How MC Oluomo was stabbed with a poisoned knife at Lagos APC rally

A National Union of Road Transport Workers (NURTW) leader Musiliu Akinsanya, popularly referred to as MC Oluomo was stabbed with a poisoned knife at the Lagos APC rally yesterday.

An APC chieftain who was at the venue made the revelation to The Pulse on condition of anonymity.
How MC Oluomo was stabbed with a poisoned knife at Lagos APC rally lailasnews 3
How MC Oluomo was stabbed with a poisoned knife at Lagos APC rally

“MC Oluomo was stabbed twice with a poisonous knife called Makenje (which literally translates to don’t touch blood). All the VIPs were spirited out of the venue by security personnel. It was like a war zone with sophisticated guns and machetes on display”, he said.

Another source opened up that the violence was orchestrated by persons who are still angry that Ambode was schemed out of the 2019 governorship race and disgraced, as Sanwo-Olu was settled for by the powers that be.

“It was well planned by top politicians. This was carried out by thugs loyal to Ambode’s camp. These thugs and the politicians who put them up to this are still angry that Ambode didn’t get a second term ticket.

The plot was to disrupt the rally and turn attention away from the candidate Sanwo-Olu. And you have to say they succeeded to some degree”, says the source.

MC Oluomo wasn’t supposed to be rushed to the hospital after being stabbed, because he supposedly wears a spiritual armour that shields him from gun, knife and other dangerous weapons. Which was why the knife used to stab him was a poisoned one.

But he was expected to be inured from the venom of a poisoned knife, no less.

In other words, MC Oluomo was supposed to be ‘unkillable’.

The only way they could break through MC Oluomo’s skin was to poison the knife and as I speak with you now, native and medical doctors are battling to keep him alive by extracting the venom from his system. It’s 50:50 for him now”, another APC source shares.

Another source mentioned that MC Oluomo is recovering in hospital after “doctors and two elderly jazzmen (native doctors) extracted the poison from his system

The man who stabbed MC Oluomo lives on Apapa Road in Ebute Metta. Forget what the Commissioner of Police is telling you”, the APC source offers.


  1. Poisoned knife. I believe politics is not a do or die affair. Sheeding blood is just out of it.

  2. Election and dangerous weapons, i wish him a quick recovery. Hope the poison didn’t get to all his system

  3. You people should stop working as political thugs and work on how your future will be bright.may God heal and deliver MC OLUOMO

  4. Later they will say its PDP that did it, now it’s from there own members just because of satisfaction

  5. Just for look at your self now, lying 50-50 in hospital and the people or person you are campainingg for is busy enjoying himself wherever he’s.

  6. Politics in nigeria should stop becoming a war but rather a platform where nigerians can express their freedom

  7. This are just mere speculations,they are not sure but they shouldn’t go about it this way.Nigeria politics is very dangerous and everyone should be careful.

  8. This is a tragedy scene ooo..i wish him quick recover..n the person that did that must face the law

  9. It’s better that investigations are carried out before individual conclusions. The chairman of NURTW can’t just lay blame or call names now.

  10. I guess this is not the first attempt that’s why they poisoned the knife, Nigeria politics is something else, well, quick recovery I pray

  11. Wow that means he is been hunt since so they use the chance of the rally to get him may he recover and disclose the person behind it

  12. It’s a pity.Nigerian politics.Lawless country that doesn’t know anything about politics.Bloody politics is there nickname.

  13. It’s warning to all of us, let’s deviate from violence this coming election. May God grant him life. Amen.

  14. Why will you stabbed a fellow being with a poisonous knife? if he is really in ebute meta I think the police should go for him

  15. They have started their violence again, can’t their just be an election they will conduct in Nigeria without fighting, only God can save Nigeria from wicked rulers, Nigeria will be restored to unity in JESUS name Amen

  16. All these witnesses are to be confined self. How did they know it is poisoned knife if they are not part of the plot.

  17. This is serious and alarming oo
    If state political campaign are like this, what of the presidential campaign
    May God help is in this country

  18. Lol if am there now them dem tell my mama say them kill person where i dey mu mom will come to the rally with slippers and draw my ears away from there with beaten she doesn’t care how old i am . I hope Mc Olomo recovers speedily

  19. It’s better that investigations are carried out before individual conclusions. The chairman of the road union can’t just lay blame or call names now.

