How we’ll turn around entertainment industry, by Sanwo-Olu

The All Progressives Congress (APC) governorship candidate in Lagos State, Mr Babajide Sanwo-Olu, has said his administration would be investing “heavily” in creative industry to give talented young people an opportunity to realize their potential.

Entertainment and tourism industry, Sanwo-Olu said, is one of key areas his government would focus on for job creation and economic growth.

How we’ll turn around entertainment industry, by Sanwo-Olu LAILASNEWS
Sanwo-Olu taking a selfie with the Big Brother Naija housemates during the visit to his office in Ikoyi

The APC candidate said he would deploy innovation and modern technology to unlock the potential of entertainment and tourism, adding an investment in creative industry would have direct impact on the economy and discourage restiveness among the youth.

Sanwo-Olu spoke when he hosted the 2018 housemates of Big Brother Naija paid him a courtesy visit in his campaign office in Ikoyi. Big Brother Naija, aired by Africa Magic, is one of the most watched television reality shows in Nigeria and Africa.

The APC candidate said his government would build entertainment hubs across the state where young people can hone their skills and promote their talents.

Sanwo-Olu also pointed out that his administration would introduce a funding opportunity that would mitigate the risk and marketing challenges for innovative solutions generated by tech start-ups, stressing that young people would be engaged to drive the tourism programmes of his administration.

He said:

“We have started a conversation with experienced practitioners in entertainment industry, with an objective to jointly come up with a general entertainment hub where talented young people can hone their skills in theatre, music, dancing and acting. We are looking at how the private sector can partner with us to build an entertainment destination where every Lagosian would be proud of.

“We are doing this to help the practitioners improve their creativity in film production, acting and entertainment generally. We hope this investment and effort would give our young people a new lease of life in terms of upgrading their skill and turning their skills to something valuable.”

The governorship candidate advised young people to embrace hard work and prepare themselves for opportunities that will help them realize their dreams.

He said:

“Young people need to have the audacity to pursue your dreams, but they must have something that is driving them towards reaching their goals. What the government can do is to provide an enabling environment for their skills to thrive. This is what we are setting out to do if elected.”


  1. they have started with their bogus promises as soon as they win now remind them of their promises
    they will swear with their life never have they make such promises

  2. Making promises, when you stepped in now you forget everything you promised. Nigeria and their promising politicians Anyway I prayed that God will make you to fulfill all these promises because it will help our youth a lot

  3. Easier said than done… many have promised even more before now…wetin we get….All the same let’s watch and see how it all plays out

  4. you won’t be the first person promising before been elected, after election like this then the story will change

  5. Politican for me can never keep they promise,but let me see what he will do. I hope he does not fell us

  6. Action speaks louder than voice..make an action…let us see it then we will believe You are coming back large fa

  7. Nice and creative idea,only if they would still remember this promise they re making now…may God help us.

  8. For me I don’t believe him all this are campaign stuff once he win all these will be forgetting this is not first or going to be last we are tried of fake promise for campaign things.

  9. This will be a good idea so long as the funds and assistance reach the required and needy members of the society.

  10. Am nt moved by all dis promises of his bcos he is nt different from every other politicians all we get is empty promises just to get wat dey want,anyway let’s wait and see

  11. And all these promises coming out from the mouth of a politician scares us the more. Lets wait until then.

  12. There is nothing we are going to do because, they always make promise without fulfillment but I think we should wait till then sha.

  13. He should not just say it but he should keep to his word if he wins all these their political statement I really hope he dose it.

  14. Nice innovative idea. But don’t forget Agriculture.. No be every body wan dey sing pangolo songs. Some of us Want to work with our hands

  15. I just pray he be reminded of all this promises he is making now. Not when he gets into office he’ll be doing anyhow.
    Let good and effective politicking lead.

  16. They make a lot of promises and when they win, they won’t even remember that they made those promises again.

  17. Of all the good things one could ever think of doing for a nation…. Big brother Naija promotes sexual promiscuity . I don’t like it

  18. thats very good just keep on doing what you think is right god will help you with all what you are doing

  19. All this promises they make during campaign and fail to fulfil after they have been elected to the position… May God help you to fulfil this one. Amen.

  20. You have won already Insha Allau, we believe every of your word. Congratulations in advance

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