How Ghanaians won lottery with ex-president Mahama’s birth year

John Mahama’s birth year, 1958 has won lots of cash for at least two Ghanaians after they staked with the numbers when they got hold of the former president’s year of birth.

According to Adomonline, Mahama paid a visit to Moshi Zongo and other communities in Kumasi over the weekend and details of his birth were shared. Some residents who love betting decided to stake bets using his numbers and they won.

How Ghanaians won lottery with former president Mahama’s birth year lailasnews 3
How Ghanaians won lottery with former president Mahama’s birth year

A charcoal seller, Akua Laariba, who won her bets using the former president’s birth year said, “If you don’t have money, you don’t have a say, if not for the lottery my daughter, who has gotten nursing training admission, would’ve gotten pregnant.”

She said that her burden has been banished by the two ‘magic’ numbers, 19 and 58.

“When John Mahama came to Moshi Zongo, I went there and it was there, I learnt of the year he was born, so, I decided to stake it.

“I staked with 10 cedis and won 2,000 cedis. I’ve gone for another charcoal consignment and deposited 1,000 cedis in the bank to cater for my daughter’s education,” she added.

Another Kumasi resident, who placed her bets with Mahama’s birth year, Ayishetu, said, she heard about those winning bets by using Mahama’s birth year and decided to stake GHS5.

“I was at the store and I heard of it. I had to look for a secluded place to stake. I got 1,000 cedis,” she said with excitement.

Lotto seller, Kwame Bekoe, recounts several attempts he made on hearing of other people winnings.

He said,

“Since I missed the registration plate numbers stories, I had to fall on the birth year. I staked [and] lost 30 cedis each on Thursday and Friday. Finally, I won on Saturday. Some other friends also won. I think he (Mahama) is a lucky man.”


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