Hello gorgeous Lailans,

Its another beautiful morning and its about to get hotter on another sizzling hot seat experience.

On the hot seat today is a very beautiful, charming, hard working, bold, controversial and a very outspoken woman with nerves of steel. She embodies exactly everything one would describe as a complete woman who dared to be different.

Guys, on the hot seat today is non other than Ese Walter AKA BOOB MUM

TILB:Hello Ese and welcome to the hot seat

ESE WALTER: Thank you

TILB: We would get down to business straight up. Who is Ese Walters. What was growing up like?

ESE WALTERS- Ese is a girl. A girl growing and learning life. Growing up was pretty normal. Nothing spectacular.

TILB: Tell us about your Educational background
ESE WALTERS – I have a Masters level Law degree.

TILB: As an adult, What defines you?
ESE WALTERS – Truth. Authenticity. Growth.

TILB: Many consider you controversial, Do you concur or are u simply a misunderstood girl who isnt afraid to be different?
ESE WALTERS – I am a girl who isn’t afraid to be different. People interpreted that to mean various things. One of which is controversial.

TILB: what is the craziest thing you ve ever done?
ESE WALTERS – Driven a far distance with my car in reserve.

TILB: You rocked the nations cyber space few years when you spoke out about the ills in COZA. with gift of hind sight, would you have done anything differently?
ESE WALTERS – Yes! I wouldn’t have written anything. Would have kept my stories to myself and allowed life happen as it was.

TILB: You left the church and probably lost faith in religion. Has anything changed? What is your stand on organized religion.
ESE WALTERS- I don’t practice any religion. So no, nothing has changed. As the years progress, I cling strongly to my decision to live free from religious shackles, and it works for me.

TILB: You are an accomplished author, Please give us an insight on the book NAKED and the inspiration behind it.
ESE WALTERS- I always thought I’d write a book about my life one day. NAKED is the first book from a series of books I plan to write about my reality.

TILB: You identify as “BOOB MUM”.. What is the thought process behind that branding.
ESE WALTERS- After I had my son I realized how much babies breastfeed so I started calling him “Boobman,” meaning he likes boobs (breast milk actually.) When I had my daughter, I gave her Boobgirl and since I am their Mum, I became Boobmum.

TILB: As an entrepreneur, you conceived and birthed Liyah academy and Liyah shuttle services, tell us about the brand.

ESE WALTERS- LIYAH started off as a nickname in secondary school. In University, a boyfriend gave it a full meaning, Love Is Y Am Here. He said LOVE is why I’m on earth and it made beautiful sense. I’d later create a course around this name and then start a taxi business. I know that drivers hear a lot in the time they are driving other people around. I figured we can spread LOVE everywhere we drive so I decided LIYAH Taxi is Love moving around healing people. Mobile therapy is a huge part of the taxi service. It is still being developed at this time.

TILB: You are one woman with an unparalleled confidence in body imaging. You never let peoples opinion of you influence your decisions,What is the source of this unique uncommon strength.
ESE WALTERS- I grew up caring too much what people thought about me and constantly adjusting myself to fit what they defined as good. Then one day I got tired. It’s tough living based on others opinion of you. So I gave up on pleasing people.

TILB: What has marriage changed about you?
ESE WALTERS- Not much.

TILB: Whats your take on feminism?
ESE WALTERS- I don’t have any take on feminism. I think that humans are born equal and trained to be unequal and anything that helps people see themselves fully as equal beings with others is a welcome development.

TILB. Few weeks ago, Timi Dakolo raised an alarm about an Abuja pastor who uses his religious platform to defile young girls, he even went a step further to share a cover of your book. Did you see that coming and do you see it as testimony to the abuse you suffered a while back?
ESE WALTERS- Nope! I did not see it as testimony for me. My story was always complete and true. Some believed, others didn’t. In the end, my truth set me free. It didn’t need collaborating from anyone’s story.

TILB: You have been a physically fit woman involved in some martial arts, what informed this decision to be physically strong unlike most conventional women in our clime.
ESE WALTERS- I do not like feeling helpless. I like being able to do things for myself and that includes defending myself where necessary. I do not like feeling weak and vulnerable so I have developed myself to be physically strong and this helps my confidence when in strange, new places with new faces.

TILB: what is your opinion on spousal rape?
ESE WALTERS- It is a crime and should be punished fully where it occurs. That somebody is married to you doesn’t mean you have unreserved rights to their bodies.

TILB:. What is your opinion on divorce.
ESE WALTERS- Divorce is a necessary step for married people who feel they no longer can stay married (whatever their reasons are). It is better to divorce than live with someone you hate or fear.

TILB: Chimamanda Adichie categorically stated that marriage is no achievement. Do you agree with her brand of feminism and on her opinions of marriage and gender equality.
ESE WALTERS- Marriage appears an achievement because a lot of people think of marriage as a one up. As stepping up from being single. As annoying as this is, this is the reaction to marriage that we grew up learning and I don’t think it will change soon. Until more people can make choices about marriage without pressure, it will keep being an issue.

TILB: Any last word for Lailans

ESE WALTER: Y’all should use Liyah taxi. I love you all

TILB: Thank you for your time Ese

ESE WALTER: Thank you for having me


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