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I am more beautiful than most girls – Bobrisky

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Nigerian cross dresser Bobrisky, in an interview with Broadway TV said he doesn’t know if he’s still a guy because he has all the attributes of a female and he is more beautiful than most girls.

I am more beautiful than most girls - Bobrisky lailasnews

He was asked whether at this stage, he identifies as male or female, he responded saying he is more beautiful than some ladies, he claims he has bigger breasts and buttocks than some women, so he gets confused whether he’s male or female.

He said;

“Even me i’m confused if i’m a guy, I’m finer than many girls so me i’m even confused sef. And i’m even growing boobs too, so you can see, plenty things, i even have ass sef, if i stand up now i have bum bum. So even me i’m confused if i’m a girl or a guy because i am way way prettier than many ladies out there”

Watch the video:

Bobrisky flaunts big bare bumbum on Instagram




  1. Giving this guy publicity is not the best for our children. Just imagine what a man is saying. He should be ashamed of himself

  2. Bobirisky on the news again, can never stop to amaze us ,well you are really beautiful than some girls that’s true

  3. Bob again, this is serious what exactly is he feeling like? So if he’s prettier than many girls that doesn’t make him one, besides its such a shame that he is personally confused, maybe he needs help psychologically

  4. What’s his definition of beautiful? Who is deceiving him please? You are just a misfit. You lack gender, so where do you belong?

  5. This is serious, your mum gave birth to you as a guy, you turn yourself to a last, wait what exactly are you feeling like, what are the messages that you are passing out to the upcoming generation, to be a gay like you, this is terrible I think you need to see a doctor, for a proper treatment, why will u say you are prettier than we lady, natural lady that wasn’t man made like you… Anyways who are you trying to impress self, we all know you a male, so stop this biko

  6. So if he is more beautiful than some girls should we now run for him? Just imagine what a man is say in publice

  7. Remove the makeup let’s see if you are more beautiful than some girl, but l love your courage even for appreciating yourself

  8. Exactly what I thought is wrong with Bobrisky. He is confused of his identity, he needs hhelp to come back to his senses.

  9. See this person , thank God i don’t even know what you look like, i don’t waste my time looking at your picture online because i hate reading anything that concerns you.

  10. That is wat you feel now if you think so then stop deceiving yourself and start to amend things it never too late

  11. I think you are really sick in the head, God will deliver you one day and you will come back to your right senses

  12. Useless man, how can someone like him keep wasting money on nonsense acts he bull to involve with, turning himself to lady.

  13. Eyaaa! Sorry you hear. Even a three year old knows whether he is a boy or girl. Yet a full grown man doesn’t know and is saying so in an interview. That is another definition of foolishness and stupidity

  14. God has made you simple and clear but you have made yourself so complicated that your are even confuse of who you are. Too bad

  15. The young man has made it clear that he is not mentally alright. As you can see, he is “confused”.

  16. I am not a fan of Bob risky so nothing or whatever he might have said or done doesn’t really matters to me because I guess he his sick.

  17. How on earth will a human being forget what he is? He is even comparing himself with women instead of men. Hmm wonder shall never end

  18. Bobrisky can not be serious with such a comment made in public. He could be joking anyway.

  19. I don’t think I have for one day buy the idea of Bob risky words or things he had done because am not his fan, I think he’s sick.

  20. He should go and recreate himself or go for surgery if he wants to be girl. Imagine Bobrisky comparing himself with a girl

  21. Giving this guy publicity is not the best for our children. Just imagine what a man is saying. He should be ashamed of himself

  22. This is serious my dear go closer to the mirror and look at yourself very well.
    Even people pretty people don’t say it, hmn.. What will I call this.
    She even said if she is a guy or girl, you don’t even know who you are, imagine…

  23. Bob risky are u a man or a woman. Or is it transgender. I am confused on ur sex. Why don’t u come out bold and d world who u really are. #Sheman.

  24. Beautiful you are not
    Pretty you are not
    Handsome you are not
    Cute you are not
    Ugly that’s what you are indeed

  25. Idiot,!why won’t you be confused
    U better change before it’s too late cos I don’t know what u re gaining from dis trash u are doing,

  26. Bobrisky must be insane, he or she is not only the one that is confused, me I’m also confused. He should just tell us if he is a man or a woman

  27. continue with it, you we see the result of all this act, you better change your attitude, so that you can gain from these world and hereafter.

  28. what is this world turning to again, it’s very bad of you bobrisky, you are not contented with how God created you.

  29. Can you imagine what someone has as a child!!!! You have really gone out of hand and you are indeed confused, since you decided to re-create yourself from the way God created you, you need to see a psychiatrist. Imagine he is even happy he is growing boobs and add. May God have Mercy on you.

  30. Is it because of bleaching cream you used and filter you put on Instagram making you feeling yourself.time will tell

  31. thank God you said you are confused, but don’t forget however you look, you still have a penis so you are a guy.

  32. Be there and be deceiving yourself, if you are prettier than some girls so should we run away?
    Don’t know what to say to you.

  33. You did surgery and bleached yourself ofcourse you will feel your beautiful. My dear you are the most confused human ive seen.

  34. My dear you are very beautiful, like seriously you are more beautiful than every other ladies in this whole world

  35. You might be correct. Because of the artificials that you are applying. But that doesn’t change who you are

  36. You can only be more beautiful than your gay mates, you \re not a lady and you will never be. No matter what you do.

  37. Rubbish being sha. What kinda life are you living when you don’t even know maybe you are a guy or a lady.

  38. Am confused, is bobriskky a man or a woman.what’s happening, men becoming women, while women are transforming their self to men.hmm,its end time really.

  39. Wot a gud 4 notin dude, cnt wait to c u rout in hell, no mata wot, even if u fake it, u cnt stil change d rhytm of d music. God plz save nd 4give a Lost soul @bobrisky.

  40. You cant be be like a girl even just for a say so stop tell me yourself you’re more prettier than most girls.

  41. Not because you are a celebrity, that makes you change your look and makes you feel you are beautiful than other girls

  42. I’m still wondering why this brobisky or whatever he calls himself is still allowed to roam freely and spread his abomination when what he does is against the law.

  43. Indeed he is more beautiful than most women but one thing is that he’s not man enough now for him to disguise himself as a woman means that he doesn’t like himself as a man.

  44. hehehhhehehehe I wonder who is deceiving this one abi is it Tonto . Better go and find something to do to keep you busy . Wash off those makeups and we’ll know

  45. A shame to God, his family and manhood. You need to be exorcised from the demons that have consumed and overwhelmed you.

  46. This is funny but totally full of crazy, imagine!! Not even proud of ur gender, the earlier the better

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