How I almost killed my family with accidental discharge – Policeman

After the police shooting at the Ekiti APC rally, which has been widely reported as an accidental discharge, a Kano based police officer, Usman Chindo, has opened up on how he nearly killed his family as a result of same action.

How I almost killed my family with AK-47 - Policeman reveals lailasnews 3

At the rally held in Ado Ekiti, a police officer was said to have shot member of the seventh House of Representatives and erstwhile governorship aspirant; Opeyemi Bamidele (MOB) while trying to shoot the APC governorship aspirant; Kayode Fayemi in Ekiti state yesterday.

Read below what Usman shared on Facebook

As I read about the accidental discharge that almost killed APC gubernatorial aspirant in Ekiti State. I remember how I almost killed my family as a result of unintentional or accidental discharge.

It was in 2013, I came back home with my AK-47 Double Magazine, hungry and tired, I had forgotten to unload it as I entered my apartment. (#mistake1). My #2mistake was not noticing that it was in DOUBLE action mode: the hammer had been cocked ( an indicator is telling you am ready fa). I always triple and quadruple check the chamber and magazine before getting my finger anywhere near the trigger. I have been so paranoid with gun safety over the years.

But that day, I unintentionally or rather my village people put my finger on the trigger, and gave a slight squeeze. #Mistake 3. I always follow “Never point the muzzle at anything you are not willing to destroy” but that day, my rifle was pointing at my new Samsung LED 48Inch Smart TV.

As I subconsciously pulled the trigger, two rounds of 7.62mm went through my TV and box spring, clipped the edge of my drawer, bounced off the concrete floor, and splintered and embedded itself in the baseboard wood and the concrete behind it. When I realized what I had done, my immediate response was to make sure everyone was okay. Everyone was, thank you God, and forgive my stupidity. My wife and kids were still sleeping in the bedroom, they like all who live in barracks are normally accustomed to the sound of gunfire, so none of them woke up from the sound.

I feel nothing but shame and embarrassment as I have always held myself to the standard of the safest when it comes to firearms. I cannot even believe myself. However, you guys can hold the sarcasm. This incident has been a secret between just me and my AK (and my TV, floor, and wall). Negligent discharges aren’t supposed to happen to responsible officers like me. They only happen to idiots, or so I thought. One small oversight can produce life-ending or changing consequences. I have learned my lesson. I hope others don’t need to learn it this way.


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