How Taxi driver connected me with my wife – Man narrates

An obviously excited man has taken to twitter to narrate on how a taxi driver connected him and his wife, in what could be considered as a twist of fate.

In his narration, he mentioned that the cab man in those days, was his regular driver, and was supposed to carry him alone to his destination since he already chattered the cab. But something happened and he met his wife.

How Taxi driver connected me with my wife – Man narrates

Read the thrilling love story below:

The sweetest soul in a woman. It was a Wednesday early morning in the year 2012, April. I was on a business trip to Kano. I took charter of a car in order to make it back on time same day. My young coy had mattresses order to deliver the next day. My mood was blunt and hurried.

Abdul the driver was to pick me up at 5am, but he showed up late past 6am, finally we hit the road. About 50kms away from town, he (driver) had a call and next he parked, “what’s the matter”, I angrily queried him. “Calm down Oga GALEX”, he retorted. I fumed, raged, threatened

But he was unmoved. We’ve known each other for like a year, a good helpful guy, so I had to listen to him. “Oga GALEX I got a call there are passengers stranded, no more vehicle to convey them, let’s go back and carry them, then, take the money to reduce your expenses”.

Wow! Anambra man don hear money, beautiful offer, like detergent foam, my anger went with the wind. “Do whatever suits you Abdul”, was my reply to save face. Got there, four men quickly took the back seat, I sighted a beautiful lady standing, looked worried but nonchalant.

Abdul left to settle the Park operators. Next, he came to front seat car window and whispered, “GALEX, that lady there is an ABU student, and she has a exam by 11am today, can you manage sit with her here please”, “whaaat”, I retorted. One of the Park operators added voice,.

Then, I yielded, babe came in and just said thank you with tight face😁😁, I didn’t respond.We got on the journey shaa, somehow I managed opened conversation, and got her contact number….hmmmm. But she paid, I was the conductor, so I did my job😏😂😂.

I could had missed the sweetest soulmate if not that I am good hearted💪. God has a beautiful way of arranging destinies.So, here we are, dated for 2yrs, now married for 5yrs, have being prospering, blessed with two sweet kids.

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