How social media made me believe my boyfriend must buy me gifts – Lady

A Nigerian lady has taken to social media to give a narration on how her mind was conditioned to believe a boyfriend that claims he loves a woman must always buy her gifts.

According to her, she used to have a boyfriend that showered her with many gifts but was a serial cheater. And currently her new boyfriend does the opposite, but she has peace of mind as he instead showers her with love.

How social media made be believe my boyfriend must buy me gift – Lady

She wrote:

My ex showered me with gifts & expensive dates. He also cheated a lot & emotionally abused me. My current doesn’t buy me anything & it used to kill me in the beginning until I realized that he gives me peace of mind, worships the ground I walk on & supports my dreams.

I hate that social media made me believe that if a man loved me, he had to buy me stuff. Took me years to unlearn that expectation and to understand that everyone has their own love language.

I find that “not having it all” is only a prblm if we make it 1. I thought a relationship was supposed to give me evrything. But some things you get from friendships/fam, other things from work & some things you give urself. A partner doesn’t necessarily have to play every role.


Replying to her post, a lady wrote that it is time other women began to understand that every man has his own unique way to love.

She wrote:

There’s no one size fits all approach to any of this. I’ve never expected gifts/money and I never relied on social media to teach me, that was instilled by my upbringing. Wish self care was more of a focus instead of how relationships are supposed to fufil us


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