How fake news on Osinbajo with strippers almost crashed his marriage

Recently, photos of Vice President, Prof. Yemi Osinbajo with strippers surfaced on the internet and news spread on how the VP was meddling with the daughters of the night.

But it turned out to be fake news and the Vice President has said that almost cost him as marriage as his wife questioned him on what he was doing with the strippers.
How fake news on Osinbajo with strippers almost crashed his marriage lailasnews
How fake news on Osinbajo with strippers almost crashed his marriage

Osinbajo said this while lamenting the negative effect of fake news at a BBC symposium on fake news tagged: ‘Nigeria 2019: Countering Fake News.’

At the event that was held in Abuja on Wednesday, Osinbajo said he was recently reported to have visited strippers.

The Vice President said,

“I have been one of the targets of fake news. It can also sometimes cause you marital peace. I got a call from my wife about three or four weeks ago and she said Yemi what are you doing with strippers and I said what do you mean by strippers? So, I read a story in a famous blog that said, ‘Osinbajo caught with strippers’.

“And there was a photograph of me sitting between two perfectly clothed ladies but underneath this picture, the same ladies were not wearing much.

“In fact-checking the photographs with these two ladies at an entertainment event were taken when they were perfectly clothed but by the time the story was put out, it was as though I had taken a photo with them at the time they were not clothed at all.

“As it turns out, I wasn’t in the picture of where they were not wearing clothes but just the caption, the stories and all that gave the impression that here I was in the company of these ladies at a point when they were doing their business. I think the capacity of fake news to cause great harm is not in doubt at all.”


  1. Is one of the reason we are preaching against fake news pls Nigerians should stop this.

  2. How can someone make a force comment on how to stabilized another one family that is not good at all.

  3. People don’t know the power of fake news
    It can be dangerous sometimes
    So be sure before spreding any news

  4. I think some thing has to be done about the issues of fake news because it is becoming alarming, we no longer know what to believe…
    Also, all this top personalities/celebrities should try to protect their image by being security/morally conscious always…… In every rumor, they must be an atom of truth

  5. Fake news can cause great harm not just to family but also to the individual itself.. So people should be mindful of what they say about the other person..

  6. If you are a decent man you better be careful in whose company you hang out because some of them are set ups meant to rubbish you.

  7. Medias and journalist please be mindful of the kind of news you carry, it can make or break someone’s marriage or career.

  8. I don’t know how people want to be spoiling people’s life what if they have problem between them as a VP of the nation they will be a topic of the day

  9. Fake news has cost people so much damage unknowing to them, some persons just keep themselves busy carrying wrong informations

  10. Well every politician has always been a target of bad name, bless God they didn’t get it too deep at you

  11. Thank God she trusts You, but faking a news to destroy some one home Is really bad, I dont no what satisfaction they intend to get in spoiling people

  12. I don’t know the enjoyment people derive from scattering homes imagine a whole vice president of a country been faked with strippers people have no fear of God

  13. Fake news should be stabbed. Why would someone try to ruin someone else marriage.?this is not good at all.

  14. Let us all desist from spreading fake news , most especially the one that has to do with marital life.

  15. Please Nigerians, let’s stop faking news because we want to generate traffic on social media to earn money or any other media. This is unfair.

  16. Someone has said fake news will cost world war 3 and our vice president is another victim of fake news

  17. Fake news!!!what do some people get by spreading what is not true Nigerian pls always verify some news before u post on social media

  18. It’s people’s job, I mean people are been paid to spread fake news and to say fake news always spread faster than good news. Please they should stop.

  19. Nigerians that love to spoil people’s image. This mad that already has a image. The truth atlast.

  20. Newspapers, news channels and reporters should learn to verify stories and also check the credibility of their sources before broadcasting please.

  21. This is done from the political opposition. They wanted to turn ur family against you and to hearing of Nigerian. Don’t worry God Almighty will always fight for you.

  22. It is part of the play of politics
    politicians should endavour to be more ethical on their dealings

  23. Sir, you have a lot of enemies… So don’t be surprised to experience things like this… But the good news is you came out victorious.

  24. People don’t know the power of fake news
    It can be dangerous sometimes
    So be sure before spreding any news
    Don’t post what you are not sure of.

  25. People don’t know the power of fake news
    It can be dangerous sometimes
    So be sure before spreding any new.
    Don’t post what you are not sure of.

  26. We all hAve to be careful with what comes out in the news, don’t judge any one, it might just be a fake news, God help us

  27. Such is life, what kind of fake bad news is this? ThankGod it was not truth or it would have cost u your marriage than lossing VP of Nigeria 2019.

