How woman I tried to help called me a ritualist – Actor Okiemute

Nollywood actor and producer Okiemute Mrakpo has taken to Facebook to narrate an incident on how he was almost lynched after a woman he tried to help called him a ritualist.

How woman I tried to help called me a ritualist – Actor Okiemute

The actor, in his narration, mentioned that while on transit from Owerri to Asaba, his bus stopped at Ontisha and he decided to buy African Star Apple from an old woman.

The woman disclosed to him her entire merchandise was worth N100, but he decided to give her N1,000 considering her condition, only for her to call him out for being a ritualist and trying to use her destiny.

She caused a scene immediately and it took the grace of God for him to be saved from possible lynching.

He wrote:

This post is to point out the never mentioned disadvantages of random acts of kindness. Yesterday Sunday being the 29th day of March 2020, I was on transit Owerri Imo state to Asaba Delta state.

One of the passengers in the commercial vehicle stopped at Orlu junction / Onitsha Road, I saw a very aged woman probably 65-75 years old, in keen interest in what she was doing around such areas, I looked in scrutiny only to discover that she was hawking African Star Apple fruit popularly known as Agbalumo.

I enquired from her to know the worth of all the (very few) Agbalumo on her tray and she told me #100 Naira, instantly I felt very moved to help her but because I was struggling to arrive my destination in order to evade a stronger traffic congestion, I brought out my wallet and stretched a #1,000 Naira note to support her, in return I got a very loud yell from her, she cussed and cursed me but all in Igbo dialect which I don’t understand, I took it lightly until I saw everyone inside the vehicle I was boarding and everyone outside staring glaringly at me.

I instantly asked a fellow passenger (Igbo guy) around my age mate to explain what the aged woman was saying and he informed me that the old woman has been calling me a “blood money ritualist” that I intended to swap her destiny with mine hence I gave her that money 😂😂😂😂😂. I ignored her and remained mute while nursing the shame from the embarrassment. She created a very big scene and at a point

I got very scared because some youths started coming around to know what the situation was as she continued screaming and calling the attention of passersby. Other passengers in the commercial vehicle were just giving me a weird look & it got to a point when I brought out my Identity card to explain to the passengers in the vehicle that I’m a philanthropic head of a registered charity organization but no one was even interested in what I was saying and at that point I thought I was a ritualist unknowingly to me 🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️😂😂😂

Now my pain is this;
There are soft hearted people just like me, after the ordeal the only thing I was thinking was people and their daily random charitable acts, I pondered on this for a while and then like the speed of light the thoughts of those four innocent boys (GOD Bless their soul) killed in Aluu engulfed my thoughts,

I thought of other innocent people (GOD Bless their soul) killed by different enraged mobs. I am not yet sure how long this trauma will last but I keep asking myself;
What if I wasn’t inside a commercial vehicle?
What if people misunderstood and had attacked me immediately?
What if I wanted to express myself, will they have allowed me?

Sometimes people cast mere aspersions (As they will later term it if caught or proved wrong) and then see it as nothing, but when it eventually goes round and becomes violent, they are not there to say the truth.

Too many people want to help but they are scared of the negative outcome. People these days will swear on their life that whatever they say is correct after reading just the headline of a story. Look before you leap is not just a literature term, it is something we must all inculcate into our individual systems and by so doing it is applicable to all endeavors of our daily activities. It takes only one blogger to post a fake “money ritual” news before it becomes the talk of the town, such would have been my case if not for GOD’s hand in my life.

I am wondering how many people go through such an ordeal everyday but don’t talk about it (Which is worst than talking about it because it changes their perception on charity and they become somewhat evil). May GOD order every footstep we take Amen 🙏

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