I am not Yoruba, I am Nigerian, we are one – Falz

Nigerian rapper Falz has come under fire on twitter after posting a video with the caption – I am not Yoruba, I am Nigerian. We are One.

Although the video seems to be a massage to promote One Nigeria, his followers on the platform didn’t seem to like the fact that he is denying his own tribe and they didn’t waste time to slam him.

I am not Yoruba, I am Nigerian, we are one - Falz lailasnews 3
I am not Yoruba, I am Nigerian, we are one – Falz

Twitter user @EbubeIsaac re-posted the video with Falz caption and wrote:

“You’re a Nigerian because you belong to the Yoruba, a tribe indigenous to Nigeria before Independence. If Nigeria ceased to exist, you’d still be Yoruba.

You’re not Nigerian before your tribe, you’re Nigerian because of your tribe. You people need to stop this rubbish.”

Another person wrote that celebrities become One Nigeria when it is time to share the common wealth:

They are one Nigeria when they want to share our common wealth…but when the sharing goes wrong they will tell us one region can’t be ruling… One Nigeria is a sentence

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  1. I love you fall. But there is nothing like one nigeria. Nigeria needs to be separated so that we all can have peace in this country of ours.

  2. Exactly, that person that replied about celebrities being a Nigerian when is time to share wealth is very correct

  3. One love, one nation. He is not denying his tribe but only promoting Love about being one and no tribalism

  4. The day we stop tribalism trouble will cease to exit. I love your mindset Falz. Am not my tribe too Am a Nigerian.

  5. Falze has wright to claim Yoruba or Nigeria after all it is Nigeria that has given him fame not Yoruba

  6. Nice one falz, but the truth be told, in this country we are not one, it is only few people like u that understand being one nation

  7. We are one as long as Nigeria is concerned. So let’s learn to love and live together. That’s correct Falz

  8. I’m really proud and in support of what he said.
    One love one nation
    We’re Nigerian we’re one

  9. True talk @EbubeIsaac..
    There were tribes b4 there was a Nigeria. B4 amalgamation, there were tribes..Indigenous tribes.
    If Nigeria ceases 2 exist 2morow, u ll still b Yoruba.
    4get one Nigeria.. It is not a thing.

  10. Falz is a true nigerian as he is not tribalistic. If every nigerian can be like him, nigeria will be a beta place

  11. This is one of reasons why I like falz. He’s just so humble, unlike some musicians who show off unnecessarily.

  12. Nigeria is a country not a tribe
    We Nigerian need to get use to the fact that we need to behave like one
    Tribalism is a defitism to us
    Falz keep the work

  13. God bless Nigeria,God bless our great nation Nigeria.Seeking for one Nigeria is the best from Yoruba,Hausa and Ibo.

  14. Flz is right no matter how people look at it, because outside there they won’t first ask what tribe are you but they will ask you which country are you from, so all this tribal propagandist should that.

  15. People should not fault him for saying he is not a Yoruba man. If Falz breaks it down it will show he’s just trying to pass a message. His statement doesn’t call for crucifixion my people

  16. He is just promoting oneness doesnt really mean he isnt from yoruba just get the measage beneath and lets all live as one

  17. I love that ,for that I love falz the More .people should stop judging tribe and imbrues that fact that we are all Nigeria’s ( I am not Igbo , I am Nigerian) one love flows

  18. Twitter people are children of anger. They should leave Falz alone. His post shows that he is not tribal and doesn’t support tribalism. Well done Falz the bad guy.

  19. I support you falz..we are one Nigeria no matter your tribe…xo der is no discrimination here…one Nigeria one nation

  20. One Nigeria all the way, the day we stop tribalism trouble will cease to exit. I love your mindset Falz. Am not my tribe too, i’m a Nigerian.

  21. Even though Falz has a good message his manner of delivery is wrong. We Nigerians are proud of our tribes.

  22. All these tribalistic entities will not allow Faz to rest. He just promoted one Nigeria and what is the problem with that.

  23. He is right…if we can all see ourselves as Nigerians and forget and differences I believe we would move forward in this country. Nice one falz!

  24. Falz na mumu sha. You are Yoruba and you are still a Nigerian. Stop acting like a saint who knows it all. Bullshit

  25. Whether one likes it or not, there is deep seated ethnicity and tribalism in Nigeria. Nigeria is divided along tribal and ethnic lines

  26. Am with you on this Falz, those politicians are taking us for a fooland may people dance to their tune

  27. People should read and digest words before responding, d message he his passing doesn’t mean he his denying d fact DAT he his Yoruba, but he his trying to say a Unite word to Nigeria

  28. Claiming one tribe or another does not put food on one’s table in life. We are all one ans we need each other to survive. I stand with Falz

  29. Whenever people forget about segmentation n believe that we are one Nigeria that wen Nigeria will be good.

  30. His caption is wrong on not being a Yoruba. Hello young man you are a Yoruba for ever… Either Nigeria is no longer Nigeria. We love you… One Nigeria

  31. Bros abeg free talk.. Na Yoruba man u be. Oyibo wey put tribe and ethnicity for dictionary no be fool.

  32. I agree with Falz on this. People say One Nigeria but they don’t mean it when it comes to dealings with tribe.

  33. Nice one falz pls remind all Nigerian it this political, religion, religion matters that is taking us backwards in this country

  34. That’s goof of you… We don’t need to discriminate… All the three tribes we are all one

  35. My man Falz, one Nigeria, no triberlizm, am from here, am from there is not the problem let us unite and make Nigeria great.

  36. Gone are those days when we say Nigeria first. Some of the region will be controlling the resources. But when it didn’t go their way, it won’t be one Nigeria again

  37. Those are just ethnocentric persons… You’re first a Nigerian before whatever tribe… Giving his influence and national position, you can’t really tie him to a tribe… It’s just like Buhari claiming a tribe as the president

  38. Yeah.one Nigeria all the way.Some people want to divide this country by all means. God will not allow them

  39. Falz is just trying to make us understand that we are one no matter the tribe. Maybe, the way he put it makes people misunderstood him. One nation, good people.

  40. I wonder how people lack understanding. Because he claims to be a Nigerian doesn’t mean he neglects his tribe.

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