  20. If things continue this way, election will be so bloody. I pray he survived it with this 50:50 of a thing.

  21. Politics has its bad and good side for the supporters, Mc olumo is just a victim no blame game on governor ambode please.

  22. Last statement is loaded,
    “The man that stabbed Oluomo lives on A papa road in Costain forget what police is saying”

  23. Politics is not do or die affairs. May God keep him alive. The person that did this should be brought book.

  24. This is very bad stabbing someone with poisonous knife that means they want his death before the law should take it’s full course

  25. Wonders they say shall never end…its a serious and alarming issue…they should all stop killings in the case in the name of politics

  26. This time around is no longer PDP, its now Ambode camp. This political thuggery, where re we heading to with our young democracy?

  27. I don’t believe that Ambode is responsible for the thugs that did it. How can they stab someone with a poisoned knife. That means they wanted him dead

  28. What is happening in Nigeria politics. Serious investigation should be done please to avoid reoccurrence.

  29. Hmmm, politics should be left for those who know how to play the game. Pray he survives this one.

  30. Thank God he is still alive…… I don’t just understand this politicians killing is just in their blood

  31. Is this how we will keep leaving in this country, why can’t we practice real politics without shading of blood

  32. power that be. I pray this country grow and mature from this method of doing things. wish mc oluomo quick recovery

  33. Hmm, thats a very potent charm oo”MAKANJE” the guy been stabbed shouldnt be taken to hospital rather to native doctor, for traditional treatment..

  34. Seriously… So these people goes diabolical to protect themselves. Is alright.
    Power have jarmed power and lesser power bowed

  35. I hope he recovered fast and please are you 100% sure it’s Ambode follower that did this we’ve to be sure so that we will not tarnished his image get the fact straight be spreading fake news

  36. It is only god that can help in such situation.. Not even the president of American can do anything about it

  37. In other words, MC Oluomo is unkillable.The people that stabbed him really had it all planned out.I hope he gets to survive this especially for his family and loved ones.Politics is really dangerous

  38. This is such a disgrace to our society, what is the gain in all these Supremacy or Death. Wasting lives

  39. You people know how to play blame game, is now Ambode thugs. Do you know wether the Mc offended anyone?.

  40. This is so sad,why trying to kill one and other over politics, I wish you quick recovery mc oloumo

  41. This man we talk about has done so many wrong thing to innocent people… So am not surprised at all

  42. all tis testimonies about his death being orchestrated by ambode are not yet investigated. but this act of killings is bad

  43. This is terrible! Mr Olumo is a very strong man. This election, everyone needs to be very careful

  44. By the time Oluomo gets better, I’m so sure his followers will retaliate in a deadly way against those that stabbed him. Lord, please protect every Citizens of Nigeria. Quick recovery

  45. This is very serious.
    A poisoned knife?
    Thank God for saving his life.
    I wish him a quickest recovery

  46. I hope he survives, all this nonsense for one politician that doesn’t worth it. People should be careful with all this campaigns here n there because is turning bloody now.

  47. That Ambode lost of it does mean they have to violent even at a rally. Too bad, I pray he recovers quickly.

  48. Poisoned knife? I believe politics is not a do or die affair. He should be brought to book and face the law. May God almighty see us through the upcoming 2019 elections

  49. I just pray that he survives I wonder why anyone will want to soil his hands for these stingy and selfish Nigerian politicians

  50. This painful
    I wish you quick recovery
    The people who have hands in this must not go unpunished

  51. I just want to use this opportunity to say a very big thank you for the establishment of this grate platform which is very essential for keeping us update on things around our society thanks once again.

  52. i pray he survived it by Gods protection oo,why should there be blood shed all because of election

  53. How can we make head way when losers will not accept defeat and work with whoever is in power. We need to move forward as a nation and let go of our archaic way of doing things. God help us.

  54. This is a tragedy scene ooo..i wish him quick recover..n the person that did that must face the law

  55. This is so cruel.. .not this year again..

    It’s too early for bloodshed, even self it’s shouldn’t be mentioned..

  56. oh why would he be stabbed where they fighting or are they dragging for something else , God pls save us this year of election

  57. This is diabolism in full force what a country. God help us during this period of election.

  58. it’s unfortunate that people are killing them for the sake of politicians. I wish him quick recovery. the perpetrators to be fished out to face the consequences.

  59. It was an in house thing.. Ambode’s loyalist are the cause of the rancour at that campaign ground.. But the MC oluomo that is wearing all the spiritual protections yet a spiritual knife still penetrated into him.. Evil people everywhere

  60. They are all touts and thugs used by politicans during elections. Let them kill thereselves if they want to and leave the innocent once out of there mischief.

