I asked my client to bring human head and wrists to scare him – Herbalist

An herbalist, Amos Sulaimon, arrested alongside his client Supo Bamidele in Osun State, has told newsmen that he told his client to bring a human head and wrists in order to discourage him from engaging in money ritual.

Sulaimon, who was paraded by the Osun State Commissioner of Police, Mr Fimihan Adeoye, in Osogbo, alongside his client, said he had never been involved in money rituals, Punch Metro reports.

I asked my client to bring human head and wrists to scare him - Herbalist lailasnews
I asked my client to bring human head and wrists to scare him – Herbalist

Adeoye told journalists that Bamidele was caught with a severed head and wrist in Ile-Ife, and upon his arrest, he told the police that his herbalist asked him to bring the human parts for ritual.

Explaining what transpired between him and his client, Sulaimon stated,

“I am an herbalist and I live and work in Ile-Ife. Bamidele had been coming to me to seek spiritual assistance. I inherited this job from my father and we don’t engage in money rituals.

“I don’t do evil nor engage in money rituals. In the last four months, Bamidele had been disturbing me for spiritual assistance, because he claimed that his business was not doing well and that he wanted a charm that could improve his fortunes.

“Because he would not allow me to rest, I told him to bring a human head and wrist. It was a ploy to scare him away. I never knew he would go to the extent of looking for the items.”

Responding to questions from journalists, Bamidele, who sells planks, said he resorted to fortune-changing charms because he was not doing well in the business.

Bamidele added that his wife and children had left him because he could not provide for their needs.

He added that he exhumed a corpse at a burial ground in Onikooko area of Ile-Ife, severed the head and wrist, and headed for the residence of the herbalist.

“I was, however, caught inside a tricycle that I took while going to my herbalist’s house. I didn’t know any of the people buried in the cemetery; I just went there and took the parts that I needed,” he stated.


  1. You don’t know about a thing and you told him to go get such….just to waste a life…for your being pressurize for such act you deserve to go down the hill with him……why didn’t advise this fellow and makes him return from such idea….

  2. That’s too bad. See what he has pushed him to, why not tell him the truth than using such to scare him as he said. One that is desperate can do anything. Let’s learn to be open to whatever we want

  3. Lol….oga herbalist tried an expensive joke..maybe he thought the man can’t….but how sure are we that he isn’t trying to cover up his act

  4. Story that torches how can u tell somebody that is desperate to make money such tins n u expected him to Shy away never for such person, u would have told him u can’t do it since u don’t do such.

  5. His lie sounds childish. You are not getting away with that Mr herbalist. You are evil and deserve to be punished severely. Thank God they were caught. What people do for money.

  6. Anyone who is desperate for something will go any length to get them so be mindful of what you ask people to do especially when yo don’t mean it.

  7. High Chief Liar of our time. Seems he is looking for a short way to talk it out and get released. Una go both rot in jail.

  8. This is just an excuse, I don’t believe it. How can you say you scared me into bring human parts when you know he might bring it.

  9. Hmmmmmn, Oga you ave’ your own head and you are supplying another mans’ head like toemateos in the market, may you not go unpunished

  10. He shouldn’t have scare him with such thing..people are ready to do anything to make money Love of money is the root of all evil,they keep.facing it

  11. it’s just the truth
    Some herbalist would ask you to bring something they know you can’t bring just to scare u
    OK… Something happened here in my street where the herbalist asked them to bring 12 million if they want him to help them… Simply because he knows they can’t get it

  12. you don’t see any other thing to scare him with if not human part. Don’t you see things like ant urine etc, am putting it to you that you meant every pit of the items you asked him to bring and you really want to do it for him

  13. Of course the herbalist Wil deny ever being serious with the demands . The two of tgem have to pay for their crimes.

  14. This Mr Bamidele is too desperate, such is not good at all, from frying pan to fire, more problems are coming your way,

  15. The herbalist is just using that as an excuse to get released, both of them are in it together. And they should both be punished.

  16. What a pathetic story. So sad a person can ask another to do things against humanity. But thank God his client didn’t kill anybody.

  17. If what the herbalist said is the truth then he shouldn’t ve said it, people even go to the extent of killing living humans to achieve that feat

  18. Wicked herbalist, he is saying all these now because they are cut, why didn’t him tell the man the truth. Both of them are evil, who head isvhe caring?

    • Abi o Sandra dnt mind him he must wnt to say sumtin maybe it will work for him and maybe his freedom will be consider he should hv give the man x wife to kill in other to test the man to see if the man will do it or not.

  19. Wicked herbalist, he is saying all these now because they are cut, why didn’t him tell the man the truth. Both of them are evil, who head is he caring?

