How a woman brought dead baby to clinic to implicate the nurse

A lady has taken to social media to give a narration on how a woman brought in a dead baby into a clinic to implicate the nurse on duty.

In her story, the twitter user claimed she got the story on WhatsApp and it was about a mother who brought in her baby for immunization at the clinic.

How a woman brought dead baby to clinic to implicate the nurse

The nurse upon seeing that the baby was asleep, asked the woman to wake it so she could administer the injection, but she insisted that the nurse should give the injection while the baby was asleep.

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Got a story in a whatsapp group where a mother came in with her kid for immunization. The Nurse insisted she woke the baby up before administering the injection but mum said baby was sleeping. The Nurse was adamant, only to discover the baby was actually dead.

If she had injected that baby, they would have said the Nurse killed the baby. Before she would know what was happening, she’d be locked up.

Theory: Mother was aware the baby was dead and it was probably due to her negligence so mother brought the baby to the hospital so the nurse can administer the injection and she can accuse the nurse.


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