  61. What a wicked world we are living in full of evil and wicked people. May God comfort his family.

  62. This is what happens when you betray… this man is just a victim of circumstances and this could give PDP the edge.

  63. Heyah….i pray for quick delivery for him o.the person that stab him is so actless…so he wants Mc Oluomo dead.

  64. I pray he survives this deadly attack. No matter the protection one has it is only God protection that is sure. Our politicians should desist from using the youths as thugs.

  65. I even though that he was dead, Thankgod he didn’t die. But politicians needs to stop this cruel act.

  66. Politics in Nigeria is getting deadlier by the day… God help us in this up coming election…

  67. This is very bad. I wonder when the youth of this nation will be wise enough not to kill one another for this politicians. God bless Nigeria

  68. Politicians and their wickedness toward others is getting out of hand.let the guilty face the law.

  69. The man was even read by doing his unkillable charms,God help us in the presdiental election, people are dieing because of governorship election

  70. justice must prevail for mc oluomo. The person responsible must be exposed and will face the consequences of his evil deeds

  71. If the person who stabbed can be traced then he should be arrested. It s not a welcomed news at all

  72. Why is he in killable, he is not God. But no one deserves to die. it’s quiet unfortunate. The rally turned this way. With the level of things we pray for peace and quick recovery of him and others

  73. There is nothing someone will not hear in this country. What did he do to them for them to have stabbed him with a poisoned knife. I pray he survives this. Serious investigation should be carried out in order to find out those that are truly guilty of stabbing him.

  74. Why are they always ready to kill themselves because of politics. Poisonous knife, Hmmm.

  75. Our youths should be careful, don’t be a loyal thug to one politician and loose your life in the process.

  76. Thats how they kill themselves while the candidates children are relaxing and enjoying abroad…

  77. For me I can’t pity him because he has done more than that my advice for the youth is to be careful during this election

  78. May God help us in this upcoming elections so that this type of violence won’t repeat itself again

  79. It was politically planed by those top old fools to kill the innocent man, the worst is that police won’t do anything

  80. That was too bad they must find people’s behind his starb and dey must face the jugment commtee

  81. This coming Election should be a peaceful one or else Nigeria will be on Fire. Politics is now turning into war in Nigeria

  82. That man should be brought to book…. If anything should happen to him, then he will go in for it… U allow yourself to be used as thugs for peanut

  83. Really?, this is so serious, getting really fetush all for politics. Is it really worth it?. Is politics a do or die affair?. May God grant him speedy recovery.

  84. Poisonous knife kwa, does it means that the victim is dead?
    I know this thug are in connection with top politicians

  85. It’s really very dangerous, it’s only God that can save him in this critical situation.

  86. I’m fed up with this country situation because why is people will stamp his fellow, with poisonous knife on top wait. Well, may God save mc oluomo to survived it.

  87. Jst rally and they are stabbing their self,pls everybody should be careful this election period,things are going to happen

  88. Politics is not a do or die affair, I dont know why Nigerians are taken too many things wrongly.

  89. The man should be apprehended and brought to face the law accordingly. May MC get the much needed care and healing he needs to recover fully and be alive

  90. I can only come out and vote if only I have noticed at least for two election conducted no life was lost, aside that my bed will be my best friend on the days of election in my country

  91. Imagine how politics is causing conflict in Nigeria, stabbing an opposition with poisoned knife. May God help us.

  92. This is really bad . On the other hand the thugs might not even come to disrupt the rally but maybe to kill MC Oluomo . I hope he gets better

  93. What a shame to our society, life wasted all because of politics, meanwile the culprit already knows the outcome, no cause for alarm

  94. God will help in this country o, we have not start election you people have start killing yourself in rally.

  95. This is a serious matter between this top politicians, We really need revolution in this country, all this old fools in the top government/politics should removed for the youth to reign.

  96. power that be. I pray this country grow and mature from this method of doing things. wish MC Olomouc quick recovery

  97. I saw this earlier today that if the government can’t control its own rally or if a political party can’t control its own rally can keep people safe, how safe will people feel on election day. This is a political war no doubt but why should it be oluomo who is suffering something he had no hand in? What where the security at the rally doing when all this were happening were they just standing there or making arrests? Even Ambode that was asked to step down isn’t taken this case personal, its the thugs who are causing menace while the security men stood there doing what? Something is fishy

  98. we must be weary of such political gatherings especially if you’ve been controversial politically. It’s a pity.

