How Nigerian soldier fighting Boko Haram professed love for wife

A Nigerian soldier fighting Boko Haram insurgents in the northeast, has professed his love for his wife in a touching way.

Nigerian soldier fighting Boko Haram professes love for wife with bullets lailasnews

The courageous soldier professed love for his partner with bullets, while also revealing that he’s ready to die for his country as he wrote the emotional message with mixed feelings.

The message was shared by Sadiq Muktar who works with Doctors Without Borders. See post below;

How Nigerian soldier fighting Boko Haram professed love for wife lailasnews 1

The indications are very strong, I may not be able to write you again, I feel impelled to write this lines that may fall under your eye when I shall be no more.

With full of pleasure and sadness, it may be one of my severe conflict and deadly to us. Not my will, but thine O God, be done. If it is necessary that I should fall on the battlefield for my country, I am ready. I have no misgivings about, or lack of confidence in, the cause in which I am engaged, and my courage does not halt or falter.

I know how strongly you are, please always put me in your prayers, we shall met again. yours your one and only.#Istandwiththemilitary

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  1. So tuching….. Nothing will happen to you in jesus Name…. You shall come back and meet your wife in good health.

  2. This is serious, he loves her so much and he also love his country. I pray she will have the heart of enduring and pray strongly for him as he requested

  3. This is so sweet…I pray this war doesn’t separate you from your wife and shall come back looking whole and healthy

  4. Ooh!! That touched me. God will guide and protect you guys as you put your lives on the line to protect our country.

  5. You want fall in the battle field.God will protect you and hide you in his enemies shall fall in your stead.You will live to see your ADAMA again.

  6. Tears really gathered up in my eyes. God please bless all security personnel out there living their families behind to make sure I’m safe. Guide and protect them. Amen.

  7. That’s touching. But if you really love her don’t put yourself at risk so that you can see her again

  8. This is more reasons why we should respect this soldiers because they leave their families to fight for the honour of our nation

  9. Don’t worry the Lord will keep you alive no matter what, just be faithful,well I can see you really love your wife,

  10. Wow so touching! Nothing is going to happen to you, you will go in good health and also come bacl in good health

  11. It is my prayer that God will protect you as you battle the deadly Boko Haram force doggedly bit for your information Nigeria army careless about your death.

  12. This really touching story. You will not die. Just be courageous and strong because the Lord that keeps His People does not sleep nor slumber

  13. U better go home I met ur lovely, i had u saying that u love ur country ,ur country that v be expired since 2014 u said u love ,a country that feed ur enemies with good equipment n u give feck equipment to fight ,u better go home,

  14. Gallant soldier it is good to remember your loved ones expecially your wife so remember to stay awake and be alive

  15. His love for his wife
    Is so pathetic
    I pray God should you in all your endeavor
    And come house safely and meet your loves ones

  16. Why did you join the army in the first place. Don’t you know you are killing people . is that what you are brought to this world to do.

  17. Hmmm.. That’s serious, people that are getting married to military men are strong o.. I pray their lifes are preserved

  18. This is just so touching. I really feel thier pain. I pray God guides and bring him to unite with his family again

  19. It is very very emotional and touching, may God bless all our soldier’s fighting insurgency to keep us alive

  20. I feel like crying, you will definitely come back in Jesus name, you won’t die and you will say this again to her face to face

  21. May God see you through, the only problem i personally have with this fight is when is it going to end?..

  22. This is really sad and touching. I pray he makes it back alive to his wife . These military men go through a lot serving their fatherland.I think the government should do more for them

  23. Awwww, this Is Beautiful! You will go and come back Safely and meet your precious wife in Jesus name…… Amen

  24. A yah don’t worry brother because the spirit of your wife is with you. you must come back home safely in Jesus name

  25. May the Lord preserve you and other soldiers in the battle field and bring you back home to your loved ones

  26. Going through this line makes one sad and what true love is all about,I pray God keep and protect him for her and Nigeria

  27. I felt like crying. This guys who are ready to sacrifice for their country by fighting insurgents are really trying. Their wives also, some of them become a young widow they endure the cold season alone, too many things. I pray God preserve you and many others passing through pains like you

  28. Hmm…so touching.
    His mates are at home with their wives and children but he is on the battlefield. May God keep you. If for nothing but for Adama.

