I bought airpods for my boyfriend on his birthday, he bought banana on mine

A lady has narrated how she broke up with her boyfriend because the item he gifted her on her birthday was not at par with what she got for him.

I bought airpods for my boyfriend on his birthday, he bought banana on mine

The narrator with Twitter handle @Nanazille said she bought Airpods as birthday gift for him, but when it came time to reciprocate on her birthday, he bought only Bananas.

She said that the incident gave her PTSD for several reasons, one being that she is allergic to bananas and he was aware but still got it for her.

Nana added that he also requested for PlayStation 5 as his next birthday gift and she confronted him about it.

The lady eventually cut ties with him for being inconsiderate.

She wrote on Twitter;

”Bananas literally give me PTSD. I truly cannot forget that nigga buying me Bananas for my Birthday while I got him Airpods and on his next birthday he wanted a PS5…

When I said to him “How can you want a PS5 for your birthday when you got Bananas for me” he said “THAT WAS LAST YEAR, LAST YEAR’S THINGS DON’T MATTER” I GHOSTED HIM

I want everyone to understand that I don’t eat Bananas, they make me throw up, he knew this. But, they were is favorite”



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