  28. Prof Woke Shoyinka recently said Third world war will be caused by Fake news and the fake news will originate from Nigeria.
    The rate our Educated illiterates were spreading the Jubril of Sudan at that time was alarming.

  29. Nigerians should kick against fake news .Any news considered to be fake,the writer should be punish.

  30. Fake news destroys yes, but what are the measures been put in place by the government to checkmate this trend

  31. May God help us oh…fake news is not good …it destroyed people lives and reputation.

  32. Na wa o…so even if they want to say something against him is stripper…..fake news can scatter things within seconds so people should be very careful abeg

  33. Fake news everywhere, thank God for the trust your wife has for him, else it would be scattered his home.

  34. Please oo rumours travel more than the speed of light so be careful the way you spread fake news

  35. Nawaaa ooooo people should stop spreading fake news it’s causing a lot of problems
    Before you say anything make sure you are sure of it

  36. Why are all this APC people running away from what they invented, they brought all this fake news style to bring down Goodluck Jonathan. They brought hate speech now they are running away from their products.

  37. Because of the election that is approaching, both strong parties PDP and APC will be bringing up fake news to tanish eachother’s image.


  39. Nigerian’s will be complaining of corruption, while they are the head of the corruption, what will fake news about someone fetch you. VP all thanks to God you saved your marriage

  40. Some people will just want to cause people problem of giving fake news thank it is a fake news if not that how he could have lost his marriage

  41. He should be careful in associating with people because they can say what they don’t know.. wat God has joined together let no one put asunder

  42. This is one of the reasons Nigeria should put an end to fake news because it can lead to national war, marital war etc

  43. Nigerians should please desist from spreading fake news. We don’t stand to gain anything from doing this rather, we tear ourselves apart.

  44. Federal government should set a good example. Please tell Lai Mohammed to stop giving nigerias fake news.

  45. Fake news everywhere, it’s has touch the VP take heart and i hope it’s don’t destroy ur home

  46. fake news emerges from evil imagination of man. infact it has done alot of harm to people ,marriages and several communities

  47. Spreading fake news is a crime that is punishable by the law of the land. But Mrs. Osinbajo should trust her husband now.

  48. Seriously I guess the wife should have known better that the news is fake! But second thought we are all human. People and finding means to be popular and make money at the expense of another. Their destruction will know no end!

  49. Fake news is really a big problem cos it can cause third world war as illustrated by prof. wole Soyinka

  50. See the some technological computer appl’action use by some to create fake news so as to destory a peaceful marriage. It is very bad.

  51. That is politic for you. If you don’t want anything to happen to you good name, do away with politic.

  52. Lol I would have loved to see those pictures, why would anyone enjoy spreading such lies. Its unfortunate.

  53. This is complete character assassination. I thank God it didn’t break your marriage apart finally.

  54. Something has to be done about the issues of carrying fake news because it is becoming too alarming, there has to be a means of countering the people who carry the fake news

  55. This is complete character assassination to our vice president. I thank God it didn’t finally crash his marriage.

  56. Fake news is everywhere
    Every blogger tries to break news without confirming legitimacy or source

  57. Bloggers and news carriers should be very careful on the kind of things they publish. If this was a joke, it is a costly on. What if his wife does not trust him and take it up what will become of their marriage??????

  58. Bloggers and news carriers should be very careful on the kind of things they publish. What if the wife believed that picture what will become of their marriage???

  59. They are too much fake news in Nigeria which is not good at all. It has to be stop before it cause damage on some one life

  60. Ladies of the night, they sound like something demonic, people should put perspective to story and stop lying

  61. They are too much fake news in Nigeria which is not good at all. It has to be stop before it cause damage on some one life.

  62. This is why fake news is very bad, there are many disadvantages of fake news ,thank God it didn’t crash it at last, fake news carriers be careful.

  63. In this era of fake news.. Be prepared to hear more marriage raking stories like this.. Sorry about the inconveniences Mr vice president.

  64. They are too much fake news in Nigeria which is not good at all. It has to be stop before it cause damage on some one life. May God help us

  65. Fake news can’t be overlooked as it defame someone entire character, something has to be done to stop fake news in Nigeria

  66. As a celebrity you need to know that lie will come we that is not celebrity self we are facing the rumors so don’t relent

  67. NO ! To fake and false news. Because so many things might have spoilt before unraveling the real truth. And the deed has been done.

  68. It only God that will help us from the hands of this people who has made it a must for them to distroy the image of others

  69. The question is must they post, is it a must for them to capture the mind of people with fake news. They are only causing problem in this country especially for the known people why?

