How she caught me cheating few months to wedding – Man narrates

A Nigerian man has taken to popular Nigerian forum Nairaland to narrate a sad incident on how his fiancee caught him cheating few months to their wedding.

the man described the woman as the best gift God has ever given him, but he lost her, due to his careless attitude.

How she caught me cheating few months to wedding – Man narrates

She picked his phone and saw a conversation where he was telling another lady she was his cousin

Read full story below:

Hello Guys,

Please don’t Mind my English, am really typing this in tears and pain.

So there’s the babe I’ve been dating, I truly love her and we’ve been setting up my new flat and making plans for our Traditional wedding hopefully this November but something tragic struck and took away all d Joy and Happiness….

This was how it began, she took my phone and went through all my chats and I had some female friends I’ve been flirty chatting with but honestly I I was dumbed to have done dat…

I lied to them that I was single and searching I never accepted that I had a Fiancé just for the fun of it I also lied that she was my cousin and she found out all those stuffs and now she has ended the relationship…

I’ve cried and wept because my stupidity has made me to loose my angel…

She’s an ideal wife I never knew what got over me to just try being flirty….

I have involved my Family and her Family to beg her but she has refused. She told my eldest brother that she can’t love me anymore.

I’ve also pleaded with her best friend and siblings to plead with her but she’s not willing to come back….
I’ve sent her over 50 apology SMS I’ve called her line over a 30 times but she’s not willing to take my calls.

When I call with an unknown number and she hears my voice she will drop the call.
She doesn’t wana even talk to me.

The whole house looks empty without her I just can’t forgive myself for loosing the best gift God gave me. Now I feel so downcasted…

Brothers and Sisters please I need your candid advice. Your Free to Insult me

Am writing this because I’ve not been able to sleep. I can’t Forgive my self. I truly Love her.

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