Its another wonderful Monday and as usual, Our hot seat Monday is sizzling hot. Today we entertain on the hot seat, a Lailan who has been on the blog for ages. She is beautiful, sweet, intelligent and very resourceful.

Guys lets meet this beautiful Lailan

TILB: Lailans wants to know you

Cecil: My name is Oguejiofor Cecil Uchechukwu, I am a mother of 4 teenagers. I am Anambarian. I studied Mass-communication at Esut and got my Msc at Nnamdi Azikiwe university Awka. I am a dedicated born again Christian and for now, I run a private school.

TILB: What was growing up like?

Cecil: Growing up was fun and lovely. I have many siblings so there was always fun and laughter at home. Generally life has been good and i really dont have any real issues growing up but that was until I lost my brother

TILB: What really happened?

Cecil: I lost my closest sibling, Our first son year 2000 to the cold hands of death and my dad followed suit 4 years later. It was the most horrible 4 years in my life. I lost the 2 most important men in my life and I was still an undergraduate then. My life has not been the same ever since. I loved them both because back then, they were my everything. They pampered me silly and when I lost them both, I was left exposed. I miss them every other day. I dont know why good people die young. I thank God for my Mum and my other siblings who stood by me and encouraged me to move on. for now, My husband. My kids and my mum are my rock, I am lucky and grateful to have a great husband, lovely kids and an ever caring mother who still treats me like I was still that little baby she used to change diapers. In all, I consider myself immensely blessed.


TILB: One childhood memory that you wont forget

Cecil: That was the year I failed in class and my mum had to use cane to reset my brain. (laughs) Since then I became focused and today I am celebrated as a smart lady every where I go.

TILB: How do you define beauty.

Cecil: To me beauty means possession of unique qualities that wows anyone around you. Beauty is not something you can hide. A beautiful person must have a good heart and with a good heart you will treat people better and when you do, love becomes the reaction you will get in return. A pretty face with a mind full of disrespect, hate and negativity does not qualify as beautiful. it is actually superficial. Real beauty goes beyond the face and even the heart, it is an assemblage of unconditional respect, good manners, brains, the right physiognomy, calculated poise, effortless elegance, class, cultured mannerism, proper packaging, unextravagant yet captivating carriage and then an unrepulsive persona. So having these in mind, it would be biased to call my self beautiful. I let others do the observations.


TILB: For a mum of 4, You look stunning and could pass for a teen. What is the secret of your beauty and youthful looks?

Cecil: I give it all good genes and a close relationship with God. Now on how I take care of my self vis a vis “beauty secrets”, I  presume that to mean my facial beauty.

For my body to remain radiant, I don’t do much, I eat a lot of fruits and veggies and I try hard to avoid stress, I eat healthy and workout regularly. I also avoid toxic people or people who annoy me often. I dont use chemicals on my skin. I use Vaseline baby jelly on my skin.

TILB: What are your core values

Cecil: My core values are : working hard to earn whatever money I make cos I was raised to avoid freebies at all cost, I try to remain disciplined , confident, respectful and committed to any cause I pursue. My word is my bond so I go the extra mile in doing exactly what I pledge to do.

Also, i have learnt the art of swallowing my pride to ask for forgiveness whenever i find out that my actions/inaction’s hurt someone no matter their status.

TILB: What has been the happiest moment in your life

Cecil: I have had a lot of good times and I couldn’t wish for more but that being said, I would rather classify Them as happiest moments cos God has really been faithful to me. My wedding day was one of the happiest days for me, Then when I held my fist child in my arms after an 8 hours labour and delivery. When my son secured admission into the university..I can go on and on.

TILB: You mean you have a son already in the university?

Cecil: (laughs) Yeah, my first son secure admission this year and the second one will join him soon. My last baby is in JS 3


TILB: Wow. This is outrageous and sweet at the same time.

Cecil: (laughs) Thats my life. Its not without its disadvantages though


TILB: What could actually go wrong while looking this young?

Cecil: Its always good and fine until boys the age of your children starts asking you out.


TILB: What was the saddest moment in your life

Cecil: When I lost my elder brother and when armed robbers snatched my car.. My brothers death shattered me and losing an expensive car that I saved for over a long period of time broke my heart. I cried myself silly both occasions


TILB: What major lesson has life taught you

Cecil: Never allowing people to make decisions for me and never dwelling in the past or wailing/grieving for extended periods over a loss. No matter how you torture yourself when it goes bad, Nothing can reverse some bad situations so its better and safer to move on..its difficult but it’s the key to healing.



TILB: What attracts you in a man

Cecil: I have always wanted a God fearing man who is hardworking and disciplined and God blessed me asuch


TILB: Now let take a detour. What is your opinion on divorce? Would you leave a marriage for any reason?


Cecil: Marriage should be a life time commitment , that’s why we have to be careful in choosing a partner. Divorce doesn’t make sense to me except in issues of life threatening domestic violence or any other life threstening situation.

TILB: Do you imply that if domestic violence is not life threatening then the lady should stay


Cecil: Yes, Most men may make the occasional mistake of being impulsive when provoked. If it is a minor one off thing like he mistakingly pushed you or small stuff like that and is then remorseful and never tries it again, it would be silly to give up on flimsy issues like that.


TILB: Most feminists and women right activists would disagree

Cecil: Off course but that does not in any way change the fact that tolerance in marriage is a critical virtue and when it is lacking, there is not going to be any successful marriage anywhere because no human is perfect, couples must always learn to tolerate reasonably and forgive.

TILB: Whats is your selling point?

Cecil: My selling point is my slim body build, my face and my smile. I bet you, when you watch me smile you will bless God for his creation.


TILB: So lets come home, Whats unique about Lailasblog

Cecil: The truth is that ever since you introduced me to Lailasblog, I have remained glued. it is the first site I visit on my browser because I made it my home page. Its been long I saw south eastern and his give aways, so many people are also missing in action. People like Bonita, Oma, Nkechi udeh, Barong, Anwuli, Kemi, Oga South Eastern, Austin, Derrick, Obinna, Ed, Rosemary, Vivienne, Queeneth, Pamela, Zombie, Wilhelmina, Flacko, miz tee,Miss indomie etc. I love every Lailan dearly and do hope Lailas blog can become a family again.


TILB: Thank you for talking with us

Cecil: Thank you dearie


TILB: What network do you use so I can forward your special recharge card for sitting on the hot seat

Cecil: I use 9mobile. Thank you laila



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