I am a descendant of Abraham, I don’t hate Christians- President Buhari

President Buhari who reacted to allegations of hating Christians, has stated that he is a descendant of Abraham and so does not hate anyone that is of the Christian faith as his deputy is a Christian.

I am a descendant of Abraham, I don't hate Christians- President Buhari lailasnews

President Buhari who further advised Nigerians not to allow politicians use religion as a tool to divide the country in the article published on Churchtimes, a UK based online christian platform, stated that he has befriended church leaders and church groups both within and outside our country.

Read the article below;

”IN 1844, the Revd Samuel Ajayi Crowther returned home to Yorubaland (now part of modern-day Nigeria). Twenty years earlier, he had been kidnapped and sold to European slave traders who were bound for the Americas. He was freed by an abolitionist naval patrol, and received by the Church Missionary Society. There, he found his calling.

Crowther made his voyage home to establish the first Anglican mission in Yorubaland. He came with the first Bibles translated into Yoruba and Hausa languages. He opened dialogue and discussion with those of other faiths. And his mission was a success: Crowther later became the first African Anglican bishop in Africa.

Today, Nigeria has the largest Christian population on the continent. The messages and teachings of Christianity are part of the fabric of each person’s life.

ALONG with the millions of Christians in Nigeria today, I believe in peace, tolerance, and reconciliation; in the institution of the family, the sanctity of marriage, and the honour of fidelity; in hope, compassion, and divine revelation.

Like Bishop Crowther, I am a descendant of Abraham; unlike him, I am a Muslim. I believe our two great religions can not only peacefully coexist but also flourish together. But Muslims and Christians must first turn to one another in compassion. For, as it says in Amos 3.3: “Do two walk together, unless they have agreed to meet?”

As they are People of the Book, I believe that there is far more that unites Muslims and Christians than divides them. In fact, I believe that the messages of the Bible are universal: available for anyone to exercise, and instructive to all.

We must resist the temptation to retreat into our communities, because, if we do, we can only look inwards. It is only when we mix that we can reach new and greater possibilities.

Whichever religion or religious denomination they choose to follow, Nigerians are devout. Anything that Nigerians believe will place impositions on their practice, and belief is therefore sure to cause widespread alarm.

And, unfortunately, there are those who seek to divide Nigerians — and our two great religions — and to do so for their own advantage.

I stand accused — paradoxically — of trying to Islamise Nigeria while also being accused by Boko Haram terrorists of being against Islam. My Vice-President is a devout man, a Christian pastor. He, too, is accused of selling out his religion, because of his support for me.

This is not the first time that I — nor, indeed, my Christian-Muslim evenly split cabinet — have been the subject of such nonsense. Fortunately, the facts speak differently from the words of those who seek to divide us from one another.

Since my administration has been in power, Boko Haram has been significantly and fatally degraded; I have befriended church leaders and church groups both within and outside our country; my Vice-President has addressed and opened dialogue with Muslims up and down our land.

In all things, we seek that which all well-meaning Christians and well-meaning Muslims must seek: to unite, respect, and never to divide. Does it not say “There is no compulsion in religion” (Qur’an 2.256)? Does it not say “Forbid him not: for he that is not against us is for us” (Luke 9.50)? This, surely, is the path that followers of both our two great religions must walk.

UNFORTUNATELY, those who wish us all to walk apart have recently found another focus for their efforts: the tragic clashes between nomadic herdsmen and settled farmers in the central regions of Nigeria.

For generations, herders have driven their cattle from the north to the centre of our country; they tend to be predominantly Muslim, although not exclusively. The farmers, in certain areas of central Nigeria, are predominantly Christian.

The causes of this conflict are not religious or theological, but temporal. At the heart of this discord is access to rural land, exacerbated both by climate change and population growth.

Sadly, there are some who seek to play fast and loose and so make others believe that these are not the facts. When religion is claimed as the cause — and by those who know that it is not — it only makes finding a resolution more difficult.

The government has taken action to mediate, to bring the two groups together in peace and unity. But we also need all parties to follow the teachings of the scriptures, and encourage reconciliation rather than cause division. As it is said: “Having eyes do you not see, and having ears do you not hear?” (Mark 8.18).

As our constitution codifies, politicising religion has no place in Nigeria; for it makes us turn away from one another; it makes us retreat into our communities and walk different paths.

I believe that there is a better way. To those who seek to divide, I still hold my hand out in brotherhood and forgiveness. I ask only that they stop, and instead encourage us to turn towards one another in love and compassion. Nigeria belongs to all of us. This is what I believe.”


  1. Why now, where is this love all along, when Christians were slaughtered, without mercy, when church leaders were killed like chickens where was this love, when Christians in kanu, Kaduna were prevented to preach the gospel, in fact this love surfaced from no where. I Dont know what to say , but I have not seen this sign of love in your leadership

  2. Ah you hates us too much no need of long story.
    Christians are been killed every day in northern state and you are telling us that you’re descendants of Abraham.

  3. Surprise, when ur people are killing Christians like chicken, is only God knows d treak vu Came up with this time around

  4. I doubt if buhari really knows what he is saying. where was he when they were killing Christians as if they were chickens? now he is talking about love and how he do not hate christains. I wonder what he is up to this time

  5. Yea i believe in this statement, buhari does not hate christiants and is not responsible for the killing of christians in Nigeria, beside is not only christians that are being killed

  6. For those people trying to criticize the FG by saying he is siding the Muslims,woe to them.At least the president had said his mind.

  7. Seriously,descendant of Abraham,and all this stuff are happening to Christians, you are not the one that will tell us that, let your actions speak for you.

  8. Surprise, when ur people are killing Christians like chicken, is only God knows d treak vu Came up with this time around

  9. No one said so, but your words has implicated you. If you do hate Christians, it will stand against you. Note

  10. How do we believe this when ur people are killing Christians like chicken and you have nothing or have been doing anything about it

  11. He just said his mind clears conseres fears no accusation, both Christians and Muslims are dying everyday, he is not the cause of it. May you live long president.

  12. And you only just realized all this love and companionship story, where was this your brotherhood when Christians were being massacred everywhere in the north like chicken, election time and suddenly you remembered that we are all one and Nigeria belongs to us.

  13. No doubt u are ABRAHAM descendants but what have u done about d killing of Christian’s in d county u are d President

  14. Mr President nobody said you hate Christians. But what have been got attitude towards the killings of Christians. Book Haram is increasing there attacks daily and you are telling us they they have been greatly reduced. I disagree mr president.

  15. That is what they will say to their selfish interest. They never see what the christains are doing all over the country. Islam is a religion of peace, we stand to that. More muslims are killed every day in east, look at what is happening in jos to our muslim, am sure if it was to the christain there will be no peace all over the country, but no one talks about it. I testify Buhari is not religiously bias n i stand by his side.

  16. I don’t believe that Mr president can be saying this,he is doing this for canpany or what,because I don’t understand him again oooo,but we christian we can’t be fool again.

  17. The president bringing the descendants of Abraham there – Ishmael from the maid believed to be Muslims of today while Isaac form Christians.

  18. His is the highest cause of religion problem in this country, all the key appointments in federal government to Muslims.

  19. It is not only a descendant of Abraham e remain Isaac ….becoz u want to win election even magic will not sure work.

  20. With all respect sir,How on earth do you expect us to believe this when all the killings and kidnapping is Paramount with the Christians. Beside that most of the top government positions are Muslims………………….??? Proof yourself sir

  21. Buhari we know that u don’t hate Christians but u are not a Christian so why telling us u are a descendant of Abraham

  22. No one said u hate Christian
    But perform ur duties nd obligation as a president, we re all descendant of Abraham, poverty is the outlaw of the day.

  23. Only God knows the heart of men…whether Buhari is saying the truth or not is his concern..what I know is that that seat is for another person come 2019.

  24. Now you know you are descendant of Abraham and the killing of Christian, I can only see the devil in you, all this for me to vote for you again, hell no i have my PVC

  25. Lol am hearing all this now because election is at the corner
    You that said Nigeria is a muslim country
    Well I won’t blame you because u are a politician looking for any possible way to win the election

  26. Some things are not worth arguing about, Buhari if you like hate Christians and if you like don’t hate them all I want from you is to give us back our Nigeria and go with your change. We are tired, the Christians are tired, the Muslims are tired as well and even the idol worshippers are tired. We are asking for a better Nigeria.

  27. Why would they say PMB hate Christian, he is a President of all religion bcus he was elected into office by multiple religious group

  28. How on earth do you expect us to believe this when all the killings and kidnapping is Paramount with the Christians. Beside that most of the top government positions are Muslim

  29. Nothing can change in this our country election is coming won’t they be saying good things to win people’s mind,politician….

  30. it’s only that can judge what is in depth of one’s mind but however as you said it’s true you never hate any religion let alone cristains.

  31. This one got me crying,, while thousands of christains have being killed without mercy and the killing is still on,buhari is here saying he is a descendant of Abraham as part of the christains,only God will judge you

  32. Comment*you don’t hate us but we are dying everyday in the north like chickens as if we are not humans like you guys

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