Husband tells me to leave his house every time we argue – Woman cries out

A Nigerian woman has taken to the internet to seek help on how to deal with her husband who tells her to leave his house anytime they have a disagreement.

Taking to popular Nigerian forum, Nairaland, the unidentified lady wrote that she is tired of this level of disrespect from her husband, who doesn’t seem to care about how damaging those statements are.

My husband tells me to leave his house every time we argue

She therefore wants you guys to advice her on how to handle the situation. Read her post below

Dear all

I and my husband are just 2years in marriage.

Every time we have issues concerning anything, he is always telling me to pack my things and leave his house or he will say things like you are off no importance to me and you bring me no value and stuff and stuff. But after a while he will apologize and say he doesn’t mean it.

Last month, what caused our fight was because my mum sent some food stuffs to us because she traveled and got them cheaply. He was angry because he felt that was disrespectful. And the argument degenerated to him telling me to leave his house,

i got tired, called his bluff and left the house but everyone advised me to go back and make it work., well except my dad. Mind you, this was the 5th time.

On my return, we talked about it(like we always do) and i thought it was genuine, and i said i was going to give it one more try.

Today, we had an argument because of baby food. I told hime to buy on his way back. I couldn’t go out because the whole road was terribly flooded .

But he didn’t buy it, and that lead to an argument. And the next thing he told me was to fuc.k off and leave. Or he is leaving. As a matter of fact, he just left the house now 12:00am.

I am actually tired of it all. and right now, i don’t think i have any love left for him or this marriage.
I think he is cheating on me and for some reason i am beginning to look outside and crave attention, love and respect from someone else.

I don’t want my child to grow up seeing me treated like this but most importantly , i don’t want her to think it is okay to accept being disrespected and under valued like this.

Married people is this one of the challenges in marriage or what?

Why cant we have an argument that doesn’t lead to leave my house, i dont need you, you bring me no value and all

Also we are very very comfortable, i work and he works too.

Emotionally, i am done.

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  1. Both of you weren’t ready for marriage, that your husband is verbally abusing you, does not mean he is cheating on you. Ask him why he keeps using those words, just try to talk things over,and if he still don’t change, then seek for a divorce, you can’t be where you are not happy and wanted

  2. Men like that feel that they did the woman a favour by marrying her. You’ve talked to him severally but he still threatens to throw you out and he will not stop. No man that values you will be thinking of evicting you(as if he picked you from the streets) at every argument fuelled by his ego and male dominated arrogance. This is how it starts until, like joke, like play, one day you find your things actually thrown out. Its better to stay in ya papa house than to stay where you are not wanted.

  3. Marriage is a game of compromise. It is important to know that it requires the spouse to give and to also take. Personally you have to give out something to be able to take something.
    First of all study and understand the nature of your husband. He has strong areas and also weak areas, likewise you.
    Determine to make your marriage work and it will work.
    Two of you should consider the following pillars for building your home, it’s an extract from my message in the church last sunday:
    1. Pillar of love – love cover multitude of sin Eph 5:25-26
    2. Pillar of submission – submit yourself one to another Ephesians 5:21-24
    3. Pillar of forgiveness- Coll 3:13 learn to forgive
    4. Pillar of wisdom, knowledge and understanding Proven 24:3
    5. Pillar of prayer- prayers can move mountain. Always pray for your husband
    6. Pillar of the word of God. Build your home on the
    principle of the word of God
    7. Pillar of good communication – Words can make people draw sword and words can make somebody deep his hands in the pocket and bring out something good. Only speak good words even when your spouse speak bad ones

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