How Nigerian writer and his wife coincidentally made huge sacrifice for each other

A Nigerian writer has recounted how he and his wife coincidentally made huge sacrifice for each other out of the love they share.

The man, Oluwanishola Akeju Whitehead took to his social media page to share how he needed money to pay for an exam while his wife was also in dare need of money for a project but was surprised that they both ended up sacrificing their needs for each other.

How Nigerian writer and his wife coincidentally made huge sacrifice for each other

He wrote;

Last month, I planned to balance a fee for a program I am having. Moreso, having known that without full payment, I won’t be allowed to write the exams.

My wife likewise had been expecting to use an amount for a project that was long delayed.

Both of our needs were very important and we both knew that we shouldn’t miss the payment.

She was trying to get fund and I was equally doing the same.

So, I spoke with a friend and luckily,I was given a work to do that will fetch me almost half of the amount I needed to pay. He promised to borrow me the remaining, then I can balance the fee for my program.

I got the money and it was just 5 days to exams.

I called my wife to ask if she has been able to get any fund for her’s. She said No but someone promised her. I said okay.

I woke up around 2am in the midnight and I saw her online, on Whatsapp.

I was surprised. I wanted to message her and asked what’s keeping her up but then, I didn’t.

I had a feeling in my heart, that she may be trying so hard to get fund which also may be giving her sleepless night.
I know how it is when you are in dare in need of something.

In the morning, I transferred the amount with me to her with a message, use for your project.

While waiting for her call to acknowledge that she received the money, same friend called me and asked if I had payed. I said no. He asked why. He was surprised. I told him my wife needed it immediately and I have to give her.

He was speechless. He asked me, what I intend to do. I told him I don’t know yet. He said he would call me back.

Later he did. He sent me the full amount and told me to go pay and return it later. I was happy and that was how I paid.

Still waiting for my wife to call me, she didn’t. I tried her number but it wasn’t going through.

I was a little worried. Much later that day, I got an alert and it was the same amount for the fee I have paid for.

I didn’t know who sent me the money and where it came from.

Then a call came. It was my wife. She asked me if I received any money. I said yes. She said, I should go and pay my fee. I was numbed.
I didn’t even know where to start my explanation.

I told her i sent her money for the project also. She said, “ah!”

I explained and we both bursted into laughter.

And that moment I know we both share one heart.

When two are joined together, they become one flesh, that means much more than just becoming lovers. It means joining hearts, joining dreams, joining thoughts, and becoming best friends.

The best way to fully enjoy any relationship, is to go into that relationship with the heart to give, and how much value you can add.

You need to think more of what you can give than what you stand to gain.

And eventually, you will realize that you’ve gain more than what you’ve given.

My wife loves me more! 😁

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