Hot Seat Monday is here! Meet Lailan Moyo aka Team Laila

Hope you all had a fabulous weekend, guys?

Today is a new Monday and we have on the Hot seat Moyo, a beautiful mother of three adorable girls. Her birthday is today. On the interview, she talks about her family, career, and the blog. Sit tight and enjoy.

TILB: Welcome to Hot Seat Monday
Moyo: Thank you very much.’

TILB: May we please meet you
Moyo: I am Moyosore aka Team Laila. I am a Lawyer, Wife, Mum of three Queens-in-Training, Mediator and much more lol.

TILB: Nice, we have a lawyer in the house guys!
TILB: Tell us a bit about your family
Moyo: Well i am really BLESSED. I was born to the most Awesome Parents, they are my role models. My Dad is a Lawyer and my Mum a business Woman, so i decided to be Hybrid Lawyer & Business Woman. I am the first of three Children. I have the best siblings you can ever wish for. I married an Amazing and Caring Man, who has made Marriage so easy for me. I have three Daughters and they are my EVERYTHING.’

TILB: Wow, you are really blessed Moyo. When’s your wedding anniversary and your birthday?
Moyo: My 7th wedding anniversary is Dec 5th 2016 and today is my birthday. Smiles

TILB: Really? What a coincidence. Happy birthday to you! We hope to come for jollof by December 5th.
TILB: Tell us how you met you husband, was it love at first sight or what?
Moyo: Lol. You r welcome. Well, where do i begin?
Moyo: I had just finished 200level 2nd semester exam and i was honestly not interested in dating, cos this dude just broke my small heart, yet he was giving me gifts for vals, so it was a complicated situation, i guess he wasnt sure of what he wanted. Hehehe. So on this beautiful day in March, my friends and i were going to the Salon, on the way, one of them said she wants to branch somewhere to say Hi to a friend and brother that just got into town from Lagos, she coaxed all of us to go together, so we grudgingly went with unmade hair and all. We stayed outside, while she went in to greet him and his cousin, trust girls, me and another friend just said, Wow, these dudes are huge, we were smallish then a

So we said hmmm one must not vex these dudes o, cos if they slap someone like us, we will just go into a Coma. We laughed loud as we were gisting, we suddenly saw them coming towards us, see comportment. ?. We all exchanged greetings and they requested we all just chill and take some drinks at the restaurant before we go .

We agreed and somehow i just kept using side eyes to look at one of the dudes o, and anytime i look i will see that he was staring at me too. Lol. I am attracted to Clenched jaws, thanks to John Travolta, and he had a clenched jaw. Anyways he was curious bout me, so much that he told my friend he was interested in getting to know me more and would come to our place later in that evening when he checks on his projects (he was building a private hostel). He told her he didnt intend to sleep over in Ogun State that day but he had changed his mind and was Curious bout me.

Well with much persuasion that evening we talked and i told him outrightly that my mum warned me of 3 things and he failed the three. My mum used to say, you are a first born, avoid first borns the pressure will be much, avoid someone that has more than three siblings, they may be too much drama and avoid Ijebu guys. He is partially from Ijebu. So to me i was like aah you have failed ooo. But this made him laugh so hard and piqued his curiosity more. The koko sha, he was relentless and here we are the love burning on since 2006.

TILB: Awww…Love indeed can be found anywhere
TILB: Are you a practicing lawyer?
Moyo: Indeed and especially when you least expect, no matter how you look
Moyo: No I am not. I work with a Revenue Generating Agency

TILB: We hear of divorce and issues in marriage everyday, tell us how 7 years of marriage has been for you.
Moyo: I tell anyone that cares to listen that it is not just about marrying a Man. It is about marrying a GOOD MAN. Unfortunately there is a false scarcity of good Men. 7years of marriage has been a breeze because we have agreed to work together. It takes two to tango. There will always be ups and there will always be downs. Make the ups memorable enough to sustain you during the down phase because it will pass. Please this does not apply to Domestic Violence. I have ZERO TOLERANCE for that. And if your Man hits you that is not a Down phase, it is a Get out phase.

TILB: Thanks for the lovely advice Moyo. Now let go to Lailas blog. How did you get to know about the blog?
Moyo: I got to know about lailasblog through SDKs blog. Someone wrote about her in the comment section. I googled it and i have been stuck since then

TILB: What do you really like about the blog?
Moyo: Firsty, It is a Family, not just a blog. There is no nastiness or bitterness. Everyone is allowed to air their opinion, and we r considerate of co-Lailans. I have made amazing friends here. (You know yourselves) Then Laila, Oh my, she is so adorable. She inspires me.

TILB: Awww…OK, tell us what you don’t really like about the blog
Moyo: Well, i cant really say right now.

TILB: Who is your favorite or who are your favorite blog readers?
Moyo: Bonny baby, Esther, Barong, Austin, Liz, SE…I love everyone, it’s a really long list

TILB: What will you like to be added to the blog?
Moyo: Talent post. I miss the stories someone used to send in. I believe everyone has a talent, the Nign educational system doesnt tap into this. But maybe we can. Lailans should show their talents and the winner can be encouraged with a token and free advert.
TILB: Alright, that will be looked into.

TILB: Describe yourself in 5 words
Moyo: Different, Interesting, Sweet, Happy and Unpredictable

TILB: What are your hobbies?
Moyo: I enjoy reading, writing, watching series, gisting and travelling

TILB: How many countries have u travelled to?
Moyo: Three Countries very frequently. Hoping to broaden that soon

TILB: Who is your favourite Nigerian celebrity and why?
Moyo: I love Tuface. He makes good music

TILB: So, today November 21st is your birthday. Make an open wish
Moyo: I wish for a better Nigeria. I pray that we would all smile and laugh into 2017. None of us will die or lose a loved one. We will all be blessed in the remaining weeks of this year and after. We will be fulfilled by His Grace

TILB: Amen
TILB: Any final words for Lailans?
Moyo: Dont be restricted by Normal, dont make decisions based on what others will think about you. Think of Trump. If he won. You can do anything. Start today.

TILB: Thanks for making our day with your final words and we wish you more of God’s blessings as you turn a year older today
Moyo: Thank you.

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