How I fell in love with Ibrahim Suleiman – Linda Ejiofor

Following their star-studded wedding over the the weekend, Linda Ejiofor has revealed how she met and fell in love with Ibrahim Suleiman, her husband.

Linda Ejiofor reveals how she fell in love with Ibrahim Suleiman lailasnews
How I fell in love with Ibrahim Suleiman – Linda Ejiofor

According to Linda Ejiofor, the duo had been friends for years before they decided to take the relationship to a next level after sharing a closer relationship on the set of Tinsel in 2016.

In her words;

Ibrahim and I have been friends for a few years now, but it was not until after his mum passed away in June 2016 that we really started to bond. He was in a really dark place and was ready to throw in the towel and move back to Abuja so he could be closer to his siblings.

I (along with a few members of his inner circle) was able to convince him to stay in Lagos.He accepted a job as an Architect with a design and build firm, while working towards his first solo exhibition as an artist.

In November 2016, I, Harry Dorgu, and Adesua Wellington talked him into showing up for a reading for a role on Africa Magic’s TINSEL. Prior to this, he had never acted a scene in his life, so it was quite a coin toss for him.

The audition went well and he landed the role of Damini White, a character who is Bimpe Adekoya’s boss who becomes her onscreen lover.Over the next 13 months, we had to see each other on set 3-5 times a week and then our friendship grew stronger.

Ibrahim developed feelings soon after but was hesitant as he didn’t want to risk losing me as his closest friend if the relationship didn’t work out.

Eventually, he squared up and told me how he felt. Turns out the feeling was mutual and we both started dating quietly, with only their siblings, very close friends and a couple of colleagues in the know.


  1. Wow, your love is story is touching, I wish you both a happy home with Children surrounding you both…. Congratulations to you two

  2. Wow, the beginning of their love story was beautiful,congratulations to both of them, may your home be filled with love and peace…

  3. This is beautiful. Just like the Banky and Adesuwa case. I hope they have a happy and fulfilled marriage

  4. oh great. i like how they kept everything a secret and let it grow stronger as time passes by, and hope they keep it all a secret now they are wedded to avoid the media cause issues for them just like they have caused some others to crash out of marriage. i hope they remain strong and yes, they both fit for each other. some of us already knew their role in tinsel will result to this and we werent wrong after all

  5. Your love story is so romantic you guys look great and good together . I pray you have the most blissful marriage ever

  6. This is lovely. May God bless their marriage. Friendship is meant to bring out the best in each other. She really did her homework very well. Congratulations.

  7. All thanks to God for making it reality ..may their union last long.congratulations once again.

  8. It’s a beautiful role played by Linda Ejiofor in the life of her present husband. Everyone needs an encourager as such. God bless their marriage.

  9. Awesome romantic tale..its very good and also advisable to be discreet about your relationship especially when you are unsure yet where it is leading.

  10. wonderful and romantic story.I hope this story can be converted to drama so that people can learn one thing or the other

  11. Wow. What a wonderful love story. I pray your love will continue to blossom. May it never grow cold.

  12. What a lovely story. May God bless you union,you will see you children’s children. Wish you a happy married life

  13. Wow,that’s really interested, from friendship to lovers, till husband and wife,may the Lord bless your Union

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