  29. Adamma if u got this, just know that you need to get closer to God. This guy loves his woman to the core. Just that life and fate has got something else in mind for the lovebirds.

  30. U need not express fear soldier. The battle may be fierce but you will conquer.
    Just stay careful and let that which drove you in time past…drive u again…
    Dont stop loving her. I just pray she loves him this much too.

  31. How I wish our political leaders put an end to the insurgency so that this people can enjoy their family.

  32. This is a very hard write up. They may never meet again. Its a tough call and decision the lady made.

  33. I pray that the almighty God will guid you and bring you safely to your wife. But note that you will gain nothing dying for your country but you will gain more if you can die for the gospel.

  34. God my prayer is that you protect our solders, I pray that nothing will happen to you ijn Amen and you will come back and meet your loving wife Amen

  35. So touching….this is an experience you get when love arrest you….. Nothing is gonna happen to you bro you will come back healthy and strong to meet your family and loved ones

  36. For your love to our country and your wife. Almighty God will protect and guide you over there to come back home safely.

  37. This is serious, he loves her so much and he also love his country. I pray she will have the heart of enduring and pray strongly for him as he requested

  38. I pray this woman doesn’t develop bp…..its not easy at cos she is either expecting the man home or get his death news.may God give her strength wich ever way

  39. Hmmm…dats true sha..profess ur love for her..bcos over there in Maiduguri.. Book haram no be small thing.

  40. The lord will surely see you through matter what happened so that your wife will not become a widowed at a young age your love for her will keep you save

  41. People don’t understand the power of love anymore,
    I think this soldier does
    Love can make you do the unthinkable

  42. Oh, Father for the sake of his undying love for his wife keep him safe protect him and make his wife happy. Hear their prayers and shield him from Boko and other unforseen war coming his way

  43. Her touching message…..Please Lord let him make it back alive and victorious so he can see her again. Thank you so much for serving your country.

  44. This is true love to his country and to his wife I pray that by the special Grace of God you will surely come back to your wife

  45. Father Lord I pray every men on the battle field would be back home safely in Jesus name. Those that are dead, the death won’t be in vain also

  46. awwn this is so cute insha Allah you won’t fall in the battle field you’ll comeback and unite with your family happily

  47. Wow,love in the air,i join my faith with your girlfriend,you shall concur,you shall go abd come back alive in Jesus name Amen,#1lovekeepustogether

  48. So touching…i love this man… may God grant you safe journey to come back to your woman. loving message

  49. All these killings should end so wife should be together with hubby for good. You will not die brother

  50. That good he really make sense for doing that action and for me can that works Haaa because I think that what will make boko Haram kill her wife

  51. That true love you have for your wife will save you from halm because love concurs all especially when the love is pure from the heart

  52. Love is timeless I swear but God knows the best for his children he will protect them all for us our love ones


  54. May God unite you back to Adama. Nigerian soldiers are really trying alot and sacrificing alot for this country

  55. It really touching and amazing, may God protect you to be with your love life again, all the best bro

  56. Non of you guys will fall for the bastard bokoharam to exit. Gallant soldiers are all at your back.

  57. What an impressive write up. These soldiers re really trying for the country yet their effort re not appreciated. May God protect you guys

  58. The God I serve can never let you die. He didn’t bring you this far to disgrace you in the battle field. He will guide you people through this war amen

  59. Oh such a sweet touching message there to his wife. This can bring a lot of tears to many soft hearts that read this message especially where he wrote this may be his last message to her. Just hope he stays alive and share this love with he’s wife. Is scary because of the huge casualties we report on our soldiers everyday and when this kind of message comes out, you begin to imagine what this soldiers are passing through for our own safety. Hope government come to the aide of this men and provide more military equipments to defeat this war.

  60. I pray this war doesn’t separate you from your wife and shall come back looking whole and healthy

  61. Thats so touching.. He really loves her..sending her message that she will always have in mind

  62. Awwwwwwww! I’m deeply touched. I hope you see each other again. I pray for you and the military that victory is ours in Jesus name Amen.

  63. Is this love that am feeling, love for the country or for your wife, well the Lord will see you through

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