How Nigerian medical center denied lovers contraceptive cause ‘it is a sin’

Nigerian medical center denies lovers contraceptive cause 'it is a sin' lailasnews

A Nigerian man has taken to Twitter to narrate how he and his girlfriend were denied advice on the best contraceptive to use, because pre marital sex is a sin.

Taking to Twitter, @dejiayoola_xi, called out popular family and reproductive health clinic, Olikoye Ransome-Kuti Medical Center (ARFH-ORMC), for what he tagged ‘and unprofessional attitude.’

Read his experience below;

Had the funniest experience today with my girlfriend and it was just a sharp reminder that Nigerian incompetence knows no bounds

We both walked into @OlikoyeO today, a popular family and reproductive health clinic today, seeking contraceptive advice from a Family Planning Counsellor and her reply from the go was absolutely shocking
She first looks at us and asks “who needs the family planning?” . That immediately catches me off guard. She then proceeded to ask about our religion and was very shocked to find that we were Christians. Thus began the long unwarranted lecture that she dished out

She first said, we both would not make heaven if Jesus came immediately, and proceeded to remind us that there’s a 3rd world war coming and that Jesus is coming soon.

Next up was a sermon on how we the youth are expected to carry the mandate of christ, but we can’t preach anymore because we are already complicit and thus cannot win any souls
Next she lectured my girlfriend on the dangers of unprotected sex before marriage even with contraception. A carefully worded speech on how she would be the receptor of whatever diseases i gather from sleeping around, using specific terms like ” oju ara wa si si aye”…

Like we hadn’t had enough. she proceeded with a barrage of examples and means by which we could easily get married and that family planning would make more sense afterwards because there would be no sin involved
after about 30 minutes of all this, she then proceeded to give us the actual advice we came for with a smug look on her face, looking almost like she was compelled to give the advice in the first place

It’s sad that a family and reproductive health clinic can hire someone in a position of importance like this who lacks level of maturity required to put her job over her religion

It’s even worse that these are the people society has to turn to in times like these.

I can just imagine if I was a 16 year old kid in crucial need of advice and I approached this same woman, I can just imagine what the outcome would be

We would then later look at this kids dying from abortion and still go out to talk nonsense, when the institutions that have been put in place to help them only helped destroy them.

@OlikoyeO do better!

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