Husband beats his wife after catching her in bed with neighbor (Photos)

Below are pictures of what a husband did to his wife. According to a Twitter user who shared the pictures, the man decended on his wife after he caught her in bed with their neighbor.

Husband beats his wife after catching her in bed with neighbor (Photos)

The Twitter user wrote:

“Her husband did this to her because she was caught having sex with a neighbor.
What do you think ?
Twitter lawyer & judges I have brought this to the court for y’all to judge this case, was the husband right or wrong?”

Drop a comment below of you think what the man did to his wife is not right.



  1. Give thanks she’s still alive and the man not declared a murderer. At that point he may have lost sanity rather a hearsay situation. . . . .

  2. In as much as I do not support the action of the man, I would have said she deserved it. But it would have been better to treat the case differently.

  3. She deserved it, If he killed her then he is wicked but rather he choose to punish her instead , that is a temporary control of anger , I’m impressed

  4. Even though what she did was highly not accepted, i totally do not agree with the idea of beating her to this extent, he went extreme.

  5. This one is too much if he is anger like that just give her a divorce so that she can go and marry the neighbors.

  6. Beating her up this way, I don’t think that it will solve the problem, what if she while you were beating her you would have been in jail no matter the cause of the problem. There is wisdom in which you would have used to follow, I swear she won’t even look at any man again. Some women are shameless you know, God forbid bad thing

  7. Ok. I don’t support infidelity but I don’t believe that even a murderer should be beaten up this way. Marriage is not by force biko. That man should be arrested.

  8. To me i think the man is right, this should serve as a lesson to those women out there who are not satisfied with their husbands…if it were some men they might beat her to death… It serves her right..

  9. But is this not too much,what if she dies in the process,he will just rot in jail,may God save us from this perverse generation.

  10. Its so unjustifiable no matter what his wife has done. He should have been a little more soft in his approach to the wrong done by his wife.

  11. I don’t support her action but this is out of place. There are many ways to resolve things. I don’t support this either

  12. Iyawo oni sekuse!!!….everyday for the thief, one day for the owner of the house….so you think you are smart now…..see how the table turned against you

  13. Neither of them did what was good. How could she do that to the man? Men so much dislike this, it would have been a different ball game if it were in an area the man was not known.

  14. She lead herself to what his husband did to her but the husband should have taken the matter to her people to deal with the matter

  15. The man is a very big fool , he should have sent her back to her parents
    He should face the full wrath of the law

  16. What he did is good,if I was the one I will send her packing back to her parent house,this is height of infidelity,your neighbor na waoo

  17. Anyway, I can see, the husband is not mature. The worst that could happen between them is divorce. He must be punished

  18. Battering her was not the best of all options, knowing the reason(s) for her actions should have be his priority(if that is her first time of cheating on him), to err is human and to forgive is divine. We are not perfect as human, we all make mistakes and we offend God every seconds. Some or most married men cheat on their wives, and few of the women affected use wisdom in getting their man or husband back. If I was to be in his shoes, I will ask her why ahe humiliate me, what offence have I committed to deserve what she did, I will give her second chance and pamper her and tell please don’t repeat such because, you are my world.

  19. The man totally wrong. He should have send her packing. You will just put yourself in trouble with the law.

  20. That is very good for her. Infect that one is too small, he should have make it to look more serious and worster than this

  21. Wow this is very nice the husband is very right for beating her because the husband has paid the bride price how can you brought another man to your husband house and be having sex with him you are very stupid

  22. Beating her is not the best. There are lots of way in which one deal with any woman that fornicate around.

  23. D husband was wrong he went to far in handling d issue, y will he beat his wife to dis extend like as if she is his slave if he was d one caught cheating noting would hav been done to him bt bcos he feels he has d power as he man he decided to use it on his wife,wat d wife did was wrong bt d husband went to far

  24. That’s is not the right thing to do because it doesn’t change anything she did wrong but dosen’t deserve what the husband did to her.

  25. The wife, The husband and even the neighbor are all psychos. The husband is nit supposed to raise his hands on his wife. There are other ways to treat those kind of issues

  26. What a sad incident. But the woman and man are both wrong,the man was wrong to have beaten his wife and the woman is wrong to have cheated on her husband.

  27. The man on his side over reacted. There better ways of treating issued like this, though the woman didn’t do well

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