How women can keep their husbands from flirting – Daddy Freeze

Daddy Freeze has dropped some wise words for women who would to love to stop their husbands from flirting and running after other women outside the home.

Freeze is of the opinion that if women could spend less time in praying and fasting and devote enough time to dressing sexy at home, that would keep their husbands from looking outside for other women.

How women can keep their husbands from flirting – Daddy Freeze

According to him, insinuations by some people that even if women would dress naked for their husband, those who would still cheat would do so, did not hold any water.

He wrote on his Instagram:

“Dear women, if you spent the time you are spending praying and fasting, dressing sexy for your husbands, you will have less divorce cases and less unfaithful husbands.

“Some cretinous dingbats will say, even if you are naked a man that would cheat, would cheat. It’s the intellectual equivalent of saying everyone will die, so let’s just eat all the junk food we can lay our hands on.

“Do your bit first, pray, yes! fast, yes! nut make sure you are your husbands whore, so your job and position won’t be outsourced.”

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