  99. Just campaign, and all this is happening, I wonder how the election will look like, I pray he survives

  100. All these political madness
    Are we supposed to believe this superstitious story
    I just hope things calm down

  101. I pity him but what goes around comes around. Any way I pray that he should survive it. More so politicians should inculcate the habit if sportsmanship.

  102. I don’t know why they always take politics as a do or die thing.I pray he survive it,wish him quick recovery.

  103. What is this life turning to people are not doing party but person.
    After those ones win the election their will not remember you again but now you lost your life for such invalid possession.

  104. Thats the way the vips will behave they will never stay to calm people down they would save themselves first. A leader would know how to talk to his people.

  105. Why is politics such a dirty game in Nigeria….may the souls of the deceased rest in peace

  106. I wish Oluomo quick recovery, the perpetrator of the stabbing should be arrested and prosecuted

  107. Peace should be embraced by all especially as we draw closer to the election. I wish him quick recovery.

  108. The main thing that relief me the most that mc oluomo is not dead but alive
    I thank God for uuu

  109. Stop working as a political thugs plz work on how your future.May your soul rest in peace.

  110. Nawa ooo, on top ruling as a governor of lagos state that all these shows of power is being displayed….Make MC no die ooo! wish him a speedy recovery….

  111. That was a terrible one oooo
    So they new it will not be easy to get him.. So dey decided to poison the knife..
    That was very bad
    The coprit should be detained

  112. I pray his killers be brought to face the law , its very painful that he had to die in such manner

  113. What then will happen if election eventually comes. May God hear our prayers. Wish you quick recovery

  114. was this not the same person that was like mocking bukola saraki, during the osun2018, and am also sure his hand sef no even clean too…

  115. This has gone extreme why should they stab him with such knife I just hope he comes out alive because makanje its deadly and poisonous

  116. This election won’t be easy o… Jazz men everywhere, politicians using the youths to do their biddings

  117. This is terrible.a campaign rally turn a war zone..i wish him quick recovery ..

  118. The police should try everything humanly possible to fish out that guy, dear lord I hand over 2019 election into your able hand father protect us

  119. Since mc oluomo has protection how come the knife was able to penetrate him any he should contact his jazzman for treatment 50 ,50 Chance is not a good chance

  120. If they are angry that Ambode didn’t get a second term ticket, does that mean mc oluomo is the reason for it.

  121. Politics is such a dirty game. Why on earth would anybody want to kill because of power. We should all learn from GEJ

  122. It is getting more rugged.
    Please all the politicians follwer be careful so that ur head will not be used

  123. It is quite unfortunate, I wish MC Oluomo quick recovery, it is well with us in this electioneering campaign period.

  124. For what reason do we have to kill ourselves in quest for worldly things… May God have mercy and grant him his life back

  125. Politics is a dirty game.I wish him quick recovery .worldly power is vain,give your life to Christ and repent from your deeds.

  126. Why is it that politics in Nigeria must be a very dirty game? The killers of this man mist be fished out and severely punished for this crime.

  127. The politics of nowadays is something else, lives is no longer have meaning to some people. Anyways I wish him quick recovery.


  129. Imagine, there is no charm anywhere in the world.Look at him now,killing their selves because of election. Nigerian politics sha.

  130. Nigerian politics and violence are like siemens twin of management.. When will these end in our politics.

  131. If this can happen in Lagos now, how safe are we when the general election will come in February 2019? May God help us all

  132. Maybe someone one was actually looking for an opportunity to do that, wish him quick recovery

  133. This is sounding to we humans that only God can keep us safe… Not fetish stuffs. I pray God forgive him and heal him.

  134. This is terrible, must there be form of violence because election is approaching. I wish him speedy recovery.

  135. I said it earlier that this was more than a NURTW issues that’s there was something behind it… So these are people that are angry that Ambidextrous didn’t make the second term as a governor

  136. What these hoodlums don’t realise is that the politicians will use and later dump them. #saynotoviolence.

  137. Poisonous knife, jazz for body, doctor, and jazz men … All these for one person body! I pray he make it ooo.

  138. It’s election time so it’s shouldn’t be a surprise. But the culprit should be captured and tried by the law

  139. What a sad incidence to have stab this man during a rally? Could it be that there are no sufficient security on ground? This rally is a poorly arranged.

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