  20. It’s a lie, look at the statement carefully, he even know how to lie, the sounds childish, how can he say that he used it to scare him, that’s a big lie, knowing that the days people are ready to do anything for money, he has been doing it, even the man that is claiming to have gone to the grave yard to get what he needed,without being afraid, did he keep anybody there? that is another lie, this is what I call corporate iniquity. They know what are doing, they know themselves. The police should torture them very well, the truth will soon surface.

  21. That’s not true u can’t scear sumbody who is desperate with anything cuz he or she are already at their pick of doing anything.

  22. As if he’ll confess the truth when he’s already caught….. Oya scare the prisoners who are now your roommates

  23. I think that was a lie from the harbalist how can you say u use such thing in scaring him why don’t u just open up to him that you dont involve in money ritual instead of telling him to go bring human part

  24. That is a big lie , how will you ask your client to bring human head to scare him away, those that are desperate will do as you have asked them to do

  25. hmmm,irrespective of the excuses the herbalist is given, i think the long arm of the law has finally caught up with him

  26. That’s desperation, people wants to break all odds to get money and look at him. He should face the wrath of the law and there shouldn’t be any argument or delay about that.

  27. Hmmmmmn, Oga you ave’ your own head and you are supplying another mans’ head like toemateos in the market, may you not go unpunished

  28. Hmmmm, one na medicine after death. Oga Herbalist if you have not been doing it for others he would not have come to you.

  29. He just said that because he’d nothing else to say. He’s a herbalist who does charms for ritualists. They should face the music.

  30. Some people are just too willing to do anything because of money,, I don’t believe that herbalist story

  31. As if he is not hearing the rumours of sexual killings that’s going everywhere and by people of all ages, how would he have thought that telling his client to bring human head and wrist will scare him away? The law should do with him whatever they deem fit.

  32. The herbalist is not serious with his explanation, what does he mean by scaring a desperate man.They should find out if bamidele is saying the truth about getting the parts from a dead body.

  33. People are desperate for money so whatever instruction given to them, they act to achieve it. The herbalist gave Bamidele a task that his desperation can condole. Both bamidele and the herbalist should face the wrath of law

  34. But this has become norm in Nigeria, even if was Joking the man knew its real to used that for ritual

  35. The herbalist is lying, he is just saying that to save his head. It’s only God that will save us from the hands of these ritualist.

  36. This is serious. But the herbalist should have known he would go to that extent. I don’t believe thier story.

  37. The herbalist is a crook because his client is caught now he is trying to protect his own image. It is well, justice must prevail

  38. To scare or what? The so called client that approach you is definitely not scare of anything. Wickedness all over

  39. Money ritual everywhere when there are a lot of things to and make money from it, but greed and devil will keep pushing people. may d Lord help us

  40. This is story for the gods, If say that you’re not doing rituals what then are you doing. I don’t know who you want to believe you

  41. oh my goodness… The family of the dead thinking they have laid their loved one to rest little did they know that some parts are out.. This world is wicked

  42. how would he have thought that telling his client to bring human head and wrist will scare him away, shouldn’t go unpublished

  43. What a misunderstanding, the client is now a victim base on money ritual under Police custody, God have mercy on the herbalist

  44. That’s horrible they should investigate it very well,if they torture the man very well he still have something to say.

  45. Infact we are in d last day, people dont care for dere own life, talkness of other because of money

  46. You thought you could scare him away with such not knowing his desperation. The rate @which people now look for money these days, Only God will save Us. The Bible even said it that in the last days, men will be lovers of money than lovers of God. Let’s be watchful!!!

  47. Nawa o, God we need ur assistance, all did blood sure will neva see nd my family,, there is still more explanation from both of u

  48. The herbalist, he was laying, how could he used human head and wrist as a joke,why don’t he asked him to bring huge amount of money to scare him. They should be punish.

  49. It a big fat lie u did not scare him ,see dis man ooo!! You want to change it now. Oga go and face the law and enjoy your life in prison

  50. I blame the herbalist man, he will not have scared him in that way, now look at what you have done to yourself.

  51. Whoooa… You Evil doers you have nothing to say again…you told him to bring those items to scare him away that’s a lie why can’t you just tell him you’re not into that shit… Both of You’ll face the punishment

  52. You have to face the law. just to waste a life…for your being pressurise for such evil act you deserve to go down .

  53. Which herbalist dont engage in rituals…big lie…thwy should be held….and jailed for life…lets see how your gods will help your life and for that of the stupid man who thinks its human head that can give him money should infact be killed instantly….

  54. See what extent you had to go just for money…. Exhuming the dead doesn’t make it right, you should be dealt with severely….

  55. see his stomach like pregnant woman, which scare? is money ritual you want to do oga, God will punish all of you

  56. There is a better way you would have encouraged him not to do ritual for money than telling him to get a human head. Thank God They have being caught they can go and continue their explanation in jail.

