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Today is a brand  new Monday and we have on the Hot seat Anne, a beautiful mother of two adorable kids.  On the interview, she talks about her family, career, and the blog. Sit tight and enjoy.

TILB: Welcome to Hot Seat Monday Reloaded
Anne: Thank you very much. I am so happy that hot seat Mondays is back. well done Laila


TILB: Thank you dear, Out of the 17 readers that declared interest, you were the first, Congratulations. May we please meet you.
Anne: I’m Anne Amaefuna. I am Anambarian, I am a Wife, Mum of two beautiful royal kids, A  trained micro biologist and a lifestyle coach. I was actually the first bride on the TILB Cupid series 3 years back.


TILB: Wow, was that you?

Anne: (laughs) Laila, you forget so soon. You need to take a break and go on a refreshing vacation. Ofcourse, that was me. I owe my marriage to this blog.


TILB: Wow, So you are that Anne from the first TILB wedding?
Anne: I know you may have forgotten but yes, I am that same Anne who rocked this blog years back. I am beyond grateful to you Laila.


TILB: Wow, you are really blessed Anne. When’s your wedding anniversary and your birthday?
Anne: My 3rd wedding anniversary is October 24th and my birthday is 29th March. Hope you still remember Tony?


TILB: Yes, i do. Where is he now? Hope he is still on the blog?
Anne: Lol. He reads everyday but he is buried neck deep in his job these days, He is now the managing director of a radio station situated in Anambra state?


TILB: Wow, thats great, Congratulations
Anne: Thank you


TILB: Jezz, this is interesting, Tell us a bit about your family
Anne: Well i am really BLESSED. I was born and breed in Lagos state into a relatively well to do middle class close knit family, I have really wonderful parents and they are my role models. My Dad is a businessman and a well respected community leader and my Mum is an accomplished nurse, my family is quite large. I am the sixth of nine Children. I have the best siblings you can ever wish for. God then put an icing on the cake in marriage. I married an Amazing and Caring Man and I met him on your blog and I am forever grateful, My hubby has made Marriage blissful for me and I am really blessed. Three years down the line, we have a very sweet son (Majesty) and a beautiful Daughter (Diamond) and they are my EVERYTHING.’


TILB: wow..I feel like crying right now. This is so sweet and emotional

Anne: Yes it is. Life for me has been one fairy tale..


TILB: Describe your day to day routine
Anne: My priority is my immediate family so I am focusing on my kids for now. I am actively involved in lifestyle coaching on social media but it is not full time cos of my family obligations. Subsequently, I will embrace my professional life fully when i am done having kids. I intend to open a world class forensic and pathology laboratory. My hubby shares my dream and the road map has been set up and I am gradually working towards it realisation in the nearest future.


TILB: We hear of divorce and issues in marriage everyday, tell us how 3 years of marriage has been for you.
Anne: My husband is a gift that I cannot trade for anything in the whole wide world. Atimes, I ask myself if I really deserve this man. He is nice to a fault and can take a bullet for me. 3 years of marriage has been a blissful walk in the park because of Gods grace and my hubby’s ever playful and caring nature, People who are close to us  find it difficult to believe that we never dated. If you can remember, Tony proposed to me 2 months after we met on Lailas Cupid and we got married a month later. I am a fulfilled woman and I have never known a moment of sadness ever since i met my hubby. I have even sometimes intentionally provoked him to see if he is really this nice but he has a way of seeing fun in everything. I am really blessed with a very good rare kind of man. I am really blessed. No regrets.

TILB: Now let go to Lailas blog. How did you get to know about the blog?
Anne: I got to know about lailasblog through SDKs blog. Someone commented about Lailas blog on SDK and i decided to check it out and the rest is history.

TILB: What do you really like about the blog?
Anne: Well, Lailas blog gave me a platform to meet my hubby though that platform was discontinued. Then i like the pace of the news reportage and then the friends i was able to make from here.

TILB: Awww…OK, tell us what you don’t really like about the blog
Anne: I will be very blunt about this, years ago, the blog was more like family but I really dont know what happened but I thank God that platforms like this which was jettisoned for unknown reasons are coming back. The blog used to be very interactive and I miss all my old friends like orela, K-club, Austin, Lisa peter, Mr Soul, Miss indomie, Oh my god, I dont know what happened and where these wonderful people are but i really do miss the good old days when we chilled together. Queeneth London and so many wonderful people on this blog who has gone awol. I think we need to have a get back together party. Oh even Bonita and i miss those days.. its nostalgic remembering those days but i hope its gonna be that way once more. Barong and Esther. I really dont get what happened but i really wish we could get those days back.


TILB: Those lailans are still very much on the blog

Anne: ok, If you say so but it used to be way more interactive back then.

TILB: Describe yourself in 5 words
Anne: Happy, Happy, Happy, Happy and blessed


TILB: Most embarrassing moment

Anne: it happened way back in my UNIZIK days, I entered a cab and didn’t know i left my money at home. You need to see me when the conductor wanted his money and i couldn’t find my money and this happened after the conductor had begged me to adjust for him to sit down but i refused because i felt that if he wanted to sit down he should have not fully loaded the bus. Chai..that conductor used me to shine that day.Thank God though that a good Samaritan later paid the fare and saved my ass but not after the conductor has humiliated me by calling me unprintable names and a little crowd gathered. it was a horrible experience.


TILB: That must have been quite embarrassing

Anne: yes it wasn’t funny at all


TILB: What are your hobbies?
Anne: I enjoy being a mum and a wife, i love dancing, writing, watching series, gisting and traveling

TILB: Who is your favourite Nigerian celebrity and why?
Anne: I love Dija, I see a lot of myself in her


TILB: So, where do you see yourself in 5 years
Anne: In 5 years, my lab should be operational so i can touch more lives.

TILB: Thanks for making out time to talk to us,
Anne: Thank you.


TILB: chose a network of your choice for your airtime bonus
Anne: I use both MTN and Etisalat. Thank you very much, i appreciate.

TILB: Any final words for Lailans?
Anne: Lets make this blog what it used to be. I love you all.

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  1. Very interesting to read….
    So laila has been hooking people up till 1900 nd me am still here not hooked…..

  2. Good interview,loved it when u talked abt d blog been family.also missed it. I also can talk a bullet for my xwife,and even lay my life for her bt ppl u can do these things for take u for granted,
    Sorry lailaians just wanted to put some of my heart down.
    God blees ur family Anne

  3. Wow!!!! Yes the Monday hot seat is back. Nice read. Just wish the blog will be back to what it used to be.

  4. I remember when I use to look forward to Read Monday Hot Seat with Lailas, back then I only “read and pass” now am active on the blog.
    Thanks Lailas for bringing this back

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