How friends contributed cash so their friend could get married

A committee of friends came together to do the unthinkable for their friend who was taking time to get married – they contributed cash towards his wedding.

This was made known by a twitter user identified as Seun, who wrote that his friend has been dating the lady for about 4 years, but the wedding is being delayed because of lack of funds.

How friends contributed cash so their friend could get married

So his friends had to come together to bail him out by making cash donation:

He wrote:

A friend of mine who has been dating his babe for 4 years delayed getting married because of funds. Few of us came together to donate gifts, cash and packs of Bigi Apple. Tomorrow, my friend is getting married. If you have a few people who truly care about you, you are blessed.

Someone however believes they made a great mistake as their friend has no business marrying if he can’t afford the wedding.

Y’all couldn’t tell your friend he has no business getting married when he can’t afford to? Will y’all also donate when it’s time for antenatal , pampers and school fees ? Y’all couldn’t tell him to hustle because marriage is harder than wedding? What kinda friends are you?

Seun in his defence responded saying:

He has a job, but not paying as well as required. He fits his cloth according to his size, he will cope. He needed a push which we did. Thanks bro


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