  57. So bad that people are ready to do anything for money. The herbalist is lying. He should know that a desperate man can do anything to make money.

  58. So just to make money you went to the cemetery and cut off bodies of death people. No fear or respect to death bodies

  59. I believed the herbalist is telling a lie. Both of the should suffer it by the law. May God help this generation. All in the name of money

  60. That herberlist should not have been very ignorant of the extent people can go for money rituals, spiritual assistance and so on. May GOD deliver us from perpetrators of evil.

  61. Whatever you like to say it concerned you they have caught you and you must face the law stupid Bush man like you killing people to get money

  62. People are too disparately in looking for money…how would you go to the extend of getting someone head n palm.
    O my God! Save our soul.

  63. All these evil vice perpetrated in the name of money will only stop when our economy returns back to Value based and Money base

  64. Because u have been caught that’s why u are changing the story now. Someone that is in need of money can go to any lent to Make that money, u are now saying u want to scare him away with such an evil idea.

  65. The harbalist shouldn’t have ask him that to scare him off. He can ask for his eyes or private part to scare him off. The man is really desperate.

  66. People are just desperate for money….hmmmm I guess the herbalist is not actually guilty ….is Bamidele’s fault ….because of his desperacy to make money….money is not everything in this life oooo….

  67. Story for the God’s. Is it ever written on your heads to show you do rituals. U all are the the same. Beat him with physical bruise and the rhythm will change. He must confess and let him pay for all the killings his colleagues have been doing Uncaught

  68. The herbalist is a wicked man…what kind of scare Is That? Liar! Keep that story for the next soap opera…is money matter..people can go extra mile to get it.

  69. This life Sha, wonder shall Neva end. Pple are now going to cemetery to get specimen for their ritual activity.

  70. When you know he his desperate why did you ask him to look for those things it won’t cosy him anything since wickedness is in his blood what a wicked world we live in,they should not go unpunished

  71. Love of money is the root of all evil….just wasted the lives of innocent people…both of u should face the consequence

  72. Desperation has landed both of them in police net. Jail terms should give them enough time to rethink their actions.

  73. What kind of scared is that when you know that he is desperate, you should be punish also, wicked man

  74. What kind of scared is that, when you know that he is desperate, he should be punish also, wicked man

  75. I don’t understand.. Are they good and bad herbalist.. Well the man should not ask him to bring head and wrist of human.

  76. See the kind nonsense you are talking, you could have tell him no you don’t do such. my friend you and client are guilty of the crime.

  77. That is a big lie that herbalist should be severely punished do you know whether that person in question have been killing before

  78. Nonsense, he should HV said it to his face plain that he don’t engage in doing money ritual for people BT when he was caught he started telling story

  79. Thank God is even a dead person not an innocent person,,, you two will have trial,,u refuse to believe in your God to bless u, anyway I don’t blame u I blame the government

  80. The herbalist took a very bad decision.
    and the said businessman is very stupid for listening to such request.

  81. OGa I don’t believe your story… why should you demand for sure thing if really you don’t need it.. you but will be punished

  82. God will continue to expose them. for your being pressurize for such act you deserve to go down the hill with him……why didn’t advise this fellow and makes him return from such idea….

  83. Both of them should be given speedy trial and prompt prosecution. If he doesn’t know how to do it, how did he know what they used in doing it?

  84. What kind of scare is that ?human head and waist and you call it to scare your so called client, you must be stupid both of you,you both will rout in jail

  85. Please don’t play with such kind of thing because some people are so desperate for money and can go to any length to get it, be careful next time

  86. For your being pressurize for such act you deserve to go down the hill with him why didn’t advise this fellow and makes him return from such idea.

  87. How can people be this desperate because they want to be rich by all means? Someone will go to the extent of exhuming a buried copse in a cemetery. The harbalist too may be telling lies.

  88. It is all unbelievable that this man called Bamidele could go this far just to improve his fortune. It’s true that the love of money is the root of all evil

  89. This herbalist man is not telling the truth, how can he tell a person to bring an human head and a wrist as a device of scaring him, he must face Justice, i believe God has now expose them, they must not go unpunished

  90. The herbalist might be lieing just to free him self from the issue… More investigation need to take place

  91. The rate at which people are looking for quick money is disheartening. May God continue to protect us from all evil perpetrators.

  92. The herbalist is very stupid by saying that
    He should know that whatever he said the man will do it to get the money. He should be persecuted for the act

  93. Mr herbalist how can you scare one away by asking the person to get human heads and wrist? Can’t you simply tell him you don’t do such?.. Thank God he didn’t went for fresh human head rather burial ground to kill the dead the second time.. May God have mercy on both of you..

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