artistes) don’t do giveaways, the fans wouldn’t listen to their songs. People have sent me messages on social media asking for one help or the other; if I feel like helping them, I do, and if I don’t feel like, I wouldn’t.”

Meanwhile, Okocha’s latest song, Upper, which he released under the name, Amoshine, featuring Slimcase, has also become a topic of discussion on social media.

Some people felt that Okocha should just remain as a hypeman instead of an artiste.

In response to that insinuation, he stated,

“If it was just someone that made that comment, it means it’s not the majority. I have been getting a lot of positive feedback on the song. Of all my songs, I actually think Upper is the best. People didn’t believe that I could do a street song because of my usual American style. I am an actor and singer; unfortunately, some people cannot relate with that.”

Known by three names – Okocha, Igwe 2pac and Amoshine – Charles admits that the multiple names could be confusing to fans.

He said,

“Yes, you are right; that is an issue. However, I am like a virus and whatever I do or say becomes a trend. Igwe 2pac was the title of a movie I starred in and because I acted the part so well, people started calling me that name. I also created the slang, Amoshine, and it also went viral. People know me with all sorts of slangs.”


  1. That’s true, in life you don’t allow anything situation you find yourself to bring you down, that’s why you need to have hope in tomorow

  2. In this life you mighty have someone you called your best friend that you run to him and tell him things not knowing he is the one killing you so no matter any situation you find yourself you don’t need to be depressed, just be happy and smile at it your enemy will never know what about you

  3. That’s great thought, indeed if you believe in your self and God, you cab never be depressed no matter the issue

  4. Self encouragement is the best thing that can ever happen to any one,I most said that am impressed that your over coming your present situation.

  5. How can you even think of getting depressed when you take a look at those two treasures beside you. They are worth every thing. Wish you the best of luck in all you do as a actor or a singer.

  6. Prayers takes care of ones problem, as long as you are in the entertainment world.you can do combination. Depression is not good a

  7. Quite impressive! I totally agree with him. Depression isn’t a good thing to encounter. God is in control of every situation we are facing

  8. Depression can come anytime
    But I don’t see any reason why you should be depressed
    Look at those beautiful kids of yours

  9. Frankly speaking once you have God in your life, everything will be fine for you, you will have no cause to worry. He makes everything easy for us human. If God be your friend, your life here on earth will be as sweet as heaven, so let us make God our friend and say no to fake friends.

  10. You never can tell my brother everything can’t continue to be Rosy,you will surely have some dark period.You just have to be strong and hold yourself during that period

  11. Good for you. Depression is bad . Nothing in life is worth mourning over. Take the world as you see it

  12. That’s true, every body has issues in one way or the other, but we should not allow it poll us down.

  13. No matter the situation you find yourself, try not to be depressed and always try to stay positive it helps a lot. True talk Charles.


  15. That is a good thing to hear that depression has not gotten to you and trust me, if you hold unto God then you wont experience it

  16. It’s not in your hands to say, you just have to thank God that you are where you are today. Don’t brag about it.

  17. We all have way of dealing with our problems and okocha is right we shouldnt let our problems pull us down

  18. Yes ooo I love ur reactions. We all have our individual differences. Don’t pretend to 2 please people.. some times we r our problems in terms bof depression.. work on urself n be happy..

  19. That is good for him if he is never been depressed.But let him live his life with the fear of God.

  20. True talk, staying positive in everything you do, is the tonic to happiness, deppresion will never be your portion with the right attitude, I wish you more success.

  21. How can you even think of getting depressed when you take a look at those two treasures beside you. They are worth every thing. Wish you the best of luck in all you do as a actor or a singer.

  22. Nothing should be capable enough to weigh you down. You are your own happiness. Thanks for the advice though

  23. Crazy dude, never knew you were a musician,and talking about depression, pray that you never go down to zero level

  24. I agree with you, we should allow situation to bring us down, we should stand on our integrity…

  25. I love his life philosophy and principles. For me, I know him as Jay Boy. Depression is not a good thing. All negativity should be cut off from our lives.

  26. Wow! I’ve never listened to any of his song and I’m not shocked he’s a singer..he seems more of a rapper. He’s one of my favorite.

  27. Yes o, depression is a deadly thing that one can allow to pull him down,one should jst stay strong and believe that one day every thing will be a story

  28. That’s a good talk we should not let the situation we are in today to pull us down because there is hope for the next day.

  29. I agree with him because depression is not a friendly friend he comes unannounced and takes away happiness..thank God for your life

  30. He is very much correct. Dont allow circumstances to weigh you down. Always think positive with these, u will always overcome depression

  31. We should all try not to allow our situations get to us even to the extent of depression or considering suicide.There is always light at the end of a tunnel.Charles Okocha is really doing so well for himself in the entertainment industry

  32. God be your friend, your life here on earth will be as sweet as heaven, so let us make God our friend and say no to fake friends

  33. That’s good. Don’t allow your problem to pull you down. Depression is very bad. Stay happy always.

  34. That’s just the truth, happiness is the key and once you always find your self in the midst of good people, it’s always hard to experience depression.

  35. Everybody faces a challenge not only those ones on the entertainment word but talking about it don’t allow ur situation let u down

  36. You just said the truth now man! Love that little piece you wrote up there, life without depression is simply the best! Because depression tends to reduce and kill you before time

  37. I totally agree with you, in life you don’t allow anything to weigh you down, you can fall today and rise tomorrow, that’s life

  38. Its good not to be depressed because it killed faster than AIV disease I like igwe being himself

  39. I totally agree with him. Depression isn’t a good thing to encounter. God is in control of every situation we are facing

  40. I love your words, they are true.we shouldn’t let negative people put us to depression.thanks for that

  41. Amennooo. Congratulations to you Charles. It’s actually a thing of the mind. If you let it, it captures your entire being. So don’t let it.. Tel people you can choose not to be depressed

  42. True talk my brother. When you allow life situation weigh you down, it gets the best out of you. It’s good to have a happy lifestyle

  43. If you says that, that mean you’ve pass through many things because as for me too I can never depress in love

  44. When someone is determined and focused, depression will not weigh such person down.

  45. Nice talk my man, kudos to you… Never let anything pull you down and always put God first in everything #Able_God… Thanks for the motivation

  46. True talk my brother. Being depressed Will not even solve the problem instead it will take you to an early grave

  47. Well said and very on point by Charles okocha. Life is a choice. Expectations leads to disappointments.

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