Hushpupppi flaunts $260,000 cash after Kemi Olunloyo’s plea

Dubai-based big boy, Hushpupppi who is currently in Ghana has flauted $260,000 on social media, just days after Kemi Olunloyo begged him for cash.

Hushpuppi was seen in a new video taking stacks of dollars to himself – wads of dollar bills that reportedly amount to $260,000.

Hushpupppi flaunts $260,000 cash after Kemi Olunloyo’s plea lailasnews

See the photo below;

It can be recalled that Hushpuppi, yesterday asked Kemi Olunloyo to apologies to Linda Ikeji. He also told her it wasn’t likely for him to give her any financial support. See full post below;

It was brought to my attention the posts of one of the great journalists of Nigeria which I have carefully gone through and I must note that I never made mention of Madam Kemi Oluloyo’s name in my video that I made at the airport lounge where I gave a general observation as to how the rich tend to mind their business and suggested if we were all doing same, maybe Linda ikeji’s fruit of the womb just wouldn’t be a problem as people are making it.

I do Appreciate madam Oluloyo’s taste in my fashion and as well Appreciate her works, just like most of her writes up often carries constructive criticism and lash back , I believe it is safe to say her request to beat Linda’s 100k donation which I could have said was from a sarcastic point there after accompanied with a bank details puts me in a dicey position.

I wouldn’t consider it a wise move crediting the account of a woman that just openly lambasted a fellow female benefactor that was there for her when it mattered regardless of how little the amount now seem to her after her ordeal.

Before my money becomes blood money in future, maybe I should reconsider the alert part plus Aunty Kemi herself would have called such a person an Ingrate.

Besides I had my fair share of experience from Mr Jollof in the past, when my act of kindness became a public show as to how he doesn’t need my dime and I should Chanel it on more philanthropical use.

Let there be one LOVE. Linda and Madam Oluloyo as females are in a better position to understand that precious Grace of the fruit of the womb and should share the female joy as ONE… let Peace Reign.

STAND Together, support each other in the Good and bad.. all we need is One love. I urge madam Oluloyo to write an apology and appreciation letter to Linda openly as we all see you as a role model and a great example of women empowering women for our younger females in the nation to become better people and learn to appreciate each other in our nation.

If this is done I promise to give all necessary support and provisions in my power to you ma to get better health care and treatment. God bless us all


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