How a student was almost raped inside bathroom by cultists

A student of the Delta State Polytechnic Ogwashi-Uku, identified as Esther was almost raped by cultists who stormed their hostel in the middle of the night.

How a student was almost raped inside bathroom by cultists

According to a report by Campus Crime Watch, the student had stepped into the bathroom before the evil men stormed their hostel. Though she escaped being raped, other ladies were not so lucky

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Esther a student of Delta State Polytechnic Ogwashi-Uku , shared a gruesome experience of how she luckily escaped being a victim of sexual assault from a group of guys believed to be cultist during one of her usual visits to her course mate’s apartments off-campus.

According to her, on one fateful evening, she alongside four of her course mates, decided to pay a visit to their friend known to be one of the brightest students in her class to help them solve an assignment that has overtime given them sleepless night.

Solving the assignment took them longer than expected as they worked late into the night trying to complete the task which was to be tendered before their next lecture. At about 10.30 pm, there was a knock on the door and without suspecting anything fishy, their host went to answer the door thinking as usual that it was one of her neighbors who regularly visits any time he comes back from school while Esther took advantage of the short distraction to answer the call of nature in the bathroom.

Campus Crime watch learned that while inside the loo, she suddenly heard shouts accompanied by male voices dishing out stern warning to the girls to shut their mouths and without delay began raping them as their cries evidently revealed that.

Overwhelmed by the episode playing in the room, she was filled with fear when one of the guys opened the door to the bathroom all in a bid to ensure that no one was hiding in there but was unable to see her because the convenience wasn’t illuminated.

“I was gripped with fear when he opened the bathroom door, I wanted to shout but then on a second thought I kept my mouth shut as I snuggled behind the bathroom drapes”

Fortunately, Esther’s friends who weren’t so lucky with the gang, after going through a medical checkup were cleared of any complication or contracted diseases.

Narrating this ugly incident to Campus Crime Watch she felt bad seeing her friends suffer the humiliation and the trauma of such a horrible experience while she narrowly escaped.

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