How a Nigerian lady was able to prevent jungle justice in her area

An Instagram user, Ekemini Abia has narrated how she was able to save some men in her area from being victims of jungle justice.

How a Nigerian lady prevented jungle justice in her area

According to her narration, the suspected thieves were about to be lynched by the angry youth in the area, who initially refused to listen to her pleas on behalf of the men.

The lady reported that she had to make claims that the suspected thieves are members of her family and eventually the men succumbed and spared the lives of the suspects before the arrival of the SARS operatives.

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Read her post on Instagram, which she made with an accompanying video:

So I managed to prevent jungle justice in my neighborhood this morning.
It took a lot to prevent the lynching of fellow human beings(who are thieves by the way).
At a point, they started saying I am a relative of the thieves for not wanting them to carry out jungle justice.
I was able to prevent the lynching before the SARS came to pick them up.
Let’s grow beyond the need to take law into our hands no matter the situation!

The lady was hailed for her bravery by her friends on the social media platform and thee are some of the comments made on her post:

ebun_comet: Thank you for doing this. I don’t know why we’ve allowed pain turn our hearts into stones. I understand how painful it is being a victim of theft or robbery but to allow that pain condition you into become a beast such that human life means nothing to you, is something the society needs to discourage. It’s not okay to take another person’s life, no matter the crime. Let the law take its course. Yes, it may take a whole lot of time but the law will finally get them. Good job

bodyloveng: You did well dear. I don’t favor jungle justice, not even when I’ve been a victim a handful of times. Taking another human’s life says a lot about the killer(s) – and that is grievous too



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