  70. Nigerian should repent of their evil doing and focus in God to help us from the corrupt nation already established

  71. this fake news of a thing is becoming too much ooo. The government should do some thing to reduce it

  72. Nigerians are good at fake news…pls dont just let it spoil tins b4 we know dat its a bad thing

  73. Fake news is not good and it spread on social media and blog without confirm the truth about the news which is bad

  74. Thank God nothing happened, but people are so wicked and hard less. They can’t bear to see u happy

  75. Anyways is not surprise because some people are slanderers in nature spreading propaganda about someone to spoil their image in the society, but as God live, they will not survive. Besides the VP has be careful too in not to caught in such act

  76. Carrying fake news to the extend of almost destroying someone’s family. What joy are they deriving in this?

  77. Some don’t know that fake news destroy homes, most of the happy home been destroyed is sometimes based on fake news,
    Please this fake news of a thing should stop this 2019

  78. Fake news us the biggest threat we have to peace right now
    It’s worse than any other deadly weapon you could ever talk bout and must be curb else we’ll suffer just too great soon

  79. Mr. VP, control the kind of people you allow to take pictures with you, especially ladies. Your downfall is what your opponents are looking for so be extra carefull.

  80. Fake news everywhere just for bloggers to get more money, thank God this is a testimony and your marriage was saved sir

  81. It’s the work of haters. That’s what most of them do to try and discredit you. Please be careful how u ply ur trade with all these bloggers

  82. The government or a private company, or an individual should sue one this media, may be then they will stop spreading fake news.

  83. That’s why media personnel should be careful if the news he or she sends to the public. It can cause serious problem. Thank God the VP and his wife reached q mutual understanding

  84. Its obvious that people look for ways to bring down people with high prestige and of good characters

  85. Y is it DAT everytin with Nigeria is fake dey should try to make d country a good one nt a fake one

  86. Some people can be so annoying, And fake news is now a real problem now in this country, God help us

  87. When will some Nigerians stop all this hatred for each other what will they gain if they succeed in ruining his marriage..

  88. Why will citizen of our beloved country do this to there vice president. thank God it didnt ruin ur home.

  89. You see one of the effects of fake news? The blogger or individual that reported that news should be summoned.

  90. Surely all these fake news can cause so many harms especially when when the loyalty of a man or woman is at stake,Nigerian bloggers should stop it please

  91. I think we should intensify the preaching against fake news cos it is really getting out of hand. They dont care what it does to anyone’s marriage as far as they keep making thier money

  92. It simply to let you know that there are people out there who don’t like your gut and that they envy what you have.

  93. Fake news is very dangerous and it can damage so many things including bringing war to a community, state and and country. We should all desist from it

  94. Proper investigation should always be made before spreading any news…thank God his home was not scattered.

  95. I know this is the work of the opposition parties. But why all this blackmail on the presidential cabinets

  96. This fake news of a thing is really causing serious problems in the country o, please something should be done o before more problem arises.

  97. Bloggers are the main character in this act, I think there should be a law that check news put online so that once you’re caught with fake news there will be a punishment for the person

  98. Why would it almost make him loose his marriage. Does his wife not trust him or was she suspecting that made her ask a lot of questions

  99. Is this kind of fake news that can cause the Third World War according to wole Soyinka
    Thank God his marriage didn’t crash

  100. There is nothing people can’t do to tarnish someone reputation but dose it mean that your wife didn’t know you too well? A pastor at that

  101. Fake news always have a bad effect on things. Please let’s all try not to spread false things

  102. That’s how your apc Jason been given us fake development. You see how you felt when you klgot the fake news. Fake apc

  103. People don’t know the power of fake news
    It can be dangerous sometimes
    So be sure before spreding any news

  104. In as much as there is freedom of speech, our reporters should be careful of what they posts

  105. This is how they circulate fake news about prominent people in the society to tarnish thrir image and destry their home. They should desist from this horrible act.

  106. Fake news or gossips have destroyed personality destroyed friendship destroyed homes and even countries it is very dangerous

  107. see how they want to ruin your reputations but your wife should have known by now that Nigerians are great in faking news

  108. One just needed to be careful with life .. If not fake news can even destroy one’s life! Good luck to Osibanjo.

  109. Some people are just damn good at spreading fake news just to paint others bad. Thank God Osibanjo’s marriage didn’t crash.

  110. sir, in as much that i hate fake news circulating in the social media, your government also feed the public sometimes with fake news

  111. Every peddlers of evil and fake news will use their head to carry their load very soon. They seed they are sowing, they will surely reap it.

  112. I have a strong feeling that this is also a fake news, hope is not APC propaganda toward the election